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INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL:- Intercontinental Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in UAE, it was established in 1980 by Benjamin Thompson. Its the only hotel that was opened by Sheikh Zayed ben Sultan may he rest in peace.This Hotel has been built to attend the first summit of the Gulf Cooperation council in 1981.The Hilton, Sheraton corniche hotel and the intercontinental witnessed the beginnings of the tourism industry in Abu Dhabi.

The arrival of GCC leaders in 1981:-

The first GCC meeting :-

Location:- The Intercontinental Hotel is located in the heart of the capital, its located in Al Dhafra Street, with a small distance from the center of the city, thats what make it a suitable place for business people to own vacation. This five star luxury hotel is located on the beach of Abu Dhabi and is around 5 km from the city center.

Services:- Gym Outdoor pool Sun terrace Four tennis counts club Fish markets All rooms enjoy a view of the city skyline or Arabian GulfInternet Meeting rooms and balls Free telephone cabine

Architecture :-One of the things that differentiate this Hotel is that its the only one built on a hill.The InterContinental has solid white walls that contrast with the green of the land and the blue of the sky.The faade consists of simple rows of windows arranged in a regular pattern.Architect Benjamin Thompson avoided monotony by separating the hotel into two parallel planes. In effect, the hotel looks like it has an additional dimension. The break between the two planes is used to make the presidential and royal suites more spacious.

.He used many openings

Interior design:- Benjamin Thompson understood that modern simplicity might not meet his clients expectations, and the hotels interior was decked in gold and Orientalist ornamentation.It has 387 guests room and 54 suites.Rooms are big and comfortable, carefully designed with decoration, luxury modern furnishings and marble bathrooms.

Renovations:-They did a lot of renovations but the last one was from 2006 to 2007 it was closed through out the year based on the directive of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mubarak to keep up with the present modern life.all rooms and suites were completely renewed because they were of an old design such as the Marie Antoinette and others but the outside was kept the same. This resulted in people not believing how a place so simple from the outside could be so luxurious from the inside. Before there were four restaurants (Mexican, Moroccan, buffet restaurant, and fish market) but after that they opened the Italian, Belgian, Lebanese and Brazilian restaurant.

Before Renovation

After Renovation

Before Renovation

After Renovation

Before Renovation

After Renovation

Ball Rooms:-Only the ballrooms were left untouched. The ballrooms are one of the hotels historic places: it is there that Sheikh Zayed welcomed the heads of the GCC states, and that many weddings were celebrated, too.


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