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2. WHAT I ALREADY KNOW? 3. Parojan is a traditional marwari function that has been going on for many generations. The function is quite elaborate, similar to that of marriage, and is performed in ones native place. It can be performed only on those auspicious days of the hindu calendar on which the hindu marriages take place. 4. Parojan is performed by a married couple after a son is born and the marriage of any of their children. Families of both the husband and wife have to be present throughout the function.Before the ceremony takes place the wife goes to her parents place and invites her side of the family for the parojan ceremony with gifts (which can be gold or silver ware or dry fruits or clothes and accessories) for them from her in-laws. This is called bhaat notna. 5. The family accepts the invitation and when they arrive one day before the ceremony. The wife receives her family wherein the wifes brother puts the odhna on her head and gives her some money as shagun. This is called bhaat bharna. The gifts brought by the wifes family for the husbands side is then given to them . 6. The other things used 7. If the couple does not have a son the parojan ceremony still has to be performed before their daughters marriage by adopting a boy from the family. There is another type of parojan which is done for the when they first get their ears and nose pierced. 8. As for my grandfathers story, he was adopted by his dads older brother since he had five or six daughters. He stayed with them forever. He wasnt adopted just for the pooja but was legally adopted before the pooja. 9. WHAT ID LIKE TO KNOW? 10. The other small functions that take place and their importance during parojan. The other traditional items used during the ceremony. The importance of parojan. How did it start? How it varies from family to family? My grandfathers complete story. More questions will arise as the above mentioned ones are answered. 11. THANK YOU