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  • SEO BASICSInternet Marketers#SEOmkt3730Done By:Evan CloughAshley SellersErik WilsonStephen Glover

  • OUTLINEIntroduction of SEO

    SEO History

    Tour of SEO "How To"

    Examples of how to make your sites SEO friendly (Best practices- Case Study )

    What's Next?

    Conclusions & Questions

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)SEO


  • SEO History19901990 December - WWW Server PrototypeArchie19911991 April - Gopher1991 April -WAISpublisher fed search engine1991 May -WWWServer Production19921992 July - Lynx Web Browser1992 December Veronica19931993 February - Architext1993 March - First email message sent by Bill Clinton1993 March - Jughead1993 June - WWW Wanderer1993 August - Mosaic Web Browser1993 November - Aliweb1993 December - WWW Worm1993 December - JumpStation1993 December - RBSE19941994 April - WebCrawler1994 April - Yahoo!1994 July - Lycos1994 December - FirstW3Cmeeting atMIT19951995 February - Infoseek1995 May - SavvySearch1995 June - MetaCrawler1995 August - DejaNews1995 August - Magellan1995 September - Inktomi1995 October - Excite1995 December AltaVista19961996 January - BackRub1996 April - Alexa1996 May - HotBot1996 June - Archive.org1996 October - LookSmartDogpileMamma19971997 February - The Mining Company1997 April - AskJeeves1997 July - FAST Search1997 August - Northern LightGoTo

    19981998 April - Direct Hit1998 May - Yahoo! Web Search powered by Inktomi1998 June - ODP/DMOZ1998 September - MSN Search1998 September - Google1998 October - Lycos acquires HotBotGoTo acquires WWW Worm19991999 January - At Home acquires Excite1999 February - GO Network1999 June - CMGI acquires AltaVista1999 July - Disney acquires Infoseek1999 August - AlltheWeb1999 September - FindWhat1999 November - NBCi/

  • 1990's

    Early SEO

    World Wide Web

    On-Page FactorsDescriptive file namesPage titlesMeta descriptions.

    SEO TermJohn AudetteBruce Clay

  • Mid-1990'sAbuse & Ranking Manipulation

    Highly Ranked = Value

    Keyword Density

    Keyword Stuffing

  • 1998BackRub


    GoogleOff-page factorsOn-page factors

    Sergey Brin & Larry Page

  • PageRank

  • 2004Rankings

    Leading Search EnginesGoogleBingYahoo

    PublishedRand FishkinBarry SchwartzAaron WallJill Whalen

  • 2005-2008 2005Personalized SearchLogged in

    2007CampaignNofollow 2008"Ranking is Dead" - Bruce Clay

  • 2009History


  • SEO: Where to begin???WHO?WHAT?WHERE?HOW?PLAN AHEAD!

  • Your FootprintYour digital "footprint"Online CommunitySocial Media PlatformsBacklinks

  • Won't happen overnightHow often do you contribute?Who is reading your material?Why should somebody subscribe to your page?SEO

  • KeywordsWhatwill somebody type into an engine?SimpleUniqueRelevant

  • ContentHow"good" is your content?ImagesLinksVideosBacklinks?BE UNIQUE!

  • Example Blog

  • SEO Success StoriesCase StudyEverlasting Memories

    SEO techniques used:On Page Optimization Off Page Optimization

    Within 6 months

  • SEO Success StoriesSwimwear BoutiqueStategies UsedLanier Handcrafted PensStrategies UsedBottom Line- SEO works and will get your business noticed!

  • Next with SEOSmart Phones

  • Conclusions

    What it is

    This history

    How to SEO your page

    Success Stories

    What is next to come

  • Questions??Thank You#Mkt3730