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  • 1. THE ROLE OF ICT IN EDUCATIONBy:Meenu Malhotra Marketing ManagerUneecops Technologies 1

2. What if all your teaching technologies worked together seamlessly so you could simply teach?New Vission Uneecops 2 3. This can be done withInteractive Teaching(ICT)!3 4. Importance of ICT EducationNew VissionUneecops 4 5. Benefits of Using ICT Equipments Elevate the level of student engagementin a classroom Motivatestudents and promoteenthusiasm for learning. Easy to repeat work again and again. Special facilities for studentswithdisabilities Help educators streamlinetheirpreparation and be more efficient in theirICT integration.New Vission Uneecops 5 6. Traditional Classroom v/s Smart Classroom Traditional Classroom Smart ClassroomClassroom Physical limited size Unlimited Synchronous Anytime, anywhereContent Transparencies PC Textbooks/library Multimedia Video Interactive Board Collaboration Visualizer ProjectorPersonalization One learning path Learning path and pace determined by learner6 7. Major ICT Equipments for a Smart Classroom Desktop/ InteractiveLaptopBoardWireless Visualizer Pad Digital ProjectorContents7 8. INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS8 9. What is an Interactive Board?An Interactive Whiteboard is a touch-sensitive large interactive display that worksin conjunction with a computer and aprojector where users control the computerusing a pen, finger or other device.The board is typically mounted to a wall orfloor stand.New VissionUneecops 9 10. Benefits of Interactive Board in a learning environmentAn efficient method to interact with digital content in a learning environment.Captivating enough to successfully compete with a students favorite technologies (Video games and cell phones)Lessons are more memorable because students are more occupied and aggravated.Requirements of visual, hearing-impaired and other special-needs student can be addresses easily with large size and touch sensitivity facility.A way for Educators to present subject matter in more engaging waysEnhance teacher preparation.New VissionUneecops 10 11. Learning activities with an interactive whiteboard Maneuver text and images Making notes in digital form Showing student presentations Saving notes for review Showing and writing notes over educational video clips Demonstrating in the front of the classroom without being locked behind a computer Creating digital lesson activities with images and annotating over them Using presentation tools built into the interactive whiteboard software to enhance learning materialsNew Vission Uneecops 11 12. Uneecops New Vission Interactive Board Step up to the 21st century learning environment with New Vission Interactive Whiteboard and join hundreds of students and teachers around the world who choose the New Vission interactive whiteboard to help improve learning outcomes. New Vission Interactive Whiteboard lets you deliver dynamic lessons, write notes in digital ink, and save your work - all with the simple touch of a finger. Key Features: Available in 78 and 88 sizes Glare free Surface Infrared Technology Annotate with pen or finger Onscreen Virtual keyboard Supports Video Files, recording and replay User Friendly and easy to use Easy installation and Training provided Handwriting recognitionNew Vission Uneecops 12 13. Studies say: The teacher are able to run videos on theinteractive whiteboard and enlarge the textso the vision-impaired students can seedetails they cant usually see on a computerscreen. They are finally able to see andinteract with a computer image, which isvery helpful Many of the teachers felt that theirplanning and preparation was now moreeffective than beforeNew VissionUneecops 13 14. Studies say:A teacher says - It engaged my primary students in literacy learning. I was able to interact with the class, demonstrating what was on the board by touch. I was not confined to a computer that separated me from the class. Visual display in the form of pictures, as well as use of colors and shapes to highlight text, prompted engagementThe interactive whiteboard created enthusiasm for learning on the part of the students as evidenced during individual student interviews, such as I like touching interactive whiteboard, My finger is magic. Students were engaged when they actually touched the interactive whiteboard or manipulated text on itNew VissionUneecops 14 15. Thank you!15