Integrations, UI Enhancements and Cloud – See What’s New with IBM UrbanCode Deploy

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Transcript of Integrations, UI Enhancements and Cloud – See What’s New with IBM UrbanCode Deploy

  • 1IBM _

    Chapter Opening

    September 16, 2015Presentation Title

    What's New:

    IBM UrbanCode Deploy 6.2.2 &

    IBM Cloud UrbanCode Deploy v1.0

    October 13, 2016

  • 2Page 2016 IBM Corporation


    Laurel Dickson-Bull - Offering Manager, UrbanCode Deploy

    Steve Boone - Technical Offering Manager, UrbanCode Deploy

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    In This Presentation

    September 16, 2015Presentation Title

    New in UrbanCode Deploy v6.2.2:

    Integration with VMware VRealize Automation

    Improved usability of the Process Editor

    Better middleware deployments and configuration management

    Numerous new integrations

    New Jenkins Pipeline plugin

    API management plugin

    IBM ODM source plugins

    Artifactory plugin updates

    New Development Community for Plugins

    IBM Cloud UrbanCode Deploy v1.0:

    New release

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    What is UrbanCode Deploy?

    September 16, 2015Presentation Title

  • 5IBM _

  • 6Page 2016 IBM Corporation

    Integration with VMware VRealize

  • 7Page 2016 IBM Corporation

    VMware vRealize Automation and UrbanCode Deploy

  • 8Page 2016 IBM Corporation

    VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) and UrbanCode Deploy

    UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer integration with vRA Design Heat blueprints that comprise:

    vCenter infrastructure (vSphere machines, network profiles) vRA software components UCD software components

    Heat blueprints are converted into vRA blueprints Published to vRA catalog Deployment requested via Heat extensions vRA-managed vCenter infrastructure provisioning UCD-managed application deployment

  • 9Page 2016 IBM Corporation

    VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) and UrbanCode Deploy

    UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer integration with vRA (cont.)

    Windows and Linux support

    Portability with other cloud providers via heat extensions Provision same blueprint on vRA, SoftLayer, OpenStack,

    First class python API for vRA

    Numerous UCD blueprint designer UI optimizations around vRA design

  • 10Page 2016 IBM Corporation

    UCD Process Editor

  • 11Page 2016 IBM Corporation

    Short demo .

  • 12Page 2016 IBM Corporation

    New in the UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer

  • 13Page 2016 IBM Corporation

    Application Process and Snapshot Support

  • 2013 IBM Corporation

    Accelerating Product and Service Innovation

    Transitions of a Snapshot


    Snapshots Transitions of Components

    Dev ProdQA

    ? ?

    Snapshot Snapshot

    QA Dev Prod

  • 15Page 2016 IBM Corporation

    Application Process and Snapshot Support


    Provide optional ability in UCD Blueprint Designer to execute an application process UCD Blueprint Designer builds resource tree in UCD with component structure Application process executed instead of individual component processes

    Provide optional ability to execute against an application snapshot When executing an application process, inventory data (versions, processes, etc.) are derived from the

    snapshot, and not the blueprint

    Blueprint Designer UI enhancements Select application process and/or snapshot at design time Live feedback to verify blueprint contains the correct components for the specified application process


    You can now fully provision their environment with UCD blueprint via an application process Snapshot information can be captured and leveraged in subsequent provisioning of the same


  • 16Page 2016 IBM Corporation

    Middleware deployments and configuration management

  • 17Page 2016 IBM Corporation

    IIS Configure Plugin (Beta)


    Visually manage and deploy multiple IIS configurations

    Version control configurations using UCD component versioning

    Deploy IIS sites, applications, application pools or the entire web server to new environments

    Tokenize configurations to allow customized deployments to different environments using UrbanCode Deploy properties

    Currently in Beta:

  • 18Page 2016 IBM Corporation

    New Integrations &New development community for plugins

  • NewinUrbanCodeDeployv6.2.2:OpenDevelopmentCommunity

    For your technical client or influencer: Share anything you

    build for IBM UrbanCode products.

    Find and contribute plug-ins, templates, scripts, and best practices.

    Documentation and Resources

    Get to know other UrbanCode clients

  • New in UrbanCode Deploy v6.2.2: New and Better Plugins

    New Jenkins Pipeline

    Artifactory enhancements

    New ODM source plugin

    Updated Websphere Application Server pluginsUse the WAS Configure and Deploy plugins to quickly migrate old, out-of-support versions of traditional WAS to newer, supported versions.

    Liberty enhancementsNow manage Liberty Collectives.

    Beta IIS plugin Microsoft Internet Information Server for clients who have Microsoft in their shops.

  • 2015 IBM Corporation

    Overview: New Jenkins Plugin

    Jenkins 2.0 brings support for configuration of pipelines as code. The new UrbanCode Deploy plugin for Jenkins pipelines provides support for multiple deployments in a single flow, providing enhanced visibility into dev/test environments, and the ability to leverage snapshots and approvals (as well as HA and security) for an enterprise.

  • IBM Corporation 22

    Publish versions in the UI or as Code

  • IBM Corporation 23

    Deploy incrementally in development

  • IBM Corporation 24

    Create a snapshot upon success

  • IBM Corporation 25

    Promote what was tested together

  • IBM Corporation 26

    View progress in Jenkins pipeline stage view

  • IBM Corporation 27

    For privileged environments and manual QA cadences, approve when ready

  • 28Page 2016 IBM Corporation

    Other:MainframeMonitor key deployment metrics

  • IBM Cloud UrbanCode Deploy as a Service

    Develop BuildIBM Cloud UrbanCode


    Mobile Device




    Key Features Full application delivery automation On IBM infrastructure, managed by IBM Monthly subscription, license managed by IBM Full product support





    Softlayer, AWS, Azure


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