International Trade and Shipping

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International Trade and Shipping

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International Trade and Shipping. Welcome to Port of New Orleans. City of New Orleans. Phoenician Trade Routes. Port of Byblos. Port of Venice. Columbus sails from Palos Frontiera. Discovery of a New World. Port of Seville. Port of Long Beach (Los Angeles). Port of New Orleans. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of International Trade and Shipping

International Trade and Shipping

International Trade and Shipping

Welcome to Port of New Orleans

City of New Orleans

Phoenician Trade Routes

Port of Byblos

Port of Venice

Columbus sails from Palos Frontiera

Discovery of a New World

Port of Seville

Port of Long Beach (Los Angeles)

Port of New Orleans

Port of New Orleans

Mississippi River

Mississippi River Basin

River Barges

Mississippi River Delta

Docks at Lothal, India

Types of Modern Ships

Break Bulk Cargo

Break Bulk Cargo

Break Bulk ship loading steel

Bulk Coal ready for loading

Bulk Carrier loading Grains

Containerized Cargo

Intermodal Rail Transportation

Intermodal Container Yard

Container Ship Loading

Container Ship Loading

Roll On / Roll Off Ship

RO/RO ship loading Autos

Louisiana Offshore Oil Port

LOOP Platform

Major Population Centers

World Population Growth