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Insurance helps you in many critical situations in all your journey of life. You face ups and downs in life, but its good when you have support in the tough times. Details:

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  • Insurance Policies and You Insurance is a helping hand moving besides you, in all tough ranges to attain happiness at every stage of life. Insurance relieves you with the stress of what to do next? If any sudden misfortune hits, it assures you that, whenever you are in any unfortunate condition, insurance will join hands and help you to set things in the right place after misfortune arrives as it is a reconstructed body. Various insurance companies are selling various forms of insurance like health, property, life support in crucial stages of life as ill luck can hamper anytime and anything in your life, property or health. Insurance fraud talks about the fake promises made by agents or service providers or bluffing innocent customers. It is the economic crime which includes theft by tricks. The insurance-fraud includes activities resulting in misguiding a
  • customer about the benefits, claims, or selling of useless policy to the customer, contradictory to his needs. These frauds can be faced by any policyholder; hence precautions are there to be taken in concern while buying any policy like verification of insurer etc. The authorized body, who provides a solution to all the policyholders, is the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Australia (IFBA). The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Australia (IFBA) performs tasks mentioned below: It collects information related to any incident of fraud and sharing analysis of information that facilitates insurance company including members of the ICA. It is also authorized to take action against these frauds. It informs community decision making and law enforcement investigation activity Its activity helps in reducing such incidence and impact of insurance fraud on honest policyholders. The individuals are requested to contact IFBA in case of any suspicion or any fraud. One can E-mail to:, Call on: 1300-600-444, Fax on: (02) 8076 3102 for priority assistance. If you suspect any fraud nearby; you can call and provide the information anonymously. The insurance frauds should be severely punished. Australian institute of Criminology has supported to combat the fraud
  • and provides easy communication facilities for registering complaints. It will help in creating a clean insurance industry, as insurance-policy was introduced to help individuals so that they can step out of problems, but the frauds in the insurance industry have created problems in individuals life. Some supportive companies are also working in this field with supportive measures to policy holders like true insurance providing customers, facilitative policies to face all ups and downs of life. It is denoted as a customer satisfying brand. The health, property, bill protection insurance options safeguard you from opting worthless policies. One can opt insurance, favorable to his needs, by a fare solution or suggestion maker, whom you can easily contact on the toll free number. If you want to get rid of the frauds, please contact a registered insurer, verify online or telephonically. If you read the terms and conditions and make a proper inquiry in proper channel the chances of getting bluffed lessens.