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Inspirational quotes collected during the Ebbf annual learning event in Barcelona 2014. We have been asking the participants "why do we need to create a just workplace?" Here our collections of inspirations...

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  • 1. Inspirational quotes

2. We asked you: Why should wecreate just workplaces? 3. Because it makes peoplehappier, allows their creativityand personality to flow, makesthem work more comfortably,makes their work better.Helena Perez 4. Because justice is thefoundation of progress.Daniel Truran 5. Because labour rights are at thecore of a more sustainableworld.Maria Prandi 6. Because the need to work andthe right to dignity are soessentially fundamental tohuman well-being and apeaceful society.Paddy Honan 7. To advance society bothmaterially and spiritually and,through that, support peoplesindividual development.Hanna Sinaie Johansson 8. Because everybody must havethe opportunity to express theirown talent.Alessandro Amelotti 9. By creating a just workplace, weengage individuals and enhancetheir creativity.Aurelie Coeffic 10. Creating a just workplace isinevitable, as it is a prerequisitefor the advancement ofmankind.Jan Mller 11. Creating a just workplace willadd value not only to youremployees, but to your companyas a whole. Motivated anddedicated staff are the key tobuilding a successful business.Mario Reyes Castro 12. When the working environmentallows people to pursue theirpassions their thrive at their jobit brings benefits to bothcompany and employee.Karolina Piotrowska 13. I believe that a just workplace isa key element for a prosperoussociety and the respect ofeveryones dignity.Franoise Le Goff 14. The practices of justice in a businesscreates order, illuminatesunderstanding, protects the preciouspowers and energies latent within eachhuman heart, and heals hearts thathave been broken.Dan Enslow 15. Because there shouldn't be anyother type of workplace!Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes 16. We asked you: Why should wecreate just workplaces? 17. A just workplace generatesmore profit and leads to morejob satisfaction.Arthur Rowshanian 18. Because creating a comfortablehabitat makes people moreproactive and makes them offerthe best of themselves.Giuseppina Cuccurullo 19. Because it is a key contributorto a positive and sound workculture.Stephanie Boujou 20. Because it makes good businesssense.George Starcher 21. We asked you: Why should wecreate just workplaces? 22. In order for business andindividuals to benefit and havehigh results and reach theultimate goal.Susan Parvin Massoudi 23. It is important to create a justworkplace as this is an essentialway to establish a sense ofequality and fairness in the workenvironment.Shanta Naimi 24. Only if we spend most of our awakehours in a just and supportiveworkplace, we will live a fulfilled liveand be encouraged to takeresponsibility and the lead to make adifference.Monique Blokzyl 25. Otherwise it is just aworkplace.Wendi Momen