Internet Jerk (PauseFest 2014)

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or: How I learned to stop making junk and start making stuff that matters

Transcript of Internet Jerk (PauseFest 2014)

  • 1. Internet Jerk or: How I learned to stop making junk and start making stu that mattersAdam Morris @monsieurmorris

2. What a jerk 3. Doing > Saying 4. Dierentiation toMaking a dierence 5. Waste and debt 6. Economic debt 7. Environmental debt 201120122013Earth Overshoot Day: 20 AugustGlobal Footprint Network, 2013 8. Social debt We (or, as designersthe organisations we work for) go into social debt when we waste peoples time, energy, resources; when we take from them without giving them anything of meaningful value in return. 9. Thick value 10. As we're discovering the hard way, capitalism is predicated on extracting wealth from people, communities, society, nature, and the future and so the fundamental challenge of the 21st century is learning to create authentic, meaningful, lasting value for them. Umair Haque The New Capitalist Manifesto 11. Value transfer toValue creation 12. Making products and experiences that improve peoples lives, creating real social and environmental benefit. 13. From saying to doing 14. Design for people, not pixels 15. How might we add meaningful and actionable context / insight into peoples mobility data? Outcome = measurably healthier customers 16. Think beyond the browser 17. Shift the conversation toward a problem worth solving 18. Re-cap 19. Design for people, not pixels. Think value creation forhumans Think beyond the browser. Broader opportunity tointeract in the real world, we can add genuine value to their lives. Shift conversation towards problems worth solving.Opportunity to create thick value; thick value reduces waste and avoids social/environmental debt. 20. Thanks. Adam Morris @monsieurmorris 21. [email protected]