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* Instruction & Intervention Training Recap * Heather Hiatt * Jocelyn Kyte * Jennifer Saxon * Debbie Miller

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Heather Hiatt Jocelyn Kyte Jennifer Saxon Debbie Miller. Instruction & Intervention Training Recap. Phonological Awareness Continuum Skills 1 and 2 Taught in First Months of Kindergarten Skills 3, 4, and 5 Mastered by End of Kindergarten - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Instruction & Intervention Training RecapHeather HiattJocelyn KyteJennifer SaxonDebbie MillerContinuumsPhonological Awareness Continuum Skills 1 and 2 Taught in First Months of KindergartenSkills 3, 4, and 5 Mastered by End of Kindergarten Skill 5 Retaught in Beginning Months of 1st GradePhonics Continuum CVC Words, Blends, Diagraphs, Long Vowel Silent-e Mastered by end of First GradeComplex Vowels, Complex Consonants Mastered by end of Second GradeMulti-syllable Words Mastered by end of Third GradeCall it Advanced Linguistics! Activity with Cards2

Explicit Instruction vs. ActivitiesWhats the difference? Explicit instruction is when the instructor clearly outlines what the learning goals are for the student and offers clear explanations of the skills and information structures being presented. (I Do, We Do, You Do Model)

Activities are used to practice skills that have been explicitly taught. (Games, Centers, Table Activities)

Assessment Tools Need to Be Consistent K-5 to Monitor Growth Follow the Continuums Be User Friendly Quick and Informative Help Us Identify Skill NeedsAnalysis of Data & GroupingLook for Skill DeficitsStart with Lowest Deficit SkillsMost core programs spiral, but most students who struggle need skills taught sequentially. Its a process not a spiral!Focus on Explicitly Teaching One Skill at a TimeAccuracy Trumps All Group by Skills

4 Types of Reading Behavior7Tool to Teach VocabularyDue to the CORE, grades 1, 2 and 3 will be teaching prefixes and suffixes.Vocabulary Surges purpose is to teach students the power of understanding word parts.Fourth and Fifth grade have Latin roots already assigned to them. Fifth has Greek roots too.This program gives us a systematic process to help students use the roots to figure out the meaning of unknown words.

ComprehensionYou are constantly having an internal conversation in your head discussing what is the authors purpose, connections, etc.Looking for thick connections that guide/support their understanding of a text.Its an ongoing process that you keeping modeling and practicing. It needs to be explicitly taught. Needs to be grounded in the purpose and connection to the text.Cant teach in isolation. They are all connected!

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