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INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Vanessa Garcia PUR3622/RTV4930 02/19/16
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Transcript of Indianapolis Colts

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Indianapolis ColtsVanessa Garcia PUR3622/RTV493002/19/16

Table of Contents

Executive Summary (February 2016)Social Media Audit Social Media ObjectivesInclude photos representing the demographicsOnline Brand Persona and VoiceStrategies and ToolsTiming and Key DatesSocial Media Roles and ResponsibilitiesSocial Media PolicyCritical Response PlanMeasurement and Reporting Results

Executive SummaryThe main goal for 2016 is for us to have more fans via social media. The Indianapolis Colts is a world class organization and we want to see the fan base grow.

The team is full of potential and we would like to see more fans join us at our games and interacting with our social media accounts.

Our website will have more followers that will lead to more fans attending the football games and more fans purchasing merchandise.

Attempt to answer more questions that the fans may have about the team so that they know that we are there for them.

Attempt to do more live chats with the fans and answer them.

Social Media Audit Indianapolis Colts Website: www.Colts.comTwitter: @ColtsInstagram: @ColtsFacebook: Indianapolis Colts

Social Media Objectives

The main goal for 2016 is to make the Indianapolis Colts more present on social media. We want our social media audience to grow. One of our goals is to have more Q&As with the players to interact with the fans.

Online Brand PersonaThe Indianapolis Colts are DiverseFamily OrientedSmartOutgoingFan Friendly

Strategies and Tools

Twitter: 15 pairs of tickets given away randomly to followers who retweet something Colts related.Instagram: 15 pairs of tickets to followers who post pictures of them in Colts gear with the hashtag #COLTSPRIDEFacebook: 20 pairs of tickets to a random select followers that share a Colts related video.

Timing and Key Dates Holidays Important DatesPresidents Day - April 28th-30th NFL DraftMemorial Day - August 7th Hall of Fame Game vsFourth of July Green Bay Packers

Socila Media Roles and ResponsibilitiesSocial Media Department EmployeesSr. Director of Marketing-Stephanie Pemberton Social Media Coordinator-Amber DerrowWriter-Kevin BowenGraphic Designer-Megan MagieraDirector of Digital Media-Dan Plumiee

Social Media Policy Our company uses social media to interact with the players and the fans. We use it to share news and messages with everyone that follows the Colts as their team. It is also used to share events that will come in the year. As an employee for the Indianapolis Colts, I would like to share some of the rules and guidelines that need to be followed by using social media:Respect everyoneBe polite with everyone Help the fans that need help (whether with a question or purchase)Ignore Negative Comments

Critical Response PlanAn inappropriate tweet, picture or message sent from any @Colts social media accountAmber Derrow sends a memo to everyone in the social media department stating that they should contact the person that made the inappropriate post from the team to see if they can come to an agreement and fix the problem. Then Amber Derrow calls the press to make the apology happen.

Measurement and Reporting Results Twitter, Facebook posts and Instagram have made a big movement by including the hashtag #COLTSPRIDE. This has made the teams social media accounts gain many new followers to come and join the Colts nation. We expect to have gained at least 1,000 new followers by July 2016.