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  • Interactive kiosks& Digital Signage Solutions Specialists

  • At Alveni we o�er complete interactive kiosk solutions. Your customers and employees demand faster, convenient, and personalized interactions with your business and Alveni will help you accomplish this in an e�ective a�ordable way.

    Having a kiosk in the right location can provide you with an additional point of sale, an information resource, or an extension of your HR department. The best part is that you can measure the e�ectiveness of the kiosk in real-time.

    Our manufacturing facility is located in Guadalajara, México, o�ering the dual advantages of proximity and cultural a�nity. As your near shore partner we ship internationally taking advantage of the zero tax commerce treaties with countries like US and Canada. With over 30,000 sq ft., we have all the necessary equipment for cutting, painting and hardware & software integrations. We can handle any size of project from 5, 10 or hundreds in record time.

    Our professional sta� support each client with engineering, industrial design and project management.

    Unlike other kiosk companies that o�er “o�-the-shelf” solutions, Alveni can produce a “rapid prototype” for use in pilot projects within a few weeks. That´s why companies like University of Texas, John Deere and The Home Depot have turned to Alveni for quick deployment for their kiosk solutions.


    • Focus in your business goals.• Rapid prototyping & manufacturing.• Custom software development.• Rapid pilot testing & deployment.


    With a growing pool of technologically talented bilingual employees and reduced delivery costs adding to an already highly attractive package, Alveni can deliver fully custom-made kiosk software solutions for di�erent applications like: product catalogs, industrial processes data input/control, loyalty programs and service payments, among others.

    Our sta� helps your company in all the stages of software development, from the initial planning and de�nition, graphic design and programming to quality assurance, testing and �nal deployment.

    Companies like The Home Depot Mexico and Owens Corning have chosen Alveni for its �exibility to plan, design and develop custom projects that can communicate with their internal ERP systems.


    • Metrics de�nition & reporting.• Remote monitoring.• Ongoing support.• Scalable model from one to hundreds of kiosks.

  • Many kiosk projects fail because they begin without a clear goal and speci�c metrics to measure success. As part of our methodology, we make it a priority to establish speci�c milestones form the beginning and measure the results throughout the lifespan of the project.

    By focusing on speci�c goals and analyzing the results achieved in each stage of the project, we can help you rede�ne the strategy, create the necessary changes both in hardware and software, and at the end, create a more successful project.

    Measuring Performance

    We take special consideration in the construction and integration of each kiosk. This means that our clients can have peace of mind, knowing that we only use high quality components and materials so the kiosks can handle rough environments and will be serving them for a long time without worrying about constant failures.

    Kiosks built to last

    A kiosk project is a living initiative. We like to think that it needs constant attention, otherwise, the initial investment will be lost or misused.

    Ongoing support

    Focus on you business goalsA kiosk project is always addressed as a “business project” by Alveni. We need to involve all the di�erent areas like strategic planning, marketing, sales and systems to align the goals with the organizations.

    The kiosk initiative should properly align with the company and serve speci�c milestones and goals to be achieved.


    Keeping an eye on hundreds of kiosks can became a daunting task on large projects.

    Alveni has partnered with leading Remote Monitoring and Content Updating solutions to assure that your kiosks and network are working as they should.

    • Optimize your tech support sta�.

    • Could based Monitoring service.

    • Receive email and SMS alerts.

    • Increase uptime of your network.

    • Remotely update content to your kiosks.

    • 24/7 monitoring support sta�.



    Kiwilimón. Digital Signage Screens. Casa México. Registry Kiosks.

    Sapi. Kiosk for Meat Packing Facilities. University of Texas in Austin. Building Directory.

    DEACEROKiosk solution for receipt delivery at metal processing facilities.Deacero, a leading steel company with operations in over 20 countries, has established its competitive position by investing in technological improvements to its business.

    With 15 facilities in Mexico, they receive more than 2,000 trucks per day to deliver scrap metal. Each truck has to be weighed upon arrival and departure from the facility in order to determine the amount of metal delivered. Scale operators deliver a printed receipt to each truck driver when leaving, which serves as a delivery con�rmation and sales receipt for the supplier. This process takes 8 to 10 minutes. This delay causes long lines of trucks which spill out onto nearby roads.

    SolutionAlveni created a complete kiosk solution that communicates directly with Deacero’s ERP system and automates the delivery of the payment receipts to each driver who delivers scrap metal in Deacero's facilities. With the kiosk solution, the process takes only 2 to 3 minutes per truck, allowing each facility to double their capacity to over 250 trucks per day. It also cuts processing time by more than 70%.

    Results• Processing time to print receipts reduced more than 70%, from 4-5 minutes to seconds.• Each facility doubled their capacity to over 250 trucks per day.• Truck wait time in line reduced more than 50%.

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