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MANDURAH FORUM SA 1 4 | Issue 3 IN side New you inside and out LET BEAUTIFUL BROWS FRAME YOUR FACE IN 2014 You’ve Been Framed KROPZ HAIR AND BODY WORKS, THE COLOUR EXPERTS Colour Me Happy Matthew Hayden & Brumby’s signature recipe Batsman to Bruschetta New year, new you! WIN YOUR WAY TO A NEW YOU WITH $2,000 IN GIFT VOUCHERS FROM MANDURAH FORUM



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ManDuraH ForuM

Sa 14 | Issue 3

INsideNew you

inside and out

Let beautifuL bROws fRaMe yOuR face in 2014

You’ve Been Framed

kROpz haiR and bOdy wORks, the cOLOuR expeRts

Colour Me Happy

Matthew hayden & brumby’s signature recipe

Batsman to Bruschetta

New year,new you!win yOuR way tO a new yOu with $2,000 in gift vOucheRs fROM ManduRah fORuM

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way you look. A perfect eyebrow always begins with a detailed understanding of your eyebrow – its natural shape, direction of growth, hair density, length of hair, the different widths and your facial details all come into play.

Thanks to the skilled team at Zubias Beauty, once you try the ancient art of threading, you won’t need to be brow-beaten into making it a regular part of your beauty routine either. Threading is concise, fast, there are no chemicals used on the skin and it doesn’t pull on your skin like waxing can.

We took 30 seconds with Riddhi Patel, manager of Zubias Beauty MANDURAH, to demystify threading and how it can help you put your best face forward in 2014.

What is threading, and why is it so popular?

“Threading is an ancient form of hair removal. It’s both a fast and gentle process where a piece of cotton thread is twisted back and forth along the skin, removing the hair to create perfectly shaped eyebrows. Threading is very popular in India and the Middle East as it’s the safest and the best hair removal option for the face because it is natural, very gentle, suitable for any skin and hair type and it doesn’t cause any skin damage. It is also popular in western countries like America and Europe.”

How long have you practiced threading?

“I’ve been practicing threading since I was 19 years old back home in India,” says Riddhi. “I moved to Australia in 2009, joined Zubias in 2010, had threading training at Zubias by professionals and I was Employee of the Year in 2011!

Looking your best and feeling good about yourself often go hand in hand, so if you can try and pencil in some all-important time for yourself in 2014, you’re a step ahead of the rest.Whether it’s exercising, eating well or personal grooming - looking after yourself can help your sense of self and well-being. And you don’t need a dramatic overhaul either - often it’s just the transformative power of small things like a regular blow dry, a manicure – or perhaps letting an eyebrow technician tend to your brows that can change the way you look and feel.

And it’s no minor matter either – a well-groomed set of brows can transform a face by framing your eyes and changing the

30 Seconds

WITH rIDDHI PaTeL FroM zuBIaS BeauTySoon after, I applied to have my own franchise and I now proudly have my own store here in Mandurah Forum,” she said.

What does Zubias Beauty pride themselves on?

“Zubias Beauty provides extensive training and teaches an enhanced technique which was learnt from facial experts around the globe,” says Riddhi. “I am very proud to be able to provide knowledge about our techniques to the community I live in,” she said. “I like to work on the floor as much as I can to make sure our customers are 100% happy. We also offer a full-range of beauty services so our customers can get all their beauty needs done in the one place.”

Describe Zubias Beauty in 3 words: Natural, accurate and gentle.

KroPz HaIr anD BoDy WorKSWhen you find a good hairdresser, it can be the start of a relationship that will last longer than your hair colour and see hair trends come and go. It’s this stability and service that Maria Dos ramos has built her business, Kropz Hair and Body Works, on. A commitment to quality has built a loyal customer base, spanning in age from 2 to 102. Having owned the business for over 10 years, Maria has spent her whole career in hairdressing, meaning you couldn’t find a much more experienced hairdresser to tame your tresses – especially with the added complication of sun and sea in summer.

Maria and her team are highly skilled at colouring and colour correction, and her top tip this season is to not forget about sun protection for your hair.

“After spending money on getting that perfect colour, don’t forget to invest in professional products that protect from the harsh Australian summer and also extend the life of your colour,” said Maria.

SHaver SHoP Taking the time to find the best tools for the job is a small way of feeling like you’re on top of things. We also know that if you look good, you feel better about yourself, so be sure to head into the Shaver Shop soon and meet their new Store Manager, Jodie Hawkins.

With over 10 years retail expertise, Jodie and her team pride themselves on their excellent product knowledge and finding the perfect product for each customer.

And it’s not all razors and shavers – though they are the undisputed experts in that field too – Shaver Shop also carry the latest and greatest in hair products around. Jodie’s pick of the bunch is the new Vidal Sassoon Curl Secret – a new patented technology styling tool that creates perfect curls, every time.

“It’s unbelievably fast, easy and creates fabulous curl after curl. Hair goes in, curl comes out – it’s that simple, quick and easy.” said Jodie.

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Matthew Hayden & Brumby’s Signature BruschettaThere’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread, and here at Mandurah Forum, we’re lucky to be greeted with this delicious aroma coming from the Brumby’s Bakery ovens every single morning. In fact, we’re pretty sure Brumby’s is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Their bread bakers take the job seriously, bringing you only the best stuff made from quality ingredients like 100% Australian wheat. They are committed to freshness and quality, which means that Brumby’s bread is homegrown for healthy Aussie homes.

Pop in and see the bread artisans at work – you’ll love the variety and the fact that everything is baked

onsite from scratch every day. We’d start every day with a Cheddarmite scroll if we could! What’s more, you don’t have to worry about any added nasties – try the Brumby’s Preservative-free range for no additives, preservatives or colourings, just wholesome goodness. You can also eat from Brumby’s knowing it’s an important part of a healthy-balanced diet.

What’s more, cricket legend Matthew Hayden has joined the crew at Brumby’s to devise the tastiest bunch of recipes that will help you see bread go beyond the breakfast table. Jump onto to view them all, but we’ve got them to share with us their signature bruschetta recipe here for INside. A classic Italian staple, this version is made on wedges of Brumby’s ciabatta, which we think is a stroke of genius. Perfect as a light snack, a side dish or even a starter for your next dinner party, this dish will have you coming back for seconds and is perfect for long summer nights.

Recipe by Matthew hayden & bRuMby’s bakeRy

• 1 Brumby’s Original Ciabatta• 4 Roma tomatoes, diced• 1redonion,finelychopped• 1sprigbasil,finelychopped• 2garliccloves,finelychopped• Salt&Pepper• Extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar


1. Mix together the tomatoes, onion, basil, garlic, salt and pepper to taste in a bowl.

2. Cut 12 thick slices from the Brumby’s Ciabatta loaf and toast under the grill until golden brown on both sides.

3. Leave to cool slightly and then top with the tomato mixture.

4. Drizzle lightly with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

5. Serve immediately.


WIN with

The beginning of a new year brings a focus on things we want to do better: eat well, live better and look your best. Now Mandurah Forum is giving you the chance to win over $2,000 in gift vouchers from your favourite stores to do just that! Scan the QR Code

to download the Freebies Rewards App.

CoMMunITy Supporting our community is at the very heart of Mandurah Forum, and we’re proud to have supported a number of worthy groups and charities through our Swap Meets and Money Spinner events. Over the past 12 months, you’ve helped us to raise over a staggering $50,000 through our Swap Meets. This money has been raised through bay hire for stallholders and sausage sizzles, and we are proud to have worked with a number of local groups rostered to organize the events such as Rotary and Peel Thunder Football Club. For over 16 years the Swap Meet has been an important fixture on the local calendar, its popularity seeing it go from a monthly event to a weekly event in 2002. So come along to our next Swap Meet and help us to help your local community too – it’s held every Sunday of the year (except December and January) right here at Mandurah Forum.

The Money Spinners at Mandurah Forum and Halls Head Central have raised a whopping $27,000 since March 2010. Beneficiaries from the Peel Region or based here include Camp Quality, Sail into Life, K9 Rescue, Mitch Gillam Project, Ryan Marron Appeal, Riding for the Disabled and the Tauri Litchfield Appeal.

WIn your Way To a neW you!

Imagine kick-starting your 2014 and creating a ‘New You’, simply by scanning your Freebies Rewards card next time you are in centre or downloading the Freebies Rewards App via the QR code before the 12th of February.

You can enter the competition once, every day through both the Freebies Kiosk and App right up until we draw a winner on Wednesday, 12th of February, 2014.

Here’s to a new you in 2014 – good luck!

330 Pinjarra Road, Mandurah 9535 5522