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  • 1. Inspirational Imagery and Fifty Adjectives Group One Curtis Hanson Liz Fletcher Melanie McClure

2. Mood and Atmosphere Pain Rough Bold Exaggerated Lonely Lies Reflecting Foreboding Underestimated Remorseful Devious Scornful Grieving Agonizing Definite Lifeless Appalling Distant Chilling Scolding Loathsome Awful Evil Poor Disgusting Unusual Vain Loyal Warped Distorted Empty Grotesque Dead Mystical Mysterious Wicked Courageous Damaged Strong Crazy Miserable Devastated Dark Selfish Stubborn Sensible Broken Shallow Jagged Wretched 3. Line Broken Lifeless hPp:// 4. Space Distance Loneliness Freedom 5. Color Rage Dark Energy hPp:// 6. Light Dark Empty Playful hPp:// en&tab=wi 7. Texture Rough Organic mages/human_skulls_group1.jpg 8. Form Movement Spiritual Restriction 9. Shape Jagged Rough Hard Cold Violent erack.jpg 10. Synthesis Balance Cohesiveness Agreement Togetherness 27/lovehategloves.jpg 11. Directional Movement Repeating Pulling e_apparel_20_5bj0.jpg 12. Highlighting Single out Attention Focus medium/voodoo-charles-griffith.jpg