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The industrial photography that I create demonstrates the primary attributes of the subject in a way which is attractive and memorable, and designed to ignite the senses. This is achieved by precise lighting, unique perspectives, careful composition and attention to detail. I have a passion for transforming ordinary subject matter into the extraordinary, and my distinctive style and vision sets my work apart from that of others in the field. I utilize creative perspectives to showcase the best qualities and present a unique look at industry.


  • 1. My name is Deva Mayorga-Malone, Industrial Photographer. I create uniqueand artistically appealing industrial images designed to inspire the imagination.The images serve as functional depictions of the processes, production andpeople that make a business successful and allow Arizonas business communityto promote product, facility and enterprise to its customers in a prominent andremarkable way.Please join me as I share my photographic vision in my own unique style.