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  • 1.Using As a Reporting Tool Tips from Sonia Narang, PRIs The World

2. Portraits of interview subjects 3. From Marcos feed, a nice portrait 4. Commenting 5. Building interest in the story before it airs 6. Sharing Instagram photos on FB/Twitter 7. Comments on Facebook 8. Instagram photos can spark conversations on Twitter 9. Consistently post around a theme, such as #firstdays, the stories of immigrants in the U.S. You dont have to travel far. 10. So, what makes a good photo? Element of surprise, close-up, taking an audience where theyve never been Credit: @grantslater/KPCC Radio 11. Be creative, capture colors Credit: @allisonshelley in Lagos 12. Close-ups work well on an iPhone screen 13. Try taking a bunch of photos from a few different angles. I picked this image out of the 25-30 photos I took of this new mother with her baby. 14. Captions are important: You can be funny or descriptive, try something new. Credit: @emamd/LA Times 15. Hashtags Put these after the caption: #city #country #topic #keywords #pritheworld #blackandwhite Include @pritheworld in the captionCredit: @michaelchristopherbrown #libya #libyanrevolution 16. Get Tory to Tweet about your Instagram account on @pritheworld Or, Jeb to her very well-connected Twitter following! If Marco likes your feed, hell do a shout-out on air. The next time you log into your account, youll have 100s of new followers. 17. Note to producers: When the show brings Instagram comments on-air, it gives people more of an incentive to comment on our stuff. That also means you could have dozens of comments to respond to. And, respond you must. 18. Follow good photographers, see what they like 19. Next Steps Get your very own Instagram account. If you really dont want to join Instagram, at least visit and check out what cool photographers are doing. Ill send a list. Try searching for hashtags with favorite cities to see whats out there. One fun hashtag: #16x9fordays. Check it out! Post a photo with a caption. Try to take a close-up of something artistic or a portrait of someone you meet. You too can win the bear.