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Inspirational IT. Public Engagement a Global Challenge Professor Nigel Shadbolt BCS President. BCS@ nearly 50. Record membership Sound finances New products and services Increasing numbers of candidates taking our exams Leading a successful Professionalism Programme - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Inspirational IT Public Engagement a Global Challenge

    Professor Nigel ShadboltBCS President

  • BCS@ nearly 50Record membershipSound financesNew products and servicesIncreasing numbers of candidates taking our examsLeading a successful Professionalism ProgrammeRaising our Learned Society Profile

  • BCS@ nearly 50Created a dynamic Thought Leadership ProgrammeExpanding our work with business, government and academiaImproving our infrastructure - physical and digital52 Specialist Groups6 Forums55 Branches

  • And yet We face a real problemWhilst IT is a vital part of society and cultureIT cannot flourish without support of wider communityThis requires public engagementWe have not been effective here

  • We are not uniqueScience, Engineering and Technology have changed the worldScientists, engineers and technologists feel unappreciated and undervaluedIn our discipline the problem is, if anything, even worse

  • The public image isA poor oneBored at schoolA world of geeks and nerdsProfession associated with IT failuresFalling numbers at UniversityThis varies from country to country; interesting differences in emerging economies

  • Reasons advanced includeThe public doesnt careThe IT school curriculumThe mediaThe technologyUs

  • Reality checkPublic appetite for SET existsUrgent need to review IT in schoolsWe need to engage with the mediaWe are in possession of inspirational technologyThe challenge lies with us

  • What can we do?Defy expectationsUnderstand the nature of the problemConfront the challenge of our subject in schoolsFoster media engagementEvangelise computational thinkingEmbrace the breadth and variety of our discipline

  • How do we do it?Invest time, effort, energy and enthusiasmTop down and bottom upBCS has appointed a Public Engagement ManagerChange Public OpinionReach the opinion formersEngage more aggressively with mainstream mediaSelect targetsFind the issues, the debates, future possibilities that affect usWork at all levels exploit our connections and networks

  • The emerging approachUsing the 50th as a platform to engageFocus on the future externally, while celebrating the past achievementsSelect areas that can be made accessible, interesting and engaging to wide and various audiencesContextualise breakthroughs

  • Example activitiesCrisis in ComputingCelebrating the future through the pastInspirational role modelsThe power of computational thinkingThe caring digital society*

  • Crisis in ComputingSignificant downturn in students entering computing/computer science degreesGovernment does not yet fully recognise the problemMedia strategyPallab GoshEdelmanTimingWeek after I became President interview became the most viewed and emailed on the BBC OnlineAnd then you have to deal with the consequences

  • Inspirational Role ModelsRecruit those who have made a differenceLook for the next generationCultivate our own skillsWorking with other Professional Bodies and Learned Societies

  • Celebrating the Future though the PastUK has a somewhat unique tradition in this regardIllustrates both strengths and weaknessesThe Bletchley Park StoryCodes and Cyphers Heritage TrustComputer Conservation SGBombeColossusBCS support Cypher Challenge

  • Computational Thinking: A revolutionary paradigm A large part of modern STEM is all about; computational models, representations, abstractionsBut it goes wider into social sciences and humanities This is a well kept secret and we need let it out...

  • The Caring Digital SocietyIssues of societal intereste.g. Privacy - surveillance and sousveillancePutting forward the benefits and not always focusing on the disbenefitse.g. Improved citizen servicesInformed dialogue is essentiale.g. HFA and GM Crops *

  • This is not just a BCS problem ...Is it...?*