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Transcript of Intergenerational Quiz

  • Intergenerational Work and Community Capacity Building Intergenerational Quiz
  • Outcomes Participants understand the benefits of intergenerational involvement by working, learning and volunteering together. Intergenerational practice is inclusive, building on the positive resources that the younger and older have to offer each other and those around them (Beth Johnson Foundation, 2009)
  • Why should we be Building Community Capacity through Intergenerational Practice
  • The Christie Report Recommendations
  • Single Outcome Agreement SOA 5 : Older People in East Renfrewshire are valued; their voices are heard and they are supported to enjoy full and positive lives for longer.
  • Talking Points.
  • E.R.C. Talking Points Choices. Getting involved in your community. Feeling safe. Having things to do. Having a say. Improving your confidence. Staying Well. Being treated with dignity and respect.
  • Population Trends in East Renfrewshire
  • Computer Class. Walking Group Dance Class Complimentary Therapies Reminiscence Art Group Previous Projects Tea Room CHAT-AWAY ESOL Group. Get- Together Knitting Mania Mousemates Intergenerational Arts
  • Partners. East Renfrewshire Council Community Health and Care Partnership, Community Planning Team, Community Link Worker, Schools - Uplawmoor and Carlibar Primary School, Eastwood High School, Get Together Group, Kirkton Service, Uplawmoor Church Group and Local Residents, Pulse F.M., Marys Meals, Young Persons Services Renfrewshire Council Community Link Worker, Health & Wellbeing Co-Ordinator ( Housing), Gallowhill Primary, Gallowhill Amenity Housing.
  • Aye, but whit happened !!
  • Intergenerational Quiz. I.Q.
  • Our First Photo Call.
  • Partners.
  • Cass winning the bowls
  • Hinging Oot The Washin
  • No cheating now
  • Mmmmmmm!!!
  • Having a laugh!
  • Checking the scores
  • The Winning Team.
  • Total Financial Cost to Link Worker
  • Smiles Dont Matter!!
  • Evaluation & Monitoring Outcomes Did We Meet Them? Evaluation and feedback
  • What Have We Learned?
  • Next Steps Intergenerational Quiz 2014. The formation of a user led steering group. Paisley will be the host for the event. Total of 7 Primary Schools identified Wednesday 26th November 2014 in Paisley Town Hall Press Release. One More Area Team.
  • Thank You. Alan Stevenson 2014.