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Your Sunday SMS are words which serve as a rule to inspire business people, treasures relationship of love and friendship and to have a strong family connection. Salma KhanPresident Women For Women, Bangladesh Former Ambassador of Bangladesh to IndonesiaPaul Hamel Debora Novita Z.WSMS MOTIVATION For The Business PersonHak Cipta dilindungi undang-undang Dilarang memproduksi atau memperbanyak seluruh atau sebagian dari buku ini dalam bentuk dan cara apa pun tanpa izin tertulis dari penulis dan penerbit.@2009 Paul Hamel - Debora Novita Z.WDesA|u Is|jDes|cu or CouuteutAnang Barris BimawanI|u|s|ucSupolo SWDesA|u CovenjCoven Des|cuRihad BumalaPeuens|tjPusL|senqUM! (Imprint Penerbitan 1P 8OOkS)Anggota IkAPI1l. karah Agung q SurabayaPhone (o) 8z8 psw. 6 Iax. (o) 8z8 ooqISBN: 978-979-1490-61-0Cetakan 1, April 2009Paul Hamel Debora Novita Z.WSMS MOTIVATION For The Business PersonAll rights reserved. The production and duplication for the whole or the part of this book in any forms and any methods are prohibited without the signed approval from the author and the publisher.iii SMS Motivation For The Business PersonSunday messages from Mr. Paul surely become the reminder for us who are a workaholic and a person on the move. The themes of family care have reminded us that no matter how far and how busy we are in work we still need to have a place to go home, to take care of our family who has already been willing/sincerely to take us to our success. If there is a person who do not miss to go home there must be a problem with his/her family whether he/she realizes it or not. Even to be closed to your family is the real happiness as said in one of Mr. Pauls messages. Soon after reading the message from Paul, I often make a surprise event for my family although its just merely going to a book store and having a dinner together. And if this message realy touches me, I send it forward to our 30 managers at TEMPRINA and ADIPRIMA who joint MODIN (Motivator, Dynamizator, and Innovator) community.Ir. Misbahul HudaPresident DirectorAdiprima Suraprinta and Temprina Media GrakaivPaul Hamel & Debora Novita Z.WSunday massages dari Mr. Paul sungguh menjadi reminder bagi kami yang biasa kerja workaholic dan moving. Tema-tema tentang peduli family, meng-ingatkan pada kita bahwa sejauh dan sesibuk apapun kita bekerja harus tetap berlabuh, berteduh dan pulang ke rumah, memperhatikan pada keluarga yang telah rela/ihlas mengantarkannya menjadi orang sukses. Jika sesorang malas pulang ke rumah, pastilah ada masalah dalam familynya, entah disadari atau tidak. Bahkan closed with ur family adalah the real happiness, demikian salah satu person Mr. Paul. Segera setelah membaca SMS Paul saya sering membuat acara mendadak untuk family, meski mungkin hanya ke took buku dan dinner bersama. Bahkan jika SMS itu berkesan saya sebarkan ke 30 managers kami di Temprina dan Adiprima yang tergabung dalam komunitas Modin (motivator, dinamisator dan innovator).Ir. Misbahul BudaDirektur UtamaAdiprima Suraprinta and Temprina Media Grakav SMS Motivation For The Business PersonIts a matter of touching a highly important need in this materialistic World, where no care is deployed if it isnt paid off. By your dominical short message, a little effort you deploy, you wake up in your friends hearts their human sense. Its a reminder that, whatever success we achieve, we need a human touch that gives meaning to our life.Youre unique in this task that deserves praise and appreciation. I do deeply believe that our Universes fate depends on who much the mankind makes it green, friendly and peaceful. May The Almighty Bless you and Gives you force to keep in your great endeavor until your noble vocation be spread all over the planet. Victor Zmeter.Ambassador of LebanonJakarta, IndonesiaviPaul Hamel & Debora Novita Z.WSometimes the bell of my phone rings early Sunday morning it is a sign that I have a message. I smilePaul is up I think. we forget people to easy he said when he asked for my HP number. So I remember him at least once a week and many other days when his words make me think or reect about the easy forgotten wisdom s of the world which he reminds us of every Sunday. Thank you Paul for allowing us to take a brake and see what a wonderful world we have around us and sometimes choose to forget.Melba Pria (Ambassador Embassy of Mexico, Indonesia)I have to say that your weekly SMSs have helped me through some difcult times and I always look forward getting them each week. Thanks again for sending them and all the best with the book.Phil Quay Victoria, BC Canadavii SMS Motivation For The Business PersonIt is said that the eyes are the windows to our soul. And what we say with conviction reects the honesty of our hearts.Paul came into my world through a common friend Robert, two years ago. Not really that long if you consider eternity itself. But long enough for me to know his kind heart and soul, expressed through his loving sms messages sent every Sunday, come rain or shine.I am honored to be counted as his friend and grateful to be in the same universe as he.Jin Keat Quek (Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Consultant & Life Coach, Malaysia)viiiPaul Hamel & Debora Novita Z.WDear Paul, I receive your sms every Sunday morning. I feel good whenever read your test about life, love, family etc that you sent to me. It reminds me what I should do for lovely family. Thanks for your kind sending valuable sms. May you and your family have the most happiness in your country.Captain Wannapol GlormgeaoThai EmbassyNaval Attacheix SMS Motivation For The Business PersonWe want to thank all of our friends, family and acquaintances and of course all of our children Richie, Matthew, Andres, Callista and Michael who over the years have inspired us in so many ways that it gave us the drive to write this book. Without their support it may not have happened. For that we are deeply and grateful to all of you.We also wish to thank our friends who provided us with testimonials on how the SMS have touched their hearts in some special way. We sincerely hope with this book we are able to touch you in some way so you may experience the peace, harmony and balance in your life, family, and business.AcknowledgmentsxPaul Hamel & Debora Novita Z.WIt is our every desire that each and everyone who reads and uses this book is able to touch someone in a different and yet motivational way to be all they can be. Should you have any Short Message System (SMS) or nice photo scenery and would like for us to publish it in a future book. Please e-mail it to and should we use your message or photo, we will be happy to send you a copy of your e-book via e-mail of the next addition for FREE, so please dont forget to give your complete name, position and title, address and phone number and where the photo was taken, as we will print your name as the author of your message.We also want to thank everyone involved in the production, design and layout for making this book become a reality.May you always spend time with your most valuable asset in your life, your family.Paul Hamel and Debora ZiashariWe r all special people, with grt potential & capable of big ac-complishments. N since u r born with gifts of potential n desire, u need to discover n cultivate them. Discover ur desires n follow ur dreams.Kt adlh mnusia yg spsial dg potensi yg bsr n mpu mlakukn pncpaian yg bsr. N o/krn it anda dilhrkan dg bakat potensi n hsrat, anda prlu mnemukn n mggaliny. Temukan hsrat anda n ikutilah impian-impian anda.It is not what u say or hope, wish or intend, but only what u do that counts. Take charge of ur life today, n enjoy ur future.Bkanlah ap yg anda ktkan atw hrpkn, Inginkn atw hndaki, ttp hya ap yg anda lakuknlah yg brti. Pimpinlh hdp anda hr in n nkmati ms dpn anda.1Do not think of todays failures, but of the success that may cm tmrw. We all hv difcult tasks, but u will succeed if u dont gv up.Jgn memikirkn kega2lan-kega2lan hr in, ttpi pkirkan kbrhsilan yg akn trjd esok hr. Kt smua memiliki tgs2 yg sukar, ttpi anda akn brhsil jk anda tdk myerah.Life ends when u stop Dreaming; Hope ends when u stop Believing; Luv ends when u stop Caring; So Dream, Believe n Care, Life is re-ally Bt.Hdp akn brhnti jk saat anda brhnti Brmimpi, Hrpan akn hilang saat anda brhnti Mprcyai. Ksh hilang saat anda brhnti Mprhatikn; o/krn itu Brmimpi-lah, Prcylah n Pduli, Hdp bnr2 Indah.Rmbr there is more to life than in-creasing its speed. D faster u go, d less u can see. Slow down n enjoy d view along the way.Ingatlh ad hal2 yg lbh u/hdp drpd mningktkn kcpatanny. Smakin cpt anda prg, smakin sdkit anda dpt mlht. Prlambatlh n nikmatilh pmndangan spnjang jln anda.2Paul Hamel & Debora Novita Z.WWe win half d battle when we make up our minds to take d world as we nd it, including d thorns. Rose pedals teach us beauty. Ber-ries teach us sweetness. Thorns teach valuable lessons, too: care, respect n caution.Kt me2nangkn stngah pe2rangan saat kt memutuskn u/mnrima dunia sbgmn kt mnmuknny, trmsuk onak durinya bunga Mawar mngajarkn kt ttg keindahan, buah Berry mngajarkn pd kt kemanisan. Onak duri mnga-jarkn pljran brhrg spt prhatian, hrmat n kpedulian.Rmbr a man nvr stands as tall as when he kneels to help a person in need. The greatest r always will-ing to help those who hv the least. Become one of the greatest n help someone this week who needs help.Ingatlh se2org tdk prnh brdiri stinggi saat ia brsujud u/mnolong org yg mbtuhkn. Yg trbsr slalu mau mnolong mrk yg kekurangan. Jdilah org yg trbsr n mnolong sesama yg mbtuhkn prtlgan dlm mnggu ini.3 SMS Motivation For The Business PersonSometimes life may seem like a tunnel, endless