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  • Publications International Bottled Water Association

    &ResourcesFor the Bottled Water Industry

  • A-to-Z of HACCP and GMPs

    wThis 31/2 hour video is ideal for

    CPO candidates who are not ableto attend the live seminars to preparefor the IBWA CPO final examination.Its also a great resource for currentCPOs to earn 4 IBWA CEUs, and foranyone who wishes to advancehis/her technical knowledge of theindustry. The video package containstwo VHS videocassettes and aworkbook with instruction on how touse the video, copies of the seminarslides and a quiz that current CPOscan complete to earn 4 CEUs. Afterviewing the video, CPO candidatesare encouraged to set up and partici-pate in group study sessions.

    Member: $100.00 Nonmember: $1500.00

    Audit Handbook

    wIBWAs Audit Handbook has beendeveloped for IBWA members toassist them in preparing for theannual plant inspection. Each inspec-tion item is listed with a discussion ofthe necessary considerations toensure adherence.

    Members: $25.00 Nonmember: $1500.00

    Bottled WaterReporter Magazine

    wIBWAs bimonthly magazine, theBottled Water Reporter, is the onlyU.S. periodical that covers all aspectsof the bottled water industry. Itfeatures articles on national andglobal bottled water trends, new tech-nologies, business developments andstatistical data. Regular departmentsinclude messages from the Chairmanand the President of the Association;regulatory and technical updates; acommunications column; a list ofnew IBWA members; a calendar ofevents; and classified advertising.A subscription to the Bottled WaterReporter is a must for anyoneinvolved in the industry.

    Member: No Charge Nonmember: $50.00 (Outside U.S./Canada: $100.00)

    Buyers Guide

    wIBWAs Annual Buyers Guide is themost comprehensive and up-to-date listing of bottled water suppliersanywhere. The Company Section ofthe Buyers Guide gives you fulladdresses; telephone and faxnumbers; email and Web sites; keycontacts; branches; and the productsand services available from thatcompany. Looking for a specificproduct? From adhesives to watertesting equipment, the ProductsSection of the Buyers Guide will helpyou locate an IBWA membersupplierdomestic or internationalthat has just the product or serviceyou are looking for.

    Member: $10.00 Nonmember: $25.00

    Code of Advertising Standards

    wThe Code of Advertising Standardsare informal principles of goodadvertising practice for the bottledwater industry. Specific, strong stan-dards are desired by bottled watersellers in order to reflect the industryconcerns with its social responsibili-ties. This code is intended toencourage continued high advertisingby the bottled water industry that willincreasingly be viewed as a positivecontribution to a society that is highlyconcerned with the quality and safetyof its drinking water.

    Member: No charge Nonmember: No charge

    Environmental Conservation A Community Relations Guide

    wThirty years ago, most U.S.communities gave little thought tothe quality and quantity of availablewater resources. Today, populationgrowth, demands being placed on ourwater resources, growing concernsabout water contaminants and asophisticated environmentalmovement have come together tomove water resources and waterrights onto the front pages of dailynewspapers. This handbook isdesigned to help IBWA membersprepare for water use issues in theircommunities. Includes a series of

    community relations tools that canhelp you make sure that all keysegments of the community have anaccurate understanding of how thebottled water industry relates towater use and local issues.

    Members: $15.00 Nonmember: $75.00

    HACCP Video Workshop

    wThe HACCP Video Workshop is avideo that was recorded at theSouth Atlantic Bottled WaterAssociations meeting in Wintergreen,Virginia, in June 1999. This is an idealopportunity for Certified PlantOperators (CPOs) who are not able toattend the live workshops to learnabout IBWAs HACCP initiative andallows them to earn 6 IBWA CEUs.The video is packaged with (1) aworkbook containing materials foruse during the workshop, and (2) afinal quiz that video workshop atten-dees may complete and submit toIBWA for CEU credit.

    Member: $100.00 Nonmember: $1500.00

    IBWA Membership Roster

    wIBWAs Membership Roster is aninvaluable reference guide, listingall IBWA members in four sections:Bottlers, Candidate Bottlers,Distributors and Suppliers. Within insection, companies are listed alpha-betically, with full address, phone andfax numbers and key contacts. Inaddition, a products and servicesdirectory helps you locate thesuppliers who have the specificproduct or service you are lookingfor. There is also a handy representa-tives index to help you find peoplewithin IBWA member companies.

    Members: $25.00 Nonmembers: $1500.00

  • IBWA Model Code

    wIBWAs Model Code of BottledWater Regulations is designed tobe used as a model regulation orlegislation in states or municipali-ties. Includes sections on definitions;product quality and security; GMPsand operational requirements; sourcewater monitoring; finished productmonitoring; and labeling require-ments

    Members: No charge Nonmembers: No charge

    Introduction to the BottledWater Business

    wThis guide was designated toprovide guidance and direction tothe entrepreneur exploring opportuni-ties in the bottled water industry. Italso serves as a valuablereference/education tool for currentIBWA members, or anyone interestedin learning more about the bottledwater business. The introductoryguide explains the bottled waterindustry from source water toproduction to marketing and to theconsumer. Also included are the mostcurrent federal regulations, the IBWAModel Code of Regulations, Statebottled water contacts, the AnnualBuyers Guide and a one-yearsubscription to the Bottled WaterReporter.

    Member: $75.00 Nonmember: $275.00

    Introduction to PlasticPackaging

    wIntroduction to Plastic Packagingfor the Bottled Water Industryprovides information on manufac-turing and safety issues related to thethree packaging materials mostcommonly used for the retail marketin the bottled water industry: highdensity polyethylene (HDPE), poly-ethylene terephthalate (PET), andplastic caps and closures.

    Member: $35.00 Nonmember: Not available

    Manganese Paper

    wControl of Manganese in BottledWater Production examines theimpacts of manganese on theaesthetic quality of bottled water andreviews regulatory guidelines andvarious industry approaches tocontrolling its precipitation infinished products. Manganese (Mn) isone of the many trace elements foundin groundwater at concentrationsbelow 1 mg/L. Mining activities cancause elevated Mn concentrations ingroundwater. Naturally occurringmineral springs may also haveelevated Mn concentrations. Thisdocument also discusses the geolog-ical and environmental influences ofthe occurrence of manganese innature.

    Member: $30.00 Nonmember: $50.00

    Mold Paper

    wThis publication was prepared bythe IBWA Mold and Algae TaskGroup. This paper should serve as auseful tool for bottlers to reviewconditions affecting the occurrenceof mold in bottled water productionand operations, and provide somesuggestions for how to minimize itsgrowth during and after production ofthe finished product.

    Member: $25.00 Nonmember: $50.00

    Plant TechnicalReference Manual

    wThe IBWA Technical TrainingCourse and Plant TechnicalManual have been combined into onecomprehensive Plant TechnicalReference Manual. The new manualincludes many technical and regula-tory updates from previous manuals,including IBWAs new HazardAnalysis and Critical Control Point(HACCP) program for bottledwatera first in the industry. TheAppendix has been greatly expandedto include a complete list of IBWAbottled water quality monitoringrequirements, updated FDA regula-tions, OSHA reporting forms, IBWAsBottled Water Model HACCP Plan,

    and a sample recall plan. Each of the11 chapters contains study questionsfor those who are preparing for theIBWA certified plant operator (CPO)final examination.

    Members: $60.00 Nonmember: $1500.00

    Consumer Brochures

    wEach of the following brochures issized to fit your businessenvelopes as a statement stuffer,and can be ordered in bulk quantitiesof 100 or more. Please see the PriceList for member and nonmemberprices. Fitness and Hydration discusses

    how water plays a vital role in theproper functioning of the body,how bottled water is regulated, andhealthful hints on the importanceof proper hydration during sportsactivities.

    How to Maintain Your BottledWater Cooler gives the consumersimple steps on how to make surethat a water cooler is clean andready to dispense bottled waterprovided by a bottled watercompany.

    Bottled Water Q&A brochureanswers the most commonly askedquestions about bottled water in aconsumer-friendly, easy-to-readformat. Some of the questionsinclude: What are the differenttypes of bottled water? How is itregulated?

    FREE LITERATUREw Industry Statistics

    w Bottled Water and Fluoride

    w Regulations of Bottled Water: Overview

    w State Contact List

    w PET Plastic Bottled Water Containersand DEHA

    w Bottled Water Storage Fact Sheet

    w Consultants List

    w Bottled Water D/DBP Resource Manual

    To obtain any of these free resources,simply call IBWA headquarters at 703-683-5213 or send your email request to


    CONSUMER BROCHURESFitness & Hydration Facts 100 $ 20.00 $ 40.00

    200 $ 35.00 $ 70.00500 $ 75.00 $ 150.001000 $140.00 $ 280.00

    How To Maintain Your BottledWater Cooler 100 $ 20.00 $ 40.00

    200 $ 35.00 $ 70.00500 $ 75.00 $ 150.001000 $140.00 $ 280.00

    Bottled Water Q&A 100 $ 20.00 $ 40.00200 $ 35.00 $ 7