Influences on choices in music

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Transcript of Influences on choices in music

  • 1. Influences On Choices In Music

2. Interesting Factoid The greater theactivity in theBilateral Insula, abrain regionassociated withanxiety andpain, the morelikely you are toconform. 3. The Main Factors Fear of socialrejection Gender The Big Fivepersonality traits 4. Fear of Social Rejection Fear of social rejection: conscious or unconscious fear of not being accepted by society. 5. Fear of Social Rejection Studies haveshown that 79percent of thetime, people gowith what ispopular, ratherthan with whatthey would chooseif they dont knowwhat is or isntpopular 6. Fear of Social Rejection Would you listen to a Although this band that yourchart may friends dislike?indicate that aYes No Maybe larger percent of people dont care18% whether their6% 76% friends like or dislike their music, they probably care at least a little bit. 7. Gender Males prefer exaggerated base in music Preference in base is correlated with antisocial and borderline personalities 8. Gender Women oftenrespond to musicin a moreemotional waythan men, andusually preferpopular musicmore than males. 9. The Big Five Personality Traits Include:NeuroticismExtraversionConscientiousnessAgreeablenessOpenness 10. The Big Five Personality Traits People who areextraverted, agreeable, and neurotic likeupbeat andconventional music. Those open to newexperiences prefercomplex andrebellious music. More conscientiouspeople reactnegatively to loudand rebellious music. 11. The Big Five Personality Traits This chart showsOn a scale of one tothat the largest ten, how outgoing dopercentage ofyou consider yourself to be?people considerthemselves to be 9 On agenerally7 scale of one tooutgoing. (One 5 ten, howbeing not at 3 outgoingall, ten being a 1 do you considerdaredevil) 0 10yourse 12. In Conclusion There are manyfactors thatinfluence peopleschoices in music Even if you dontrealize it, or tryto fight it, yourmusic choices areprobablyinfluenced bythese things 13. Work Cited Baird, Abigail. le.cfm?id=in-teen-music-choices-fear-rules.16 March 2010. 4 February 2013. Wikipedia. tion. 30 January 2013. 4 February 2013. Williamson, Victoria. and-music-preference/. 22 April 2011. 4 February 2013. 14. Brought To You ByKayleen