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  • 1.INFSOM-RI-1234567Grid-QCMAutomation in Quality AssuranceOGF 23 Adriano RippaQuality for Grid & Grid for Quality: sharing experiencesand perspectives of Grid and Open Source communities Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.Barcelona, 2nd June 2008

2. INFSOM-RI-1234567Summary The project Introduction to QA concepts The starting point of the study The Grid Quality Certification Model (Grid-QCM) The Grid-QCM dissemination timeline Some FAQs Grid-QCM adoption in a CMMi lev.3 organization ConclusionsGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality Assurance Open Grid 2 3. INFSOM-RI-1234567 The ETICS2 projectGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality Assurance Open Grid 3 4. INFSOM-RI-1234567ETICS2The ETICS second phaseStarted in March 2008Duration: 2 yearsFunded by the European CommissionExtended name: eInfrastructure for Testing Integration and Configuration of Software 2Purpose: Automate the way a software is built, tested and certified.It provides Fully automatic build, test and certification tools A repository for the artefacts A Grid based solution optimal performances and multiple platform and test optionsGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality AssuranceOpen Grid4 5. INFSOM-RI-1234567Introduction to QA conceptsGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality Assurance Open Grid5 6. INFSOM-RI-1234567Grid-QCM focusProduct VS ProcessQuality refers to several concepts like: Quality of the Implementation process Quality of the requirements management Quality of the service Quality of the softwareGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality Assurance Open Grid6 7. INFSOM-RI-1234567TerminologyProduct VS ProcessAccording to ISO 9126 documentation we can define: Measure: the number or category assigned to an attribute of an entity by making ameasurement (sometimes usedas synonymous of metric) Metric: The defined method to measure an attribute and the scale Measurement: The use of a metric to assign a value (which may be a number or category) from a scale to an attribute of an entity)Grid-QCMAutomation in Quality AssuranceOpen Grid 7 8. INFSOM-RI-1234567The starting pointGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality Assurance Open Grid8 9. INFSOM-RI-1234567State of the ArtWe have tons of stuff in the SoA!State of the art provides Hundreds of metrics Approaches to define users own metrics Many standards to asses the quality of processes and productsSo, whats the matter?!?Grid-QCMAutomation in Quality AssuranceOpen Grid9 10. INFSOM-RI-1234567The matterEffort and resourcesQA means initial investments andManaging QA means devote resources to itMany companies (e.g. SMEs) cannot afford the initial effort anddo not recognise the promised increase of value. Only ~70 companies in the world are CMMi lev.5 certified 50 of them are in India source: Gartner Just 25% of the companies in the world are CMMi lev.2 or above source: Kulik, Weber: Software Metrics Best Practices 2001and Software Metrics State of the Art 2000Grid-QCMAutomation in Quality Assurance Open Grid 10 11. INFSOM-RI-1234567Current standards issuesWhy studying for one more QA certification modelCurrent quality assurance standards are useful but They need lot of time to be applied. People need training Certification needs inspections to be achieved What for the short-lived consortia? They provide only theoretical guidelines which need to be adapted and implemented.What forhomogeneity and comparability of results? Its hard to systematically verify goodness of results: managing tools neededGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality AssuranceOpen Grid11 12. INFSOM-RI-1234567The Grid QualityCertification ModelGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality Assurance Open Grid 12 13. INFSOM-RI-1234567Grid-Quality Certification ModelOur proposal to help developersGrid-QCM is fully automatable in measuring and verifying activities to reduce investments and management effort not subjective, to certify the object not the process nor the organization product oriented, not process oriented easily adoptable within short-lived ProjectsGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality Assurance Open Grid 13 14. INFSOM-RI-1234567Grid-Quality Certification Modelpreliminary remarksGrid-QCM has been developed according to The feedback received from expert people and potential users ISO standards guidelines: Grid-QCM has been described according to ISO 25000, 14598 Grid-QCM has been structured according to ISO 25041 Quality attributes has been named according to ISO 9126Grid-QCMAutomation in Quality AssuranceOpen Grid 14 15. INFSOM-RI-1234567 Grid-Quality Certification Model The ETICS visionAllowsGrid-QCM Test Allows automationETICSDefines SoftwaremetricsETICS grid Runs infrastructuremeasures Grid-QCM Automation in Quality Assurance Open Grid15 16. INFSOM-RI-1234567The structureEvaluation modulesGrid-QCM is structured in Evaluation Modules (EM).The set of evaluation techniques are grouped in families. Everyfamily is an Evaluation Module5 Evaluation Modules: Static analysis Coding style Structural testing Functional testing Standards complianceGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality AssuranceOpen Grid 16 17. INFSOM-RI-1234567Evaluation Modules 1/2Static analysis Quality characteristics: Reliability maturity Maintainability analysability Maintainability changeability Maintainability testability Static analysis of classes. Statistics on measures are used as predictor of quality characteristics.Coding style Quality characteristics: Maintainability analysability Static analysis of the source code.Grid-QCMAutomation in Quality AssuranceOpen Grid17 18. INFSOM-RI-1234567Evaluation Modules 2/2Structural testing Quality characteristics: Functionality accuracy Reliability maturity Structural testing to classes identified more likely to have many errors.Functional testing Quality characteristics: Functionality accuracy Functionality interoperability Reliability maturity Portability adaptability Portability - installability Platform compliance and to functional abilities of the softwareStandards compliance Quality characteristics:Grid-QCM Functionality standards complianceAutomation in Quality Assurance Open Grid18 19. INFSOM-RI-1234567Grid-QCM: Final ScoreFinal score will consist in: A table summarizing the results with several possible views A list of passed and failed tests All the important information as: Software product Platform Quality characteristics Standard compliance Identification of evaluation report Identification of certification body (organization, contactinformation) Certification data (dates, certification number) Electronic signature of certification recordGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality Assurance Open Grid 19 20. INFSOM-RI-1234567The Grid-QCM dissemination timelineGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality AssuranceOpen Grid20 21. INFSOM-RI-1234567 Grid-QCM worldwide Since 2007 EGEE 07ESA 3rd GRID & e-1-5 Oct Collaboration Workshop 16-17 Jan 2008ECHOGRID/EUChinagrid Budapest (Hun)Frascati (IT) Conference 24-25 AprilBeijing (CHINA)OGF 21OGF 2315-19 Oct 2-6 June Seattle (USA)Barcelona (SPA) MAYDEC JAN 08 JUNEFEB 07OCT EELA 3 ConferenceNow3-5 Dec 2007Catania (IT) ETICS review OGF 20/EGEE UF Belief ConferenceQUALIPSO 15 Feb7-11 May25-28 JuneConference Geneva (CH) Manchester (UK) Rio de Janeiro (BRA)16-17 Jan 2008 Grid-QCMRome (IT) Automation in Quality Assurance Open Grid21 22. INFSOM-RI-1234567Some FAQsGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality AssuranceOpen Grid22 23. INFSOM-RI-1234567Some Questions and AnswersYes, butWhats good about Grid-QCM for my project? This model (and the capability of automation) reduces the effort in performing continuous build and test activities (e.g. coverage tests) on different SW releases.What are the costs? Using the ETICS tool people can have the model integrated in the build and test application free of chargeMy organisation is certified ISO/CMMI can I use Grid-QCM? The model is a standalone quality certification model. However it can be easily integrated in yet ISO/CMMI certified organisations.Grid-QCMAutomation in Quality Assurance Open Grid23 24. INFSOM-RI-1234567Grid-QCM in aCMMi lev.3 organisationGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality AssuranceOpen Grid24 25. INFSOM-RI-1234567Grid-QCM in a CMMi lev.3 certified companyThe Engineering experienceEngineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A is certified as follows: CMMi lev. 3 For all production divisions ISO 9001 For all the ICT sector in which the organization is involved Since 1994 ( ISO9001:2000 from December 2002) NATO AQAP 2110/160 Since December 1996 (from 1996 to 2005 there were differentrules)The whole Grid-QCM work is born from internal needs of The research area The production areaGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality Assurance Open Grid25 26. INFSOM-RI-1234567Engineering QA toolsKeeping the certificationEngineering tools to reach and maintain the CMMi lev. 3certification:Spago4Q ( measures processes, performances and bugs through theintegration with other tools Internally developed and available for free Examples of calculated metrics: Test Coverage Anomalies distribution Effort used to solve anomalies Cost of not founded anomalies Metrics about requirements Metrics about risk management Grid-QCMAutomation in Quality AssuranceOpen Grid26 27. INFSOM-RI-1234567It is not enoughWhat ETICS and Grid-QCM can do for ENGSome quality aspects are not coveredGrid-QCM + the ETICS suite Measures other quality aspects such as: Quality of the code Compliance with standards Compliance with OS Can be integrated with the Spago4Q suiteSo, Engineering is managing the activities to make Grid-QCM+ ETICS a tool to keep the CMMi lev.3 certificationGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality Assurance Open Grid27 28. INFSOM-RI-1234567ConclusionsGrid-QCMAutomation in Quality AssuranceOpen Grid28 29. INFSOM-RI-1234567ConclusionsAnd further stepsGrid-QCM is a certification model Automatable Implemented by default in the ETICS tool Ready to interact with classical standardsAdopting Grid-QCM requires little human effortDuring the ETICS 2 project Grid-QCM is going to be validated on-the-field with at first two(Dec. 08) and then four projects (Dec. 09) Grid-QCM