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  • 1. USING INSTAGRAM AS A COGNITIVE TOOL By: Lorraine Tan AED382 Session 5

2. HOW DOES INSTAGRAM HELPS TO FACILITATE THE LESSON? Get students involved and engaged in the lesson Promotes interaction among the students Provides the opportunity for them to use IT for learning purposes Enhances their creativity 3. Any time! English lessons to test their creativity in writing a story Science lessons to show off the results of their experiments Art lessons to display their master creations Math lessons to show their models and graphs Or simply to share what they have learnt both inside and outside of class! WHEN CAN INSTAGRAM BE USED? 4. LORRAINES HALL LIFE STORY The Most Exciting and Memorable Part of my University Life 5. BEING PART OF THE COMMITTEE 6. HAS ALLOWED ME TO LEARN AND GROW 7. BEING PART OF A WONDERFUL BLOCK 8. HAS ALLOWED ME TO EXPERIENCE THE WARMTH OF A FAMILY, 9. THE JOY OF BEING ONE OF THEM 10. AND THE FUN OF PLAYING WITH THEM 11. BEING A MEMBER OF A LOVELY HALL 12. HAS ALLOWED ME TO GAIN NEW EXPERIENCES, 13. CELEBRATE THE JOY OF MAKING NEW FRIENDS, 14. ENJOY THE CLOSENESS OF A FAMILY, 15. STEP OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE, 16. AND INTO THE LIMELIGHT, 17. REACH OUT TO OTHERS IN NEED, 18. TOUCH THE HEART OF OTHERS, 19. MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN OTHER PEOPLES LIVES, 20. TREASURE THE FRIENDS 21. WHOM I CAN COUNT ON 22. TO PIG OUT WITH ME, 23. TO FILL MY STOMACH AT 2AM IN THE MORNING, 24. TO ENTERTAIN ME AT 3AM IN THE MORNING, 25. TO BE CHILDISH WITH ME, 26. TO DRESS UP WITH ME (SCARILY), 27. OR HILARIOUSLY, 28. AND TO BE THE MOST UNFORGETTABLE PART OF MY UNIVERSITY LIFE 29. NOW THAT IVE SHARED MY BEST MOMENTS IN UNIVERSITY, HOW ABOUT SHARING YOURS? 30. THANK YOU!