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Madeira Viewbook for parents

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  • Inside MadeiraA Guide for Prospective Students and Their Parents

    MADEIRA GIRLS have something

    to say

  • Thank you for your interest in Madeira. We realize that selecting a school is a major

    decision one that will affect the rest of your life. Madeira provides girls with both

    academic challenge and an environment that fosters independence of thought and

    action. It is our goal that students emerge from their time at Madeira with confidence

    and conviction, with something to say.

    Your Madeira experience will have many dimensions. It begins with getting to know us

    and completing the application process, and continues through learning what its like to

    be a first-year student and ultimately preparing for life after Madeira. We hope this guide

    will provide you with some insight into how Madeira works and what you can expect

    throughout your experience. We also encourage you to visit for moreinformation about many aspects of the school. Whats the best way to truly understand

    the Madeira that we, and our 6,000 alumnae, know and love? Come visit! You are always

    welcome here, and we look forward to meeting you.

  • MADEIRA GIRLS have something

    to say

    Table of Contents Inside Madeira 1

    Our Mission 2

    Our Profile 2

    Arranging a VisitTiming and Process 3

    What a Day and a Week Look LikeA Snapshot 45

    What a Year Looks LikeThe Calendar 6

    Resources and Facilities 78

    Guidance and Support Offerings 9

    Athletic Options 10

    Clubs and Activities 11

    Dorm Life 12

    The Academic Program 1317

    Co-CurriculumWhy and How it Works 1819

    Life after Madeira 2021

    Applying for Admission 2223

    Tuition and Financial Aid 2427

  • Our Mission

    Our Profile

    The mission of The Madeira School was clearly envisioned by founder Lucy Madeira in 1906. She believed that

    it was both our duty and our privilege to help young women to understand their changing world and to have

    the confidence to live lives that are of their own making, their own passions, their own dreams.

    At The Madeira School, we believe that the most effective and ethical leaders for tomorrow, whether academic,

    artistic, athletic, political, social, or professional will be those possessing a clear sense of self, of community,

    and the world, as well as a strong commitment to lifelong learning and social service.

    Madeira provides a rich and varied community that appreciates the distinctive social, emotional, and academic

    needs of young women. In our commitment to the mission of Lucy Madeira, we strive to empower and encourage

    the Madeira student to explore her interests, develop her abilities, act with self-confidence and compassion,

    and assume responsibility for her actions in the global community.

    One of the countrys leading boarding and day programs for girls in ninth to twelfth grades

    Educating 300 girls from throughout the United States and abroad in an academically rigorous college

    preparatory program

    Nationally recognized Co-Curriculum Program of weekly internship opportunities

    Located on a 376-acre wooded campus 12 miles from Washington, DC; campus includes 34 buildings,

    48 classrooms

    100% of our students attend college

    Average class size: 12

    Our students take an average of 200 Advanced Placement exams a year, 70% of whom earn a score of 4 or better

    20% of Madeira girls receive financial aid

    13 sports teams; 65% of all girls play on at least one team

    33% students of color; 13% international students; 55% boarding and 45% day

    43 faculty members (34 with masters degree or higher)

    2 Inside Madeira

  • Arranging a VisitTiming and ProcessThere are many opportunities to visit Madeira. You can arrange your visit simply by calling our Admission Office

    at 703.556.8273. Your interview and tour can be scheduled on most days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday)

    that school is in session. Tours and interviews are scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Please allow two

    hours for your tour and interview. A class visit may be scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday when school is in ses-

    sion. For more details on the school calendar, including days when school would not be in session, please see the

    calendar section of the website.

    We encourage all applicants to attend an Open House program (see schedule below). Boarding applicants often

    choose to return the next day for their interview and class visit.

    The Admissions CalendarPlease use this calendar as a guide for planning your application process.

    September and October: Attend an Admissions Open House

    Schedule your campus visit and interview

    Submit your application

    Register for November, December, or January SSAT

    November: Begin to distribute the required recommendation and

    transcript release forms to your current school, and submit your application

    as soon as it is complete

    December: Check the status of your application on the Madeira website

    Follow up with your current school as needed

    January: Submit your application by January 31

    February: Submit all Financial Aid material by February 15

    March: Admissions decision letters mailed

    April: Accepted student enrollment decisions due

    Visit for more information on visiting campus and forupdated calendar information. Inside Madeira 3

  • A SnapshotIt is difficult to convey how much occurs in a day or a week at Madeira. From classes and Co-Curriculum projects

    to a range of athletic events and outings, it all makes for an intense but fulfilling schedule.

    A typical weekday begins with breakfast served in the Dining Hall between 7:00 and 7:45 a.m. Depending on

    your grade level, you may be expected to sign-in at breakfast. Classes begin at 7:50 a.m. and conclude by

    4:00 p.m. every day. But the day is hardly over here. After classes, you will practice with your team, meet with

    your piano instructor, ride your horse, take after-school PE, or confer with your teacher. Dinner begins at 6:00 p.m.

    (seniors get to come to dinner at 5:30 p.m.!), and by 6:30 you will be studying in the dorm, attending a

    student government or other student group meeting, working on the yearbook, or attending a musical

    Soiree. Boarders check-in at their dorm at 7:30 p.m., and then depending on your grade level you might

    attend Study Hall. You are back in your dorm at 10:00 p.m., and for an hour you can visit with friends until

    lights out at 11 p.m. (for ninth and tenth gradersupperclasswomen do not have lights out).

    There is no typical weekend, either! On Friday night, school busettes take boarders to the mall or a playor

    girls stay on campus for karaoke in the Student Center. Saturday morning is very quiet, as most girls like to

    sleep in or study, and Bessies brunch is served from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. In the afternoon, you will study,

    or take a trip to DC for skating on the Mall, visit a museum, or attend a sporting event at one of the areas

    other boarding schools. There is something planned every Saturday evening, and day girls often come back

    to campus for these eventsa mixer, a party at a faculty members home, a play at the Kennedy Center, or

    movies and popcorn in the dorm. On Sunday morning, and throughout the weekend, school busettes take

    girls to religious services, and then on Sunday afternoon, there is another outing to Washington or to a cultural

    event. Throughout the weekend, when girls are finished with homework, campus adults are driving busettes

    full of girls to the mall, on Target runs, and on trips to downtown McLean!

    What a Day and a Week Look Like

    4 Inside Madeira

  • Weekly HighlightsOn Mondays and Thursdays, girls attend an All School

    Meeting featuring a special speaker or general school

    announcements. Wednesdays are Co-Curriculum days,

    allowing every Madeira girl to explore the real world

    via study, internships, and community service (see

    Page 18 for more information). Athletic contests are

    usually scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Friday

    evening girls begin their weekends, which may include

    sleeping at the home of a day girl or inviting her to

    stay with you.

    How do the schedules of day students and boarders

    fit together?

    During the school week, you can hardly tell the difference

    between day and boarding girls. Day girls are visiting

    with boarders in their rooms, or both boarding and

    day girls are working in the library or visiting in the

    Student Center. In the evening, day girls often stop by

    the Dining Hall for dinner after a game, practice, or

    other activity. Once Study Hall begins, things quiet

    down considerably, and while day girls are invited to

    attend Study Hall whenever they would like (indeed,

    are required to attend if they are still on campus)

    many go home at that point.

    What do the weekends feel like at Madeira?

    Weekends really begin on Friday evening, with busettes

    of boarding and day girls taking off in many different

    directions to take advantage of the various activities

    the Washington, DC area holds. The House Adults

    plan a wide range of activities every weekend,

    including a variety of co-ed activities, athletic events,

    cultural outings, and regularly scheduled trips to

    shopping malls and movi