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Orthodox Christian background A derivation of Christianity. Follows the bible. Orthodox church separated in 11 th century after centuries of disagreement Eastern orthodox Western orthodox 225 million orthodox Christian around the world Greece Cyprus Turkey Moldova Russia Romania

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Orthodox Christian background

• A derivation of Christianity.• Follows the bible.• Orthodox church separated in 11th century after centuries

of disagreement• Eastern orthodox• Western orthodox

• 225 million orthodox Christian around the world• Greece• Cyprus• Turkey• Moldova• Russia• Romania

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• A wedding normally takes place during the morning hours• The Bride and Groom fast prior to the ceremony.• On the wedding day, the Bride and Groom approach the

confessional and Holy Communion in order that they cleanse themselves of all sin and come pure before the marriage altar.

• Orthodox church members receive communion on the Sunday before the marriage ceremony.

• The Bride wears a veil during the wedding service and during the reception that follows.

1. The Betrothal2. The Crowning3. The Scripture Readings4. The Joining of Hands and Procession5. The Final Blessing

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• Believe in:– God the Father– Jesus Christ– Holy Spirit.

• God as Creator of heaven and earth

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• The Groomsmen, or best man, must be of Orthodox faith. • Other witnesses, ushers and Bridesmaids may be

non-Orthodox• The Orthodox church allows interfaith marriages, if the non

orthodox partner converts. • If the non orthodox partner doesn’t convert then the

ceremony cannot be held in an Orthodox church.

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Can an Orthodox Christian man marry a Muslim women?

Challenges :• Cannot be married in a Orthodox Church

–Or someone has to convert religion

• Becomes more difficult to baptize children, but possible

Consequences:• Lose of Sacramental Privileges• Remain in bad standing with Orthodox Church• Disownment from family and friends• Muslim women are banned from marrying outside their religion

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