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  • Limestone Countertops are Friendlier than you think

  • While choosing countertops for living room, kitchen area, bay area, pool barbecue tables and even modular bathrooms, some designers refrain from using Indian limestone slabs, and in return earn a very bad name for the authentic natural stone. For not one good reason, Indian limestone deserves the kind of neglect it receives from top-end designers.

    If you are looking for a classy, rustic looking countertop that speaks Royalty in bold and capital, here are some top reasons why and how limestone fits in perfectly.

  • A thousand fossils to share space withOh yes! Indian limestone slabs are more alive than dead. They bear the testimony to the life that was present millions of years ago. If dead could be beautiful, Indian limestone portrays it immaculately. Indian limestone slabs for countertops feature breath-taking patterns and shades thanks to the mesmerizing fossils crystallized into the structure. The buff shade of Indian limestone slabs blend into the modern designer kitchens like a butter on h0t bread.

  • They dont stain that easilyUnless you are really hell bent on proving the tough natural stone is a piece of paper, the Indian natural limestone slabs wont stain. It takes hundreds of years of exposure to moisture, oil and other corroding elements to cause the kind of staining that you see on monuments. With some genuine precaution and routine cleaning procedure, your limestone countertop will be as good as new all through the life.

    So, you have another reason to explore natural stones and prove the designers wrong.

  • What if they get stain still!Not to worry. There are commercial bleaching products available in the market waiting to make your life easier. Even if you happen to stain the surface of the natural limestone slab countertop, you can use oxygen bleaching agents. It does not react with the rather prolific looking surface, and breaks down the stain molecule leaving no trace of its existence.

    You can use them repeatedly, but hey! Put sealant instead on the surface if you are a callous user. There is no stone built to last that kind of abuse. (Period.)

  • White is not the only optionFor the love of marble, there are whole set of buyers who wish to go nowhere beyond white. White is marble, and marble is white. But there are over hundred different varieties of limestone too. Yes, white limestone does sell like hot buns, but would not you like a shade that complements your kitchen and personality more, than it does with your peers choice.

  • Top limestone colour versions available with Indian wholesalers are:O Galala marble (not a marble, but a creamy, luscious shade in limestone family)

    O Nimbahera

    O Standard grey

    O Chalk

    O Coquina

    O Tufa stone

    O Crinoidal limestone

  • So next time a designer passes off limestone just because it was buff, get hold of the latest trend catalogue on limestone varieties and colour palette.

  • After all, a stone is great when it is fixedIndian limestone slabs are easy to cut, set and install. It does require an expert stone cutter and sealing professional to do it. From manufacturing to its transportation to setting, an Indian limestone slab will reveal its true character only when you have it atop your countertop foundation.

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