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  • Presentation TitleYour company informationTop 4 shades of Indian Quartzite for Interior & Exterior Space

  • Quartzite is rapidly gaining immense popularity owing to its excellent appearance that pushes its reputation in a similar bracket as that of marble and sandstone. It is a tough material and can be effectively used in interior & exterior spaces. It is an enticing proposition to use in a domestic living space or a commercial area. It does not crack easily and offers exceptional grip. Owing to the availability of sturdy engineering processes, Indian quartzite can be used with a variety of minerals to achieve amazing textures and colour schemes.

    We tell you 4 shades that you must buy if you are toying with the idea of involving Indian quartzite in your domestic unit.

  • Scarlet red:-

    Scarlet red look like a shade of fresh cherries splashed onto the floor. This is a vibrant shade and has a tinge of blood and copper elements in it. They give an excellent shine to the overall design, especially when you are looking out for a graphical element in your living area. When used with granite on kitchen countertops, Indian quartzite available in scarlet red shade looks superb. It can be used in paver blocks as well as the commercial footing areas. Owing to their bright surface appearance, it might need polishing and maintenance regime in every 24 months to retain the texture gloss.

  • Auburn Yellow:-

    Auburn yellow is one of the most exotic shades available in the range on Indian quartzite. It is mostly used in the commercial floorings as they hardly get dirty and have a long lasting shine. It is also used as a marking indication in the passage ways. Owing to its bright appearance, it is used where the light requirement is minimal. Excellent for installation in restaurants and rest rooms, Indian quartzite in auburn yellow is mined from Rajasthan and exported to all part of the world.

  • Copper Multi Quartzite:-

    The shade of copper multi-quartzite is the most abundantly found shade of the stone in this range. It is an amazing play of colour and pattern that looks like a snake skin when spread across the floor. It can be smartly blended with the regular tiles and flooring options. It is one of the hardest variant from the segment of Indian quartzite. It is almost resistant to water and is stain-proof. It is popularly used in the commercial buildings in the reception and the lounge alleys. Chemically, it is inert and is made up of almost ninety per cent of crushed quartzite, pressurized in the earths crust under intense conditions.

  • Golden Quartzite:-

    If you are looking for the ornamental designer flooring, choose to go with the golden quartzite. It is used in the aquariums and designer showrooms that buzz with crowd and probable clients. These varieties belonging to the Indian quartzite have the ability to reflect light and hence shine like a jewel. It retains the shine for fairly long time and needs hardly any maintenance unlike the rest of the flooring options.

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