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The marketing warriors of tomorrow!!!

The Spartan project


Our economy is out of control. We need a solution. We believe we have one that could change everything and put us back in the lead as a country. Situation for schools

School drop outs are at an all-time high. Lets face it kids today just dont see the incentive to go to school. We arent providing the financial opportunitys they need. Many of them end up in jail or prison because there is no other way for them to make money, except through violence and crime.

The objective is clear. Stop drop outs, save our economy. If students finish school, we thrive. If not, we fail and prisons get full. There is no future without jobs and education. This is the answer.

They put together a team of 20 highly trained highly motivated professional school fundraisers, the Spartans of the marketing world. The school picks the coach. The coach picks the two team captains Varsity and J.V. The whole school competing for employment on the team, every kid gets paid but only the top 20 students are guaranteed income and benefits.Imagine One Coach, two team captains, and 20 students all being trained to be marketing warriors.

These graphics are all creatively filtered into one another, for maximum exposure and effect,

The product they will be marketing is hundreds of 24x36 high gloss, full, theater sized school posters, Featuring team schedules and upcoming events, all in high definition 3D, with the mascot and kids almost jumping out at you.

The marketing warriors / Students will be strategically positioned outside high traffic supermarkets and grocery stores.

They will stand together in pairs of twos fully equipped with info covered stands and photo wear. Were talking the latest I-Pads and I-phones, poster development software and good old fashion paper and pen just in case, dressed in full attire, Jeans and Letter Jackets, With a newspaper headline declaring their position and cause, soliciting the community into being featured on our posters.

We even train the disabled!!!Talk about easy money for a car or college $$ $500 to the student with the best poster design each quarter. The posters we create will be free to the public. Yes FREE!, and distributed to all the kids families and school sponsors.

$50 gets your face on the poster. $20 if youre disabled or poor, along with a short inspirational phrase for the kids and an opportunity qualifying you for nonprofit tax deductible advertising and PR.All advertising is handled through our nonprofit call center. We believe everyone deserves a second chance especially if youve paid for it. Second chances for all!

Lets do the math Every kid has a minimum goal of 14 sponsors a week and work less that 15hrs Monday-Friday after school. Less than 3 hours a day. So Just less than 1 sponsor an hour in a high traffic setting at a grocery store during the week after school, unless they go solo on the weekends without us, which we will expect. But lets say they dont. 14 sponsors @ $50 each is $700. 25% goes to the student or $175 in 15 hours is $11.75 an hour reaching their minimum rate of success. We guarantee $10.00 per hour or $150 a week no matter what, just to give them a nice cushion. So $700 coming in from each student or 20 not including those that are not on the team but still sell is $14,000 each week or 56,000 a month. 20% or $11,200 each month goes to the school for bus and space, or $134,400 each year operating at minimum success rate, not including ad space sold by our foundation call center which could bring in well over a quarter million not including what the kids sell. The Coach gets 5% or $700 a week versus a minimum $500 a week guarantee salary not including benefits. And the Team captains get 5% between the two. $400 for Varsity, $300 for J.V. versus a $250 a week guaranteed salary for each of them. We keep 45% with a 10% reimbursement from the foundation call center making it 50 to 55%. We will say 50% to simplify. 50% of $56,000 is $28,000 or $336,000 a year from a single district. After taxes and publishing brings us close to about $250,000. Even if we drop it down to a safer number say $200,000. Take that from 5 Districts thats $1,000,000 in a single year. Think how many districts are in the Country, in the World? Not to mention the Tax deductions we get from our nonprofit call center. Schools will make millions. Kids will make 10s of thousand, not to mention the best job training money can buy, backed from one of our most prestigious Universities. And those that helped make it happen will make Billions. The math doesnt lie.FINANCIAL FORECAST

This feasibility study was performed by _________ University. Signed by: Jeremy S Meredith CEO date1.27.15 Typical Marginal Cost CurvePositive Externalities of Production

ClosingWe are requesting $____ to change the world and see that every kid succeeds.If we are successful we will begin to apply this method in every school across the country. The cost to perform this demonstration is $____ for wages, equipment, supplies, uniforms and marketing. We have provided the design of this project at no expense to the granting agency.Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Meredith has revealed a way to give every kid a genuine, unconditional chance for success while raising millions of dollars for schools. We wish to demonstrate this projects effectiveness by using 5 different school districts to show success in every setting.

Thank you for your Support