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Interfaith Fellowship 11.11.08 Why 2009 is Connecticut’s time

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  • 1. Interfaith Fellowship11.11.08 Why 2009 is Connecticuts time

2. 6 reasons we will winin2009 3. 1 People aredesperate forchangeon health care 4. 2 The economic crisis hasntsuppressedthat feeling 5. 3 The economic crisis creates opportunityfor us 6.

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  • a plan that
    • keeps us healthy
    • expands choice
    • gets more for our money
    • gives us peace of mind

7. .really is smart really is right &it really istime 8. 5 ourcampaign 9. our Foundation 10. 6 our fundamentalorganizing principle: no red states no blue states health care is everyones issue 11. People aredesperate forchangeon health care 12. What is Joe the Plumber thinking about health care? 13. anOctober 5 9Lake Researchnational poll oflikely voters 14. After the economy, health care is the most importantissue to voters 15. 16. When askedwhat issuepeople arepersonallymost worriedabout... 17. healthcare was the top issue 18. 19. Specifically, people are worried about: Rising premiums &co-pays Losing theirhealth insurance Quality of health care 20. 21. Nearly 2/3 of votersfavor providing access to affordable, quality health care for all Americans. 22. even ifit means a major role for the federal government or a tax increase 23. Do you favor or oppose providing access to affordable, quality health care for all Americans 24. 25. 64% 26. the economic crisishasntsuppressedthat feeling. and may have evenstrengthened it 27. The economic crisis presentsopportunitiesfor us 28. When the crisis is big enough,we figure out how to deal with it 29. The debate over governments role in the economy andin protecting peoplefrom economic forcesand greed is over 30. 31. The question now ishow is the governmentinvolved andwhat does it do? 32. the people whoprofitoff the systemare also the peoplerunningthe system in both financeand health care: 33. 34. (At one public managed-care company), their medical loss ratio went from 78.5 to 79 - their stock dropped ten percent in one day. There's been a disconnect: I used to be a pluralist, free-market economy - but it is not working in health care the way it should. David Benfer,CEO and President of St Raphaels Hospital 35. These companies were created originally as non-profits around the law of large numbers and true insurance principles.Now that has changed to the law of profit and dividend. Business New Haven 10/1/07 36. Theeconomy - nationally & internationally-will be a huge and lingering issueat the federal level 37. health care canand needs tobe addressed at thestate level 38. 10.21.08 39. States are being aggressive experimenters, and those lessons learned are going to be invaluable to us in looking at national health reform. Michelle Dimarob,Manager of legislative affairs for theNational Federation of Independent BusinessinSmall Business Is Latest Focus in Health Fight,July 10, 2008,New York Times 40. Now! 41. waiting is not an option 42. 43. August 2008 Harvardjournal article 44. Half of all foreclosures are caused in part by medical problems including illness or injuries (32%),unmanageable medical bills (23%),lost work due to a medical problem (27%),or caring for sick family members (14%) 45. 46. 47. The crisis is not just about how much health care costs its about what weare or arent getting for allthat money 48. May 2008poll of U.S. Adults: Currently,three out of four adults have difficultygetting timely accessto their doctor Source: Commonwealth Fund Survey of Public Views of the U.S. Health Care System, 2008. 49.

  • 30%
  • found difficulty getting an appointment with a doctor the same or next day when sick, without going to ER


  • 41%
  • struggled to get advice from their doctor by phone during regular office hours


  • 60%
  • had trouble getting care on nights, weekends, or holidays without going to ER

52. 53. October 2008: 64%of small business owners say it is important to offer healthcare coverage to their employees. 54. Increasingly they just cant do it % of small business owners offering health benefits 55. 56. 57. 58. We need to act NOW at the front end rather than at the $700 billionback end 59. 60. 61. whos betterthan us? 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. Organizers work the lists to:

  • turn out for regional events
  • write letters to the editors
  • testify at hearings
  • organize more people
  • educate the candidates

79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. changingthepoliticalDNA ofthe state 86. our role 87.

  • build leaders
  • build our numbers
  • build accountability

88. 89. weblinks

  • Partnership to Fight Chronic Diseasehttp://
  • NYTImes graphic on bailout vs. medicare and Social Security
  • Commonwealth Fund on Public Views on U.S. Health System Organization
  • Harvard Health Matrix article on Medical debt and foreclosures
  • Towers Perrin 20 year Look at Health Care news_view&newsId =20080924005308&newsLang=en
  • American Express Small business survey