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Kent already attracts a large number of international students. Last year over 25% of our new students were from overseas. So what is it that makes the University of Kent such a popular choice? In this publication, we aim to provide you with some of the answers. Obviously you’re looking for a top-quality education, so we explain why our academics are considered world-class. We also look at how our teaching style can make your studies a rewarding experience. To give you a taste of our splendid locations in Canterbury, Medway, Brussels and Paris, we provide a quick guide to what’s on offer. And, of course, who better to listen to than our own students?

Transcript of International Student Guide 2010 - University of Kent

  • International Student Guide 2010The UKs European university

  • No 1 university

    in London andsouth-east England

    National Student Survey,

    2007 and 2008

    Top 10 nationwide in

    eight research areas

    Research Assessment

    Exercise 2008

    Top 20 nationwide

    for graduatestarting salaries

    The Sunday Times

    University Guide 2008

    Welcome to theUniversity of Kent 1

    Why we chose theUniversity of Kent 2

    Academic excellence 4A global education 6Kents teaching style 8Our friendly community 10

    Student life in Canterbury 12Student life in Medway 14Student life in Brussels and Paris 15

    Quality accommodation 16Fees and living costs 18Funding and scholarships 20

    English language programmes 22Foundation programmes 24Undergraduate study 26Undergraduate degrees 28Postgraduate study 30Postgraduate degrees 32

    How to find out more andvisiting the University 36


  • Dont miss our online video!

    Why not take a virtual tour of the

    University? Our new online video takes

    you around the facilitiesin Canterbury,

    Medway and Brussels. Italso gives you

    the chance to hear fromour students,

    academics and support staff. See


    International Student Guide

    Kent already attracts a large number of internationalstudents. Last year over 25% of our new students werefrom overseas. So what is it that makes the Universityof Kent such a popular choice?

    In this publication, we aim to provide you with some of theanswers. Obviously youre looking for a top-quality education,so we explain why our academics are considered world-class.We also look at how our teaching style can make your studiesa rewarding experience. To give you a taste of our splendidlocations in Canterbury, Medway, Brussels and Paris, weprovide a quick guide to whats on offer. And, of course, whobetter to listen to than our own students? On page 2 theytell you exactly what they love about Kent.

    Professor Alex HughesPro-Vice-Chancellor

    Kent calendar

    Welcome Week20 September 26 September 2010

    Autumn term27 September 17 December 2010

    Spring term17 January 8 April 2011

    Summer term9 May 17 June 2011

    For more details

    International OfficeAdvice for students outside the European UnionTel: +44 1227 827994Email:

    European OfficeAdvice for students from the European UnionTel: +44 1227 827314Email: [email protected]

    Welcome to theUniversity of Kent

  • 2Why we chose theUniversity of Kent

    International Student Guide

    Stimulating courses

    Dk NurIzzati Pg Omar from Brunei isstudying for a BA in Employment Relationsand Human Resource Management.

    One aspect of the teaching that reallyimpressed me was the application oftheory to practice, how what is taught inthe classroom can be applied to real-worldsituations. Also my class is made up ofstudents from many backgrounds. Often,we are encouraged to work in groups andI find the diversity really interesting.

    Specialist teaching

    Ankit Vaid from India is studying for anMSc in Distributed Systems and Networks.

    I was going through all the universitycourses to see if they could match whatI wanted to study. Kent came the closestand for computing it was 11th in theUK. There were areas that I knew Iwanted to specialise in, but Im learningeven more than I expected. My researchproject is in XML, the latest technologyand a very powerful language.

    Academic excellence

    Hanna Nmm from Estonia is studying for aBA in Sociology and Social Anthropology.

    Kent has high standards and if youwant to challenge yourself intellectually,you can get a lot out of the experience.When I started looking at the Kentwebsite I thought the degree lookedreally good. The School is diverse, soyou can study anything from terrorismto mental health, and the theory alwaysseems relevant to contemporary society.

  • 3Global perspective

    Martin Gaal from Canada is studyingfor a PhD in International Relations.

    I always wanted to attend a Britishuniversity, so finding one in Brusselswas a winning combination. There areover 50 nationalities studying at theKent campus in Brussels, so you get alot of different perspectives. Also, beingin Brussels means you are close to theEuropean institutions, as well as theNGOs and organisations such as NATO.

    Supportive staff

    Michelle Uduji from Nigeria is studyingfor a BSc in Biomedical Sciences.

    An International Officer helped mewith everything, including my applicationfor a student visa. When I got here,everyone was very helpful people toldme exactly what I had to do and where togo. Our lecturers are supportive as well.I like the fact that you can discuss yourstudies one-to-one. We also get careerstalks to help you decide what to do next.

    Cosmopolitan social scene

    Emile Doger De Speville from Mauritius istaking the LLB in English and French Law.

    I knew some people who had gone toKent and they told me that the sociallife was really good. Mauritius is a smallcountry so youre always bumping intothe same people, but at Kent the socialscene is very varied and international.Ive got friends from Kenya, Germany,Greece and Switzerland, as well asthe UK.

    International Student Guide

    Kent can claim to be Britainsonly international universityThe Sunday Times University Guide 2007

  • 4

  • With high ratings from twomajor independent surveys,Kent has a reputation as one ofthe leading universities in the UK.

    Excellent coursesKent has some of the best courses in the country.Our courses aim to challenge you and give youthe ability to take your studies to the highest level.In the 2008 National Student Survey, we scoredvery highly 90% for overall satisfaction with ourcourses. For individual course details,

    World-leading researchYou are taught or supervised by academicsat the top of their field. In the 2008 ResearchAssessment Exercise (RAE), Kent was ranked24th out of 159 institutions for world-leadingresearch. This means that we are consideredamong the best research universities in the UK.

    Over 55% of our research was rated asworld-leading or internationally excellent andeight of our subject areas were rated in thetop ten nationwide.

    Developing researchThe level of research income received byKent increased to 13.8 million in 2008 and theUniversity also saw a rise in government capitalfunding, receiving 16.8 million in grants for newresearch and teaching facilities. As a result of thisinvestment, facilities are continually being updated for instance, the recent 1 million refurbishmentof the biosciences laboratories. Seven newacademic research centres have been launchedin the past couple of years.


    Academic excellence

    International Student Guide

    UK university surveys

    The Research Assessment Exercise

    (RAE) is an independentsurvey of all

    research activity within UK universities.

    The National Student Survey (NSS)

    measures student satisfaction in

    universities across the UK.

    Prestigious partnershipsKent has partnerships with some of the mostprestigious universities in the world includingWaseda University in Japan, Hong KongUniversity, City University in New York andthe Sorbonne in Paris.

    I decided to study at Kent becausemy aim is to do research and myprofessor is one of the greatestacademics in the field.Mohammad-Reza Nasiri-Avanakifrom Iran is studying for a PhDin Medical Image Computing

  • International recognitionA degree from Kent is likely to make a bigdifference to your career prospects. Employersvalue the added confidence that comes fromspending time abroad and a British qualification ishighly regarded around the world. Employers alsovalue language skills, especially in English whichis the language of international business.

    Kent is known as the UKsEuropean university and has a greatinternational reputation. It offersstudy opportunities around the worldand an approach that is truly global.

    Study in another countryKent offers you the chance to study in anothercountry as well as the UK. We have a wide rangeof degrees where you can spend up to a year inone of our partner universities (see below right).

    This time spent in another country is an integralpart of the degree course for French, German,Hispanic Studies and Italian. But you dont needto be a language student to take up this option.Other courses allow you to study at universitiesin Finland, the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong,Japan or the United States, which all providetheir tuition in English.

    International travelOur location gives you easy access to majorEuropean cities. A Eurostar train can take youto Paris or Brussels within two hours. We arealso close to the London airports.

    Cultural understandingThe atmosphere at Kent is very cosmopolitan.With so many international students at Kent, anyseminar discussion or social event can introduceyou to an alternative viewpoint from anotherpart of the world. This helps you to gain anunderstanding of other cultures and makefriends from all over the world.

    Teaching from a global perspectiveGlobalisation has an impact on many areas ofactivity from business, law and politics to culturalactivities. Our courses at Kent are designed to


    offer the global view. This helps you to gainan international perspective that may be usefulwithin your future career.

    Centres in Brussels and ParisBrussels is known as the capital of Europeand Kent is the only UK university with a centrein Brussels. The Brussels courses are specialistpostgraduate degrees taught in English. Kent alsooffers courses in Paris which means that studentson a range of MA programmes can spend a termstudying in the heart of the city.

    A global education

    International Student Guide

  • 7Working abroadKent has good links with international businessesand Kent students who have taken a workplacement outside the UK have worked forcompanies such as IBM, Microsoft, Intel andBritish Airways. Our Careers Advisory Servicecan advise you on international job opportunitiesafter you graduate.

    Dual awardsSome of our programmes can offer dualqualifications such as the BA in Politics andInternational Relations (bidiplme) offered inpartnership with Sciences Po Lille. Some of

    International Student Guide

    Our partner universities

    For a list of our European partner

    universities, see


    For a list of our partner universities

    outside Europe, see


    My year in the States wasfantastic. You get so much outof it. I went to the University ofMaryland and worked hard, butalso made the most of the experienceby travelling in the holidays.Vikki Nixon is from the UK and studyingfor a BA in American Studies (based inCanterbury with a year in the USA).

    our Masters are offered in an International DoubleAward format, allowing you to spend a secondyear at one of our partner institutions in mainlandEurope and beyond, and obtain two Mastersdegrees.

    Kent also leads the way for co-tutelle researchdegrees that allow students the chance to bejointly supervised by the University of Kentand a university in another country, leadingto a dual award.

  • In the 2008 National Student Survey,88% of final year students at Kentsaid they were overwhelminglysatisfied with the quality of theteaching. And for three years running,our academics have been awardedNational Teaching Fellowships inrecognition of their outstanding work.

    StimulatingYou certainly wont be bored at Kent. Our coursesare designed to be stimulating and build up yourconfidence, step by step. Teaching methodsinclude lectures, seminars, workshops, field trips,conferences, independent study and one-to-onetutorials. We also encourage you to developindependent study skills.

    SupportiveAt Kent were proud of our supportive teaching.Our academics are friendly and approachable,and students get high levels of contact time withtheir tutors and lecturers. Student feedback hashelped us to develop well-designed courses,which are challenging but not overwhelming.

    All of our students have a personal tutor someone who can help if they have any problems.There is also a Student Learning Advisory Servicethat can provide tuition on everything fromresearch skills to writing essays. We make surethat you get training so you can make the mostof our extensive library and IT resources.

    If English is your second language well helpyou develop your fluency. While youre studyingin the UK, you can have up to two hours of freeEnglish lessons a week.


    Well-resourcedAll students rely on being able to access a rangeof information. At Kent we make sure that thisprocess is as easy as possible. Our library iswell stocked and the most popular books are onshort-term loan, which means you never have towait too long. Our online resources are excellent,too, with a huge range of journals available.

    Technology is one of our priorities: we providepublic computers so that when youre on campusyoull always have access to the Internet, the

    Kents teaching style

    International Student Guide

    University network and a range of software andpublic printers. We use technology in our teachingvia online resources and podcasts of lectures.

    Professional experienceKent encourages you to gain professionalexperience. Many of our degrees offer a paidyear in industry or a shorter work placement,which may be in the UK or overseas. Youre givensupport in gaining the necessary language skillsand in finding the placement. We have good

  • The lecturers are very enthusiasticand approachable. They know youby name, so you feel able to talkto them. As the degree progresses,it becomes more challenging andI am now enjoying the freedomto plan my own studies.Suzan Doerr from Germany isstudying for a BA in Economics


    International Student Guide

    British degrees

    Undergraduate degreesusually take

    three years. For studentswho study

    in another country or spend a year in

    industry, they usually take four years.

    Postgraduate students already have an

    undergraduate degree and are studying

    at a higher level.

    links with leading international companies suchas Sun Microsystems in the USA. Languagestudents often take work placements as teachingassistants in countries such as Spain or France.

    Students also gain experience within ourown award-winning clinics. These include theKent IT Clinic, the Sports Injury Clinic and theKent Law Clinic. There are also many volunteerroles offered via Kent Union Volunteering.

    Career-focusedAll of our teaching helps you to gain usefulskills for your future career. We focus on goodcommunication skills as well as the ability tothink independently. Your academic school canprovide advice on careers and we also havea dedicated Careers Advisory Service. It canprovide expert advice on the international jobmarket.

  • 10

  • We have an atmosphere at Kentthat is cosmopolitan and welcoming.Students describe the Universityas a friendly place, with a greatsocial scene.

    Welcome WeekTo help you settle in when you arrive, we hold aspecial Welcome Week in September. This takesplace before the terms lectures and seminarsstart so you have time to relax and meet otherpeople. The Welcome Week includes a greeting atthe airport when you arrive. We also hold a specialwelcome dinner for international students and takethem on trips to see local tourist attractions.

    Academic schools often host events duringWelcome Week to prepare you for your studies.During this week there are also campus tours,themed evenings and sporting activities for allstudents.

    If you are arriving in January or April, we greetyou at the airport and hold social events to helpyou settle in.

    Social facilitiesAt Kent there are plenty of places to have funand meet up with friends. All of our campusesoffer a range of cafs, bars, restaurants andsports facilities. The Canterbury campus has itsown theatre, nightclub and cinema as well. Thereare numerous student societies that you can getinvolved in. For more details on the social activitiesat our various locations, see p12-p15.

    Multi-faith and multiculturalKent is a multi-faith university with chaplains fromthe Anglican, Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim,Methodist, Pentecostal and Quaker traditions.Kents student societies often celebrate a widerange of festivals such as Chinese New Year,Thanksgiving and Diwali.


    Meet people from homeAnother way we support our international studentsis by setting up mail-groups so that you cancontact other students from your home country.But our support doesnt end there. After yougraduate, its also possible to get in touchwith Kent alumni in your own country, providinga life-long network of friends.

    Our friendly community

    International Student Guide

    Mild climateOur UK campuses are located in the south-eastof England, which means we have one of thesunniest locations in the country. During thesummer, students make the most of this bysocialising in the open-air caf-bars on campus.Kent also has an outdoor arts festival every year inthe Canterbury grounds. Both campuses are alsoclose to the beautiful English countryside of Kent.

    At Kent there are people of allnationalities and views and thereare a lot of student societies.Dont be afraid to get involved!You will meet great people andits a lot of fun.Michael Rapley from Barbados isstudying for a BA in Wildlife Conservation

  • 12

    Canterbury is the safeststudent city in the UK.The Independent newspaper

  • Canterbury is a beautiful and safecity with a rich heritage and vibrantculture. Its home to the world-famousCanterbury Cathedral which attractsmillions of tourists every year.

    With medieval buildings alongsidemodern shopping and entertainment,the atmosphere in the city is alwaysfun and friendly. Many of its residentsare students as well, so youll meetlots of like-minded people.

    Campus lifeThe Canterbury campus is part of the city but hasits own extensive grounds. This gives you the bestof both worlds: vast green spaces on campus witha stunning view of the Cathedral, as well as beingclose to a city centre thats only a 25-minute walkaway. Theres also a frequent bus service betweencampus and the city centre.

    Campus life is ideal for international studentsas it provides a self-contained environment witheverything in one place. The result is a sociableand memorable living experience. In your sparetime, you can enjoy the campus cinema andtheatre and a range of bars and restaurants.The campus is also home to banks, shopsand an award-winning student nightclub.

    Student societiesKent Student Union has over 100 student societies.Many are for international students, such as theAfro-Caribbean, Asian, Chinese, German, Hellenicand Japanese societies. See more details.

    LocationA huge bonus for students is that the city is closeto London the new high-speed train servicetakes only 60 minutes. If you want to explore


    Student life inCanterbury

    International Student Guide

    Paris or Brussels, you can catch a Eurostar trainand be there in about two hours. Its also easy toget across the Channel by ferry and get to otherinternational locations by flying from one of theLondon airports.

    SupportThe campus offers a high level of support. Stafffrom the International and European Offices canhelp with all kinds of queries. Kent Student Unionruns an advice service providing immigration andvisa guidance and has a Jobshop that can helpyou find part-time work. The campus has aStudent Learning Advisory Service that provides

    support in study skills and an English LanguageUnit that provides English language tuition. Allyour medical needs are covered. Theres anon-site medical centre and pharmacy where youcan register with a UK doctor who provides freemedical care during your stay. Kent employsits own counsellors and nurses.

    SportThe campus has a gym, badminton, tennis andsquash courts, all-weather football pitches andbasketball. There are a huge range of sportssocieties and teams, so you can develop yourskills in whichever sport you wish.

  • Our Medway campus has won severaldesign awards. The older buildingswere once part of a British naval baseand this makes the campus a stunninglocation with grand buildings suchas the Drill Hall Library and thePilkington Building.

    Medway students enjoy a modern studyenvironment with hi-tech facilities. For instance,theres a recording studio for those studyingmusic technology, a fully equipped radio andTV newsroom for our trainee journalists, and aspecial design studio for those taking degreesin event design.

    LocationThe campus is close to the River Medway and theHistoric Dockyard with a popular riverside pub ashort walk away. Our student accommodation isalso by the river in an attractive new development.

    The campus is close to central London: trainsfrom Ebbsfleet take 17 minutes and trains fromChatham take 45 minutes. If you want to exploreParis or Brussels, the Eurostar train from Ebbsfleetcan be there in about two hours. Airports areeasily reached by road or rail see the insideback cover for details. The town centre ofChatham is a short bus ride away.

    Social lifeThere is a strong sense of community on campusand most students find it easy to make friends.For socialising theres a lively bar that holdsregular theme nights. The range of societies andclubs on offer include the Afro-Caribbean Society,Asian Society, Bangladeshi Society, Irish Society,Islamic Society, Sikh Society and Spanish Society.Annual events include the Summer Ball, which isheld at a large local venue and features one ofthe UKs celebrity DJs. See more details.


    There are several cafs and restaurants oncampus. Nearby is a multi-screen cinemashowing the most popular movies. The localtown of Chatham provides entertainment suchas live music and a comedy club.

    SportThe University has a wide range of sportssocieties everything from table tennis to ladiesfootball. Being close to the river means that manystudents also take part in activities such asrowing, canoeing and sailing.

    For those who want to join a gym, the nearbyMedway Park has a fitness suite and a spa,and offers special rates to our students. Facilitiesinclude a swimming pool and an athletics track,as well as several sports halls. Medway Parkfacilities are all built to high standards the Parkis to be used by several teams for training in therun-up to the 2012 Olympics.

    Student lifein Medway

    International Student Guide

  • The Universitys locations in Paris andBrussels put us at the heartof continental Europe.

    BrusselsBrussels is a major political power centre andoften referred to as the capital of Europe. Thecity is home to institutions such as the EuropeanParliament, the European Commission and NATO.This means that the city also attracts internationalNGOs, multinational corporations, as well as arange of diplomats, lobbyists and think-tanks.

    All of our courses in Brussels are related to thestudy of international affairs. The courses are atpostgraduate level in areas such as law, politics,social policy and migration; see p32-35 for moredetails. Our academics have an impressivenetwork of professional contacts within thecity which means they are in touch with currentdevelopments. This can also be useful to studentswho aim to take on an internship in Brussels.

    LocationThe Universitys centre in Brussels is a 15-minutedrive from the centre of the city and there are alsometro, bus and tram links. Its easy to reach otherEuropean cities: Paris and London are about twohours by train. Brussels has a major internationalairport.

    Social lifeBrussels has a close-knit group of students fromover 50 countries around the world. The Universityhas its own academic facilities and students areable to use the libraries, bars, cafes, entertainmentand sports facilities of the Vrije Universiteit Brusseland the Universit Libre de Bruxelles.

    ParisParis is a leading city for European culture. Itoffers numerous events and attractions as well asa wealth of libraries, museums and art galleries. In


    Student life inBrussels and Paris

    International Student Guide

    the modernist era, Paris attracted many famouswriters and artists from all over the world.

    All of our courses in Paris are at postgraduatelevel (Masters) and are related to the study ofliterature and the visual arts. Students divide theirtime between Paris and our Canterbury campus.All teaching is in English by staff from theUniversity of Kent.

    LocationOur Paris centre is located in the beautiful areaof Montparnasse close to central Paris. This is thearea where Picasso and Modigliani once had their

    studios, and the nearby cafs were frequentedby writers such as Ernest Hemingway andGertrude Stein. Its easy to reach other Europeancities from Paris: Brussels and London are abouttwo hours by train. Paris has a major internationalairport.

    Social lifeYour studies are based at Reid Hall, a charmingbuilding with picturesque courtyards and interiors.It is shared with New Yorks Columbia Universityand holds its own cultural events. You are alsoencouraged to experience the citys cinema, art,literature and drama.

  • Our University accommodationallows you to make an easy transitionto living in the UK you dont have toworry about finding somewhere to liveand all of your basic bills, except fora TV licence, are included in the rent.

    CanterburyStudents enjoy living on our Canterbury campus its in a beautiful green location and has everythingyou need within easy walking distance laundryrooms, shops, restaurants and bars, a theatre andcinema as well as a sports centre. Our campusaccommodation comes in a range of styles, fromcollege rooms to shared houses. All of our roomshave a free internet connection.

    All international students at Canterbury are offereda single room in University accommodation fortheir first year of study. If you study for aFoundation Programme, you are offered Universityaccommodation for both your foundation yearand the first year of your degree.

    Undergraduate roomSome rooms have a shared kitchen soyou can prepare your own food if you wish.Others have access to a kitchenette with a kettle,microwave and small fridge. If you stay in one ofthese rooms, breakfast is provided as part of theprice (or you can have an allowance towards anevening meal). For other catering, all studentscan use the restaurants on campus that providegood-value snacks and cooked meals.

    Some rooms are only available during term-time(31 weeks); this means that your rent doesnot cover the winter and spring vacations.Others are available for a full academic year.If you are here for short-term study programme,you are rented a room for the period of your stay.


    Undergraduate shared house or apartmentYou share a self-contained house or apartmentwith other students. Each has its own fullyequipped kitchen, so you can cook your ownfood or eat out on campus its your choice.These houses or apartments are let for theentire academic year (39 weeks), so you canstay there during the winter and spring vacations.Apartments have en-suite rooms, houses havea shared bathroom.

    Postgraduate shared apartmentPostgraduate students are offered a place inWoolf College, a brand new development for ourpostgraduate community. The en-suite rooms arearranged in flats with six or eight students per flatand a large shared kitchen. The College has itsown social facilities and launderette. Each roomis rented for almost the entire year (51 weeks).Postgraduate students who need accommodationfor a shorter period of time should contact ourAccommodation Office.

    Private accommodationIn the second year of study, most undergraduatestudents rent private accommodation. Usually theyshare houses; 2009 prices were roughly 70 to85 a week (excluding bills). If you prefer to liveoff campus in your first year of study, KentsAccommodation Office can help you to findprivate accommodation.

    MedwayKent students have the chance to stay in a brandnew development called Liberty Quays, right bythe River Medway. Its an attractive setting andonly ten minutes walk from the campus. Eachflat has single en-suite rooms for six to eightstudents, who share a fully equipped kitchen.The accommodation has its own social facilitiesand launderette and each room has internetaccess.

    All international students at Medway are offeredUniversity accommodation for the first year ofstudy. Accommodation for further years of studyis subject to availability.

    If you prefer to live off campus in your first yearof study, the Accommodation Office can help youto find suitable private accommodation.

    BrusselsKent does not offer University accommodation inBrussels but there are many private rental optionsavailable and students usually find a place to liveshortly after arrival. Studio apartments with allcharges included (water, electricity, gas, tenantcharges) cost around 400-500 per month.A one-bedroom apartment with all chargesincluded is around 500-600. Students whoarrange flat-shares are often able to reducecosts even further. For details,

    ParisFor those students who are spending a term inParis, we offer advice to help you to find suitableaccommodation. One option is to stay with ahost family. There are also organisations in Paristo help students find short-term accommodation,as well as private accommodation agencies.For advice please contact the European Office(see p36).

    Quality accommodation

    International Student Guide

    How to apply

    You receive details of how to apply

    for University accommodation when

    you are offered a place at Kent.

    Applications are made online at

    The website also has pictures

    and online videos of thevarious

    types of accommodation.

  • 17

    International Student Guide











    Cost ()Prices quoted are for 2009/2010 forthe entire occupancy period unlessotherwise stated, and include gas,electricity and water charges

    Canterbury undergraduate: rooms


    39 weeks Kitchen From 3,696.42 to 4,201.47

    1 Eliot 31 weeks Kitchenette From 3,289.50 to 3,708.75


    31 weeks Kitchenette From 4,418.25 to 5,063.25

    Keynes 31 weeks Kitchenette 4,031.25


    31 weeks31 weeks

    KitchenetteKitchenette From 3,289.50 to 3,708.75

    Canterbury undergraduate: shared houses and apartments


    39 weeks Kitchen From 3,696.42 to 5,880.42

    3 Tyler Court 39 weeks Kitchen From 4,463.55 to 4,995.90

    4Park Wood:FlatsHouses

    39 weeks39 weeks


    4,709.25From 3,486.21 to 3,822.00

    Canterbury postgraduate: shared apartments

    5 Woolf 51 weeks Kitchen From 4,905.99 to 5,981.77

    Medway undergraduate and postgraduate: shared apartments

    6 Liberty Quays 42 weeks Kitchen 4,200

  • 18

  • Tuition feesThe figures quoted on the right are the standardfees for full-time students starting in the year2009/2010. They cover one academic year ofstudy. For the latest details on fees for 2010/2011,see our website below.

    Some courses (particularly postgraduate) chargemore than the standard fee please check ourwebsite for full details. To qualify as a student fromthe European Union depends on your nationalityand residency.


    Other living costsEach student has different circumstances, so tohelp you estimate your living costs we provide anonline calculator at the website below.


    Paying your feesYou have the option to pay in instalments, butthis must be arranged before you register as astudent. If you choose to pay the years tuitionfees in full by 31 August, you receive a 2%discount.

    Those undergraduate students who pay fortheir entire degree (three or four years of tuitionfees) by 31 August have the fees frozen atthe beginning of the course and receive a5% discount on the total cost.

    Fees can be paid by a variety of methodsincluding online at:

    Part-time workMany students help to fund their studies by findingpart-time work. At Canterbury and Medway, thecampus Jobshops can help you look for part-timework on the University campus or in the local area.


    Fees andliving costs

    International Student Guide

    Tuition fees for international students (from outside the EU)

    Junior Year Abroad: 2009/10 Junior Year Abroad (nine months) 9,000 JYA English PLUS (full-length/part-length) 10,900 / 7,845 JYA Fall semester (three months) 3,600 JYA Spring semester (five months) 5,400Pre-sessional English courses: 2009 Six weeks/12 weeks/19 weeks with accommodation 1,880 / 3,760/ TBA Six weeks/12 weeks/19 weeks without accommodation 1,320/ 2,645/ TBA

    Degree programmes: 2009/10Foundation degrees 9,000Undergraduate degreesStandard non-laboratory programmes 10,350Lab-based or practical programmes 12,590Year in Industry 805Year studying at a partner university 1610Postgraduate degreesStandard non-laboratory 10,350Standard lab-based practical courses 12,590Non-standard fees as follows:Actuarial Science PDip 10,600Applied Actuarial Science MSc 12,500Agricultural Economics MSc 10,815Applied Environmental Economics MSc 10,815Architecture MA, MPhil, PhD 12,590Computer Animation MSc 12,590Digital Visual Effects MSc 12,590Economics suite of programmes MSc 11,520Food Chain Management MSc 10,815Management suite of programmes (KBS) MSc 12,000Management Science suite of programmes (KBS) MSc 10,500Master of Business Administration MBA 16,800

    Tuition fees for students from the European Union

    Foundation degrees 1,285Undergraduate degrees 3,225Postgraduate degreesStandard 3,670Non-standard fees See

  • 20

  • The University offers a wide varietyof financial support and scholarships,with a range of funding opportunitiesavailable to our international students.The figures quoted apply to the2009/10 academic year.

    All studentsThe following scholarships and studentships areopen to students of all nationalities.

    Undergraduate studyUniversity of Kent offers one of the bestscholarship schemes in the UK. You can apply fora scholarship for excellence in the following areas. University Music Scholarships up to 5,000

    a year Music Lesson Scholarships cost of music

    or vocal lessons up to 400 University sports scholarships

    between 250 and 5,000 a year Cricket scholarship 2,500 a year Rugby scholarships 2,000 a year Ladies hockey scholarship up to 2,000 a year

    Postgraduate study The University has established a scholarship

    fund of 1.5m to support research students.The scholarship competition is open to allpostgraduate research applicants and coverstuition fees at the home rate and (dependingon terms and conditions) a maintenance grantup to the full Research Council rate of 13,290per annum

    All University schools offer scholarshipsfor postgraduate study. These vary from a one-off payment of a few hundred pounds to tuitionfees at the home rate and/or maintenancepayments at the same rate as the ResearchCouncils to a maximum of 13,290 per annum

    University of Kent at Brussels studentship Alumni Postgraduate Research Scholarship Christine and Ian Bolt Scholarship


    Funding andscholarships

    International Student Guide

    University Music Scholarships up to 5,000a year

    Paris MA scholarships worth over 5,000 European jointly supervised PhD scholarships

    4,000 Music Lesson Scholarships cost of music

    or vocal lessons up to 400 University sports scholarships

    between 250 and 5,000 a year Cricket scholarship 2,500 a year Rugby scholarships 2,000 a year Ladies hockey scholarship up to 2,000 a year

    Students from within the European UnionIn addition to the schemes open to all students(see left), the following are open to students fromthe EU. (Please note: EU status depends onnationality and residency.)

    Undergraduate study Tuition fee loan EU undergraduate students

    can apply for a UK government loan to coverthe cost of tuition fees. This is paid back aftergraduation when a certain level of salary isreached

    University scholarships for academicexcellence, one scholarship from eachacademic school 1,000 a year

    Postgraduate study Ratiu Foundation scholarships for Romanian

    students UK Research Council funding; tuition fees only Various other scholarships

    Students from outside the European UnionIn addition to the funding schemes open to allstudents (see left), the following are open tostudents from outside the EU.

    Undergraduate studyThe University offers a number of generousscholarships for our international students atundergraduate level. The scholarships will beworth 5,000 per annum (for up to three years

    Kent loyalty scheme

    Kent offers a 10% discount on the first

    years tuition fees if youhave a brother or

    sister already registeredat the University,

    if you are the child of analumnus, or if

    you have graduated fromKent and are

    returning to take a privately-funded

    degree at the University.

    of study) towards the cost of tuition fees andare offered to nationals of any country payinginternational fees.

    Hong Kong Alumni scholarshipThis scholarship is for outstanding students frommainland China or Hong Kong. The awards are15,000 for the year of entry and renewable forup to a total of three years.

    Postgraduate studyThe University offers a number of scholarships forentry at taught Masters level. The scholarships willbe worth 5,000 (for one year of study) towardsthe cost of tuition fees and are offered to nationalsof any country paying international fees.

    Accepted loansThe University accepts and processes Canadianstudent loans and US Federal Stafford loans.

    Further informationDetails of Kent scholarships and bursaries areavailable at you can use our scholarship finder

    There are also a wide range of scholarships forspecific subjects, so dont forget to check yourschool website for the latest information on fundingopportunities.

  • Did you know?

    Once youre on an academic degree

    course, you can continueto develop

    your language skills withfree tuition from

    Kents English LanguageUnit based on

    our Canterbury campus.

    To be able to study at degree level inthe UK, you need a good standard ofEnglish. So if English is not your firstlanguage, we provide excellent tuition.

    If you check the table on the right, you can findout whether your English qualifications are at theright level or whether you need further tuition.

    The courses below are designed to bring yourEnglish up to the standard required for entryand prepare you for studying at Kent. All of ourcourses are taught by Kent academics who areexperts in teaching English for study purposes.

    International Foundation ProgrammeThis foundation programme is specially designedfor international students and prepares you forstudying an undergraduate degree.

    It provides a mix of academic study skills andEnglish language skills. If you pass, you gain allof the qualifications needed for entry; you do notneed to take an additional English languageexamination (IELTS or TOEFL).

    Courses run from: September to June.

    For more information on our range of foundationprogrammes, see p24.


    English languageprogrammes

    International Student Guide

    Pre-sessional courses in EAPDo you need to improve your English languageskills before starting a degree at Kent? Manyof our students take one of our intensivepre-sessional courses in English for AcademicPurposes (EAP). These are designed to prepareyou for your studies at undergraduate orpostgraduate level. We aim to give you a levelof 6.5 IELTS, so passing one of these coursesmeans that you do not need to take an Englishlanguage examination to get on to a Kent degreecourse (see right).

    There are three pre-sessional courses runningat our Canterbury campus: Six weeks beginning in August

    (with the option of campus accommodation) 12 weeks beginning in June

    (with the option of campus accommodation) 19 weeks beginning in May (with the option

    of accommodation with a host family forseven weeks and campus accommodationfor the remaining 12 weeks).

    For more details on pre-sessional courses,

    JYA English PLUSThis programme allows university students from allover the world to study in the UK at our Canterburycampus. The course starts with four weeks ofEnglish tuition followed by two weeks of vacation.You then take 12 more weeks of English tuitionas well as developing general academic studyskills. You choose Pathway 1, 2 or 3 according toyour level of English (see right). Students thenchoose from a selection of academic modules atKent, often alongside English language modules.

    Courses run from:

    May to December, with one term of academicstudy

    May to April, with two terms of academic study.

    To applyYou need to make an application by February2010. To complete your application, you needcertificates of your academic results to date, apersonal statement, as well as the agreement ofyour own university (to allow for the transfer ofacademic credits). For more information, pleasecontact the International Office (p36).

    To download an application form, go

    More detailsFor more details on Pre-sessional courses,English PLUS or the International FoundationProgramme, see

  • 23

    International Student Guide

    English language requirements

    Qualification International Undergraduate Undergraduate Postgraduate* JYA JYA JYA JYA EAP EAP EAPFoundation foundation English English English course course courseprogramme (sciences) PLUS 1 PLUS 2 PLUS 3 19 wk 12 wk 6 wk

    IELTS 5.0 incl 5.5 incl 6.5 incl 6.5 incl 6.5 incl 4.0 5.0 6.0 5.0 incl 5.5 incl 6.0 incl5.0 R&W 5.0 R&W 6.0 R&W 6.0 R&W 6.0 R&W 5.0 R&W 5.5 R&W 6.0 R&W

    TOEFL 500 530 incl 580 incl 600 incl 580 incl 450 500 550 500 530 550paper-based 3.5 Test of 4.0 Test of 4.0 Test of 4.0 Test of

    Written English Written English Written English Written English

    TOEFL 60 70 incl 85 incl 90 incl 85 incl 45 60 80 61 70 80internet-based 16 R&W 19 R&W 20 R&W 19 R&W


    TEEP 5.0 incl 5.5 incl 6.5 incl 6.5 incl 6.5 incl5.0 R&W 5.0 R&W 6.0 R&W 6.0 R&W 6.0 R&W

    Certificate of D D C C CProficiency inEnglish

    Cambridge C C B B BAdvancedCertificate inEnglish

    Cambridge B B Not Not NotFirst Certificate accepted accepted acceptedin English

    IGCSE English C C 1st language Not 1st languageC; 2nd accepted C; 2ndlanguage B language B

    Key: R&W reading and writing

    * Except postgraduate degrees in the School of English and Kent Law School which require IELTS 7.0

  • 24

  • Foundation programmes help youto gain the entry requirements tostudy at degree level.

    Students from high schools around the worldmay need to take a foundation programmebefore starting a degree in the UK. The foundationprogramme brings their qualifications up to thestandard required for degree entry.

    When you apply for a foundation programmeat Kent, you specify the degree of your choice.This means that you are guaranteed a place onthat course, providing you pass your foundationprogramme.

    Studying and student lifeAt Kent our foundation programmes are taughtby our own academics and this allows us to offerteaching of an exceptional quality. The coursesare based at our Canterbury campus, so you haveaccess to all of our leisure, support and studyfacilities. We also offer you a place in ourpurpose-built student accommodation.

    Foundation courses run on our Canterburycampus from: September to June


    Foundation programmes

    International Student Guide

    Kents foundation programmes

    International Foundation ProgrammeThis programme provides a solid foundation fordegrees in the Humanities or Social Sciences.It focuses on relevant academic subjects andprovides English language tuition too (if needed).Teaching is in small groups and includesseminars and tutorials, workshops, IT sessionsand independent studies. See p28 for a full listof degrees.

    Foundation programmes in the sciencesWe offer foundation programmes in: Biological Sciences Electronic and Communications Engineering Computer Systems Engineering Forensic Science Mathematics Physics.

    These programmes provide a solid foundationfor degrees in the sciences. Teaching isvia lectures, practical classes (held in ourwell-equipped laboratories) and courseworkassessments. If English is not your first language,you are also offered tuition in this area.

    Degree entry requirementsYou only need to take a foundation programmeif your qualifications are not suitable for yourchosen degree. You can look up the entryrequirements for your chosen degree programmeat

    The qualifications are listed as InternationalBaccalaureate (IB) or A levels. However, you mayhave qualifications that are specific to your owncountry. For advice on whether these are suitable,please go to

    Feel free to contact us if you are unsure or needfurther advice. See p36 for contact details.

    To applyThe Universities and Colleges Admissions System(UCAS) is designed to deal with undergraduateapplications for UK universities. It allows you toapply for up to five UK higher education courses.For more information on the UCAS form, go

    There are two ways to make your application: you can complete your own application via the

    UCAS online form at another option is to visit one of our international

    advisors (see p36) who can make anapplication on your behalf.

    The lecturers are alwaysavailable if you need them. I dida foundation year at Kent andmy tutor was really supportive.Jasmin Perera took a foundationprogramme in Biological Sciencesand went on to Kents BSc in Biology

  • We have approximately 400 degreecourses at Kent. All of them offerexceptional teaching and anexperience to remember for therest of your life.

    For a list of the general subject areas we teach,see p28-p29. It is also possible to study atdegree level for one academic year (see JuniorYear Abroad, right).

    Teaching and assessmentThe first insight into a new topic is usually froma lecture given by an academic. The next stepis to deepen that knowledge via seminars andworkshops. Seminars are small study groupsand the focus is on lively discussion. Workshopsdevelop your skills in a laboratory or a studio.Both take place under the guidance of a tutor.

    You are assessed by a mixture of coursework,seminar performance, practical assignments andexaminations. The marks you get in the first yearof a degree do not count towards your final result.

    Entry requirementsTo apply for a degree at Kent you need good skillsin English language. Check our table on p23 forentry requirements. You also need to meet theacademic entry requirements see course detailsat

    If you have qualifications that are specific to yourown country, you can find out whether these aresuitable at:

    If you are unable to meet the entry requirements,you can still gain a place on your chosen degreevia one of our pre-sessional courses (p22) or oneof our foundation programmes (p24).

    If you have studied at another university, you maybe able to transfer your credits on to a course at


    Kent. You may also be able to use work experienceor training as credits. Please contact us for details.

    Useful factsMost undergraduate degrees take three years tocomplete. Degrees which offer a years study inanother country or a years work placement takefour years to complete. The degree title dependson your field of study. At Kent we offer: Bachelor of Arts (BA) Bachelor of Science (BSc) Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Bachelor of Law (LLB).

    We also offer some undergraduate degrees thattake four years to complete and reach a higherlevel of study. These are: Masters in Drama (MDrama) Masters in Physics (MPhys) Masters in Pharmacy (MPharm).

    How to apply for a degreeThe Universities and Colleges Admissions System(UCAS) is a national system. It allows you to applyfor a place at up to five UK universities. Simplycomplete the online form at Students from the European Union: you are

    advised to apply by 15 January 2010.

    Undergraduate study

    International Student Guide

  • Students from outside the European Union: toguarantee consideration, you should aim for15 January 2010. However, if places are left,we may consider applications up to the30 June 2010.

    For advice on any aspect of your application,contact the International or European Offices, orone of our overseas representatives (see p36).If your application is successful, you will receivean offer from Kent. There are two types of offers:an unconditional offer guarantees you a placeon the course; a conditional offer is based oncertain conditions, such as examination results.


    International Student Guide

    Junior Year AbroadA Junior Year Abroad allows you to studyfor a year at Kent. You study alongside Kentsundergraduate students on our wide rangeof degree programmes see p28 for thesubject areas that we offer. You are alsoprovided with student accommodation andcan take part in every aspect of university life.

    Your study at Kent takes place in the academicyear from September to June and you chooseyour subjects before you arrive. The academiccredits you earn at Kent can be transferred toyour degree at home. While youre here, itsalso possible to gain a Diploma from theUniversity of Kent by choosing specific studyoptions. The Diploma can be used as aqualification in its own right or provide youwith credits to transfer on to an undergraduatedegree at Kent. It may also help you to gainentry on to a postgraduate degree at Kent.

    How to applyIf your university already has an agreementwith the University of Kent, then please applyvia your universitys own study abroad office.

    If your university does not have an agreementwith us, you can still apply directly to Kent.However, you need to check that youruniversity will accept the study credits yougain at Kent.

    See formore details.

    JYA English PLUSThose who do not have the skills in Englishlanguage to take our Junior Year Abroad mayfind our JYA English PLUS programme moresuitable (see p22). This also offers a period ofacademic study at Kent but prepares you forthese studies by providing English tuition.

    Late applicationsUCAS clearing takes place in August 2010. Kentlists all of the degrees that still have places andthis can give you another chance to apply.

    Working in the UKMany international students support their studieswith part-time work. After graduation, internationalstudents (from outside the EU) may be able tocontinue working in the UK on a post-study workscheme. For more details, see you can email queries to [email protected]

  • At Kent you can choose from the widerange of subjects listed below. Someof these can be combined with anothersubject to form a joint honours degree.

    You may also have the option tostudy in another country or spenda year in industry. To get full detailsof the courses on offer at Kent,

    HumanitiesAmerican Studies CanterburyArchitecture CanterburyArt and Film CanterburyAudio Design and Production MedwayClassical & Archaeological Studies CanterburyComparative Literature CanterburyCreative Events: Design and

    Production MedwayDrama and Theatre Studies CanterburyEnglish Language CanterburyEnglish Literature CanterburyEuropean Studies CanterburyExperience Design MedwayFilm Studies CanterburyFine Art MedwayFrench CanterburyGerman CanterburyHispanic Studies CanterburyHistory CanterburyHistory & Philosophy of Art CanterburyHistory and Visual Culture CanterburyInterior Architecure CanterburyInterior Design CanterburyItalian CanterburyMusic Technology MedwayPhilosophy CanterburyReligious Studies CanterburyVisual and Performed Arts CanterburyWar Studies Canterbury


    SciencesActuarial Science CanterburyAstronomy, Space Science

    and Astrophysics CanterburyBiochemistry CanterburyBiology CanterburyBiomedical Science CanterburyComputer Science CanterburyComputer Systems Engineering CanterburyComputing CanterburyElectronic and Communications

    Engineering CanterburyForensic Biology Canterbury

    Undergraduate degrees

    International Student Guide

    Forensic Sciences CanterburyInformation Technology MedwayMathematics and Statistics CanterburyMultimedia Technology and Design CanterburyPharmacy MedwayPhysics CanterburyPrimary Dental Care MedwayWeb Computing Canterbury

  • 29

    International Student Guide

    Social sciencesAccounting and Finance CanterburyAnthropology CanterburyBiological Anthropology CanterburyBritish and American Policy Studies CanterburyBusiness Administration CanterburyBusiness Studies MedwayConservation CanterburyCriminal Justice Studies MedwayCriminology CanterburyCultural Studies CanterburyEconomics Canterbury

    Employment Relations andHuman Resource Management Canterbury

    Environmental Social Science CanterburyHealth and Social Care CanterburyHealth and Social Care Practice MedwayIntellectual and Developmental

    Disabilities CanterburyInternational Business CanterburyJournalism MedwayLaw CanterburyLaw MedwayManagement Science CanterburyMedical Anthropology Canterbury

    Politics and International Relations CanterburyPsychology CanterburySocial Anthropology CanterburySocial Policy CanterburySocial Sciences MedwaySocial Work MedwaySociology CanterburySport and Exercise Management MedwaySport Exercise and Fitness Science MedwaySports Therapy MedwayTourism Management MedwayUrban Studies Canterbury

  • Our postgraduate teaching isinformed by some of the best researchin the world. In the 2008 ResearchAssessment Exercise, more thaneight of our subject areas were inthe UKs top ten.

    Kent has an excellent employability record 97.2% of Kents postgraduate students whograduated in 2008 found a job or further studyopportunity within six months.

    To apply for a postgraduate degree at Kent,you need good English language skills. Checkour table on p23 for entry requirements.You also need to meet the courses academicentry requirements for details, refer to the coursedetails at

    If you have qualifications that are specific to yourown country, you can find out whether these areequivalent to our entry requirements

    If English is not your first language, you can takea pre-sessional language course before startingyour studies (see p22).

    Student lifeAt Kent you become part of a postgraduatecommunity, both within your own school andacross the entire University. Postgraduates onall campuses have access to a wide range ofsocial, study and support facilities.

    Our Graduate School aims to provide supportfor all our postgraduates to meet socially andflourish in an interdisciplinary atmosphere.

    Woolf College on our Canterbury campusis a resource that is dedicated to the needsof Kents postgraduate students. It provides


    accommodation, as well as a lecture theatre,seminar room and social spaces. This providesa facility for intellectual and social gatherings.

    Kents teaching facilities in Brussels areexclusively for the use of postgraduatestudents, creating a close-knit supportiveenvironment, with students studying areasrelated to European and international affairs.

    Taught programmesMost taught programmes last for a full academicyear. The Masters in Architecture takes two years.

    You follow a structured course. The teachingis from seminars (small group discussions),lectures, tutorials and, for some courses, practicalworkshops. If you are taking a Masters degree,you complete a dissertation or practical project.If you are taking a Postgraduate Diploma, this isusually not expected.

    Postgraduate study

    International Student Guide

  • Research degreesThe focus is on independent study. Every studentworks on a personal research project under theguidance of a supervisor an academic who isan expert in the field. Students receive training inresearch methods, attend academic conferencesand perform independent research using ourextensive library and IT resources. We offer someexternal candidature research programmes whichallow you to remain in your home country whilestudying under the supervision of a Kentacademic.


    International Student Guide

    Research students register at Masters level tobegin with and then may progress to an MPhilor a PhD. At Kent it is possible to gain a PhD inthree years of study. We also offer New RoutePhDs that integrate some taught modules. Theseprovide professional skills for those who areaiming to work at a senior level in business,industry or academia. It is possible to completethis programme in four years of study.

    Dual awardsSome of our programmes offer dual awards fromtwo countries. We may also be able to offer PhDstudents the chance to be jointly supervised by

    Kent and a university in another country, resultingin a doctorate from both.

    Working in the UKMany students support their studies with part-timework. After graduation, international students (fromoutside the EU) may be able to continue workingin the UK on a post-study work scheme. For moredetails, see or email yourqueries to [email protected]

    Taught programmes Graduate Diploma (GDip) Postgraduate Certificate (PCert) Postgraduate Diploma (PDip) Master of Arts (MA) Master of Architecture (MArch) Master of Science (MSc) Master of Law (LLM)

    Research programmes Master of Arts (MA) Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Science (MSc) Master of Law (LLM) Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Master of Research (MRes) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

    How to applyYou can apply using our online application format

    Please ensure that you submit all of yoursupporting documents, such as certificates andreferences, when you make your application.

    For advice, contact the International Office,the European Office, or one of our overseasrepresentatives. See p36.

  • We offer a wide range of taught andresearch degrees at the Universityof Kents locations in Canterbury,Medway, Brussels and Paris.

    For more course details, pleasego to

    HumanitiesThe following are in the Faculty of Humanities.

    American StudiesResearch degrees American Studies, Canterbury

    ArchitectureTaught degrees Architecture MArch, Canterbury Urban Design, CanterburyResearch degrees Architecture, Canterbury

    Classical & Archaeological StudiesTaught degrees Archaeology of the Transmanche Region,

    Canterbury Archaeology, CanterburyResearch degrees Classical & Archaeological Studies, Canterbury

    Comparative LiteratureTaught degrees Comparative Literature, Canterbury Comparative Literature, Canterbury and ParisResearch degrees Comparative Literature, Canterbury

    DramaTaught degrees European Theatre, Canterbury Performance Practice, Canterbury Theatre Dramaturgy, CanterburyResearch degrees Drama, Canterbury Practice as Research, Canterbury


    HistoryTaught degrees Modern History, Canterbury War, Media and Modernity, CanterburyResearch degrees History, Canterbury Cartoons and Caricature, Canterbury History of Science, Technology and Medicine,


    History & Philosophy of ArtTaught degrees Fine Art, Canterbury Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics, CanterburyResearch degrees History & Philosophy of Art, Canterbury

    ItalianResearch degrees Italian, Canterbury

    Medieval and Early Modern StudiesTaught degrees Medieval and Early Modern Studies, CanterburyResearch degrees Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Canterbury

    PhilosophyTaught degrees Philosophy, Canterbury Reasoning, CanterburyResearch degrees Philosophy, Canterbury

    Science, Communication and SocietyTaught degrees Science, Communication and Society, Canterbury

    Theology and Religious StudiesTaught degrees Applied Theology, Canterbury Study of Mysticism and Religious Experience,

    CanterburyResearch degrees Theology and Religious Studies, Canterbury

    Postgraduate degrees

    International Student Guide

    EnglishTaught degrees Creative Writing, Canterbury Critical Theory, Canterbury Dickens and Victorian Culture, Canterbury English and American Literature, Canterbury English and American Literature, Canterbury

    and Paris Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Canterbury Postcolonial Studies, CanterburyResearch degrees Creative Writing, Canterbury English, Canterbury Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Canterbury Postcolonial Studies, Canterbury

    Film StudiesTaught degrees Film Studies, CanterburyResearch degrees Film Studies, Canterbury Film Studies Practice by Research, Canterbury

    FrenchTaught degrees French and Comparative Literature, Canterbury French and Comparative Literature, Canterbury

    and Paris Modern French Studies: Writing, Theory, and

    Visual Culture, Canterbury Modern French Studies, Canterbury and ParisResearch degrees French, Canterbury

    GermanTaught degrees Modern German and Comparative Literature,

    CanterburyResearch degrees German Literature, Canterbury

    Hispanic StudiesTaught degrees Hispanic and Comparative Literature, CanterburyResearch degrees Hispanic Studies, Canterbury

  • Social SciencesThe following are in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

    AnthropologyTaught degrees Anthropology of Ethnicity, Nationalism

    and Identity, Canterbury Environmental Anthropology, Canterbury Ethnobotany, Canterbury Evolution and Human Behaviour, Canterbury Social Anthropology, Canterbury Social Anthropology and Computing, Canterbury Visual Anthropology, Canterbury


    International Student Guide

    Research degrees Anthropology, Canterbury Ethnobiology, Canterbury

    BusinessTaught degrees Kent MBA, Business Administration, Canterbury e-Business Management, Canterbury International Business Management, Canterbury Management, Canterbury Marketing Management, Canterbury Tourism Management, Canterbury Human Resource Management, Canterbury Sustainability Management, Canterbury

    Accounting and Financial Management,Canterbury

    Management Science, Canterbury Management Science and Data Modelling,

    Canterbury Management Science and Logistics, Canterbury Management Science and Operational Research,

    Canterbury Management Science and Performance

    Management, Canterbury Value Chain Management, Canterbury Finance (to be confirmed), Canterbury Financial Services (to be confirmed), Canterbury International Accounting and Finance (to be

    confirmed), CanterburyResearch degrees Accounting and Finance, Canterbury Industrial Relations, Canterbury Management, Canterbury Management Science, Canterbury Marketing, Canterbury Operational Research and Systems, Canterbury

    ConservationTaught degrees Conservation and Tourism, Canterbury Conservation Biology, Canterbury Conservation and International Wildlife Trade,

    CanterburyResearch degrees Biodiversity Management, Canterbury

    CriminologyTaught degrees Criminology, CanterburyResearch degrees Criminology, Canterbury

    EconomicsTaught degrees Economic Analysis, Canterbury Economics, Canterbury International Finance and Economic

    Development, Canterbury Economics and Econometrics, Canterbury Economics and Finance, Canterbury Economics Conversion, Canterbury

  • Agricultural Economics, Canterbury Applied Environmental Economics, Canterbury International Development, Brussels International Development, CanterburyResearch degrees Economics, Canterbury

    Environmental Social ScienceTaught degrees Environmental Social Science, CanterburyResearch degrees Environmental Social Science, Canterbury

    JournalismTaught degrees Multimedia Journalism, MedwayResearch degrees Journalism, Medway

    LawTaught degrees Combined Title, Canterbury Criminal Justice, Canterbury Environmental Law and Policy, Canterbury European Law, Canterbury International Commercial Law, Canterbury International Criminal Justice, Canterbury International Economic Law, Brussels International Environmental Law, Canterbury International Law with International Relations,

    Brussels International Law with International Relations,

    Canterbury Law, Canterbury Law (Erasmus-Europe), Canterbury and another

    European university Medical Law and Ethics, Canterbury Public International Law, Brussels Public International Law, CanterburyResearch degrees Law, Canterbury Socio-legal Studies, Canterbury

    MigrationTaught degrees International Migration, Health and Social Care,

    Canterbury and London


    Migration Studies, BrusselsResearch degrees Mental Health (Migration), Canterbury Migration Studies, Canterbury

    Politics and International RelationsTaught degrees Comparative Federalism, Canterbury European Governance, Canterbury European Governance, (international double

    award*), Canterbury and Lille, Grenoble,Siena or Krakow

    International Conflict Analysis, Brussels International Conflict Analysis, Canterbury International Development, Brussels International Development, Canterbury International Relations, Brussels International Relations, Canterbury International Relations and European Studies,

    Canterbury International Relations with International Law,

    Canterbury International Security and the Politics of Terror,

    Canterbury International Social Policy, Canterbury Methods of Social Research, Canterbury Politics, Canterbury Security and Terrorism, Canterbury European Public Policy, Brussels International Political Economy, Brussels International Relations (international double

    award*), Canterbury and Moscow Political Strategy and Communication, BrusselsResearch degrees International Conflict Analysis, Brussels International Conflict Analysis, Canterbury International Relations, Canterbury International Relations, Brussels Politics and Government, Brussels Politics and Government, Canterbury

    Professional PracticeTaught degrees Clinical Supervision, Canterbury Mental Health Studies, Canterbury Primary Dental Care, Medway

    International Student Guide

    Professional Practice, Medway Psychotherapy, Canterbury Supportive and Palliative Care, Canterbury Supportive and Palliative Care, Medway Surgical Practice, CanterburyClinical and Research degrees Doctor of Medicine, Canterbury Master of Surgery, Canterbury Medicine and Health Sciences, Canterbury Occupational Health, Canterbury Psychotherapy, Canterbury Psychotherapy Studies, Canterbury

    PsychologyTaught degrees Cognitive Psychology/Neuropsychology,

    Canterbury Forensic Psychology, Canterbury Group Processes and Intergroup Relations,

    Canterbury Research Methods in Psychology, Canterbury Social and Applied Psychology, CanterburyResearch degrees Cognitive Psychology/Neuropsychology,

    Canterbury Developmental Psychology, Canterbury Forensic Psychology, Canterbury Health Psychology, Canterbury Psychology, Canterbury Social Psychology, Canterbury

    Social and Community CareTaught degrees Analysis and Intervention in Intellectual

    and Developmental Disabilities, Canterbury Autism Studies, Canterbury Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities,

    CanterburyResearch degrees Applied Psychology of Learning Disability,

    Canterbury Clinical Psychology, Canterbury Community Care, Canterbury Learning Disability, Canterbury Mental Health (Social and Community Care),


    Postgraduate degrees (cont)

  • Social and Public Policy and SociologyTaught degrees Health Services Research, Canterbury International Social Policy, Canterbury International Social Policy and Organised

    Civil Society, Canterbury Methods of Social Research, Canterbury Political Sociology, Canterbury Sociology, CanterburyResearch degrees Personal Social Services, Canterbury Social Policy, Canterbury Social Work, Canterbury Sociology, Canterbury

    Sports Therapy and RehabilitationTaught degrees Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, Medway

    SciencesThe following degrees are offered withinthe Faculty of Sciences.

    Actuarial ScienceTaught degrees Actuarial Science, Canterbury Applied Actuarial Science, CanterburyResearch degrees Actuarial Science, Canterbury

    BiosciencesTaught degrees Biomedical Imaging, Canterbury

    Clinical and research degrees Biochemistry, Canterbury Cell Biology, Canterbury Doctor of Medicine, Canterbury Genetics, Canterbury Medical Image Computing, Canterbury Medicine and Health Sciences, Canterbury Microbiology, Canterbury Occupational Health, Canterbury


    ComputingTaught degrees Pre-Masters Computer Science, Canterbury Computing, CanterburyTaught degrees Computer Science, Canterbury Advanced Computer Science, Canterbury Advanced Computer Science (Computational

    Intelligence), Canterbury Advanced Programming for Multi-core Systems,

    Canterbury Advanced Software Development, Canterbury Computer Security, Canterbury Molecular Computing, Canterbury Networks and Security, Canterbury Computing and Entrepreneurship, Canterbury IT Consultancy, Canterbury Molecular Computing, Canterbury Networks and Security, CanterburyResearch degrees Computer Science, Canterbury

    ElectronicsTaught degrees Advanced Electronics, Canterbury Biometrics and Secure Systems Engineering,

    Canterbury Broadband and Mobile Communication Networks,

    Canterbury Computer Animation, Canterbury Digital Visual Effects, Canterbury Embedded Systems and Instrumentation, Canterbury Information Security and Biometrics, Canterbury Wireless Communications and Signal Processing,

    CanterburyResearch degrees Electronic Engineering, Canterbury

    Finance, Investment and RiskTaught degrees Finance, Investment and Risk, Canterbury

    MathematicsTaught degrees Mathematics and its Applications, CanterburyResearch degrees Applied Mathematics, Canterbury Pure Mathematics, Canterbury

    International Student Guide

    Medicine, Dental and Health SciencesTaught degrees Biomedical Imaging, Canterbury Clinical Supervision, Canterbury Mental Health Studies, Canterbury Primary Dental Care, Medway Psychotherapy, Canterbury Supportive and Palliative Care, Canterbury Surgical Practice, CanterburyClinical and Research degrees Doctor of Medicine, Canterbury Master of Surgery, Canterbury Medical Image Computing, Canterbury Medicine and Health Sciences, Canterbury Occupational Health, Canterbury Professional Practice, Canterbury Psychotherapy, Canterbury Psychotherapy Studies, Canterbury

    PharmacyTaught degrees General Pharmacy Practice, Medway Independent/ Supplementary Prescribing, Medway Medicines Management, Medway Pharmacotherapy and Service Development,

    MedwayResearch degrees Pharmacy, Medway

    Physical SciencesTaught degrees Forensic Science, CanterburyResearch degrees Chemistry, Canterbury Physics, Canterbury

    Science, Communication and SocietyTaught degrees Science, Communication and Society, Canterbury

    StatisticsTaught degrees Statistics, CanterburyResearch degrees Statistics, Canterbury

  • Were always happy to help. Youcan contact us by email or telephone,meet members of staff at an overseasfair, or talk to one of our overseasrepresentatives. You can also visitus in the UK; it is the perfect way tosee the campus for yourself and findout everything you need to know.

    For information on our Open Days,Visit Days and postgraduate events,see

    Visiting the UKAt Kent we offer Open Days, Visit Days,postgraduate events and individual tours.Friends and family are all welcome.

    Open DaysOur Open Days are big events that are suitable foreveryone, whatever level of study they are thinkingof. These take place at the Medway andCanterbury campuses with representatives fromthe various academic schools. This makes it agood way to browse whats on offer. There arealso guided tours so you are able to get a tasteof what the campus environment is like and lookat accommodation, sport, library and leisurefacilities.

    Canterbury campusSaturday 10 October, 2009

    Medway campusSaturday 17 October, 2009For later dates, see


    Visit DaysVisit Days are for those who have already appliedto Kent (for an undergraduate degree). They giveyou an in-depth guide to studying your subject atKent. You hear presentations from academic staffand have the chance to ask lots of questions. Youalso get lunch and a tour of the campus with oneof our current students. Visit Days take placebetween January and April, depending on yourcourse. See for moreinformation.

    Postgraduate eventsThese events are based at our Canterburycampus. You can meet academic and admissionsstaff and have the chance to find out more aboutthe courses on offer, studying at Kent and howto apply for funding. If youre hoping to study atCanterbury, you can take a look around thecampus and see the accommodation in WoolfCollege. Staff will also be available to providemore details on the facilities at Medway, Brusselsand Paris.

    The next postgraduate events are:Wednesday 2 December 2009, 5pm-7pmSaturday 6 February 2010, 11am-3pmFor later dates, see

    Individual toursYoure welcome to visit the Universityindependently. An individual tour with a memberof staff gives you the chance to see the campusand ask questions about studying at Kent. Youmay also be able to meet up with an academicin a particular subject area.

    To book your individual tour, please go to be sure of availability, bookings need to bemade in advance.

    International Student Guide

    In your own country

    Fairs and exhibitionsMembers of the International Office and theEuropean Office, along with Kent academics,often visit fairs and exhibitions overseas. Fordetails of our next visit to your country,

    Overseas representativesWe have Kent overseas representatives incountries around the world. They can give youup-to-date advice on the courses at Kent, theapplication process, your visa (if you need toapply for one) and details about living andstudying in the UK.

    To get contact details for your local representative,see

    By telephone or emailInternational Office (for non EU students)Tel: +44 1227 827994Email: [email protected]

    European Office (for EU students)Tel: +44 1227 827314Email: [email protected]

    How to find out more

    Studying in the UK

    For general information on studying in

    the UK and the British education system,

    check out the British Council website at

  • You are welcome to visit theUniversity of Kent see below foradvice on travelling from overseas.For more details and directions,see

    Canterbury campus

    By airLondon Heathrow airport is a 120-minute taxiride. London Gatwick airport is approximatelya 90-minute taxi ride.

    By Eurostar trainYou can take a fast train from Paris or Brusselsto Ashford International in about two hours. Thestation is approximately a 20-minute taxi ride fromthe Canterbury campus.

    By Channel Tunnel or ferryThe Channel Tunnel allows you to travel fromCalais to Folkestone in 35 minutes. Ferries leavefrom Zeebrugge, Ostende, Calais and Boulogneand arrive at Dover or Folkestone.

    From central London by trainLondon Victoria or Charing Cross trains toCanterbury East or Canterbury West take 90minutes. From December, a train from LondonSt Pancras to Canterbury West takes 60 minutesThe station is approximately a five-minute taxi rideor bus to campus.

    Medway campus

    By airFrom London Gatwick airport to campus is a60-minute taxi ride. From London Heathrow airportto campus is approximately a 90-minute taxi ride.

    By Eurostar trainA fast train from Paris or Brussels to Ebbsfleettakes about two hours. Ebbsfleet is approximatelya 30-minute taxi ride from campus.

    By Channel Tunnel or ferryThe Channel Tunnel allows you to travel fromCalais to Folkestone in 35 minutes. Ferries leavefrom Zeebrugge, Ostende, Calais and Boulogneand arrive at Dover or Folkestone.

    From central London by trainLondon Victoria or London Charing Cross trains toChatham take 45 minutes. From Chatham station itis roughly a 10-minute taxi ride to campus.

    London Kings Cross to Ebbsfleet takes17 minutes, plus roughly a 30-minute taxiride to campus.

    Brussels and ParisBoth campuses are based in the city centre.To arrange a visit to the Brussels campus,call +32 2 641 1721 or email [email protected]

    To arrange a visit to our Paris centre, pleasecontact the European Office (see left).

    Visiting theUniversity

    Terms and conditions: The University reserves the right tomake variations to the content and delivery of courses andother services, or to discontinue courses and other services,if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary. If theUniversity discontinues any course it will endeavour to providea suitable alternative. To register for a programme of study, allstudents must agree to abide by the University Regulations(available online at:

    Data protection: for administrative, academic and health andsafety reasons, the University needs to process informationabout its students. Full registration as a student of theUniversity is subject to your consent to process suchinformation.

    International Student Guide

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