Incidences of Hair problems, Perception of People for it's treatment


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Incidences of hair problem are increasing. What do people suffer from? What are their perceptions for the treatment. How effective are hair products? What is Trichup? Vasu Healthcare. Dr. D K Mehta.


  • 1. Response summary of Hair Care Survey Total survey attended by 50 members for their family of 2-4 members. Total responses were 46 male, 48 female & 54 children were reported.

2. Study methodology

  • Close-ended multiple-option questions with permission to reply to one or more answers
  • Questioner was floated in soft copy as a web-link and system generated compilation of responses was done so as to avoid statistical/human errors.
  • People were requested to rate responses for self as well as their family members

3. Total Respondent profile

  • Andhra Pradesh 3
  • Dubai 1
  • Florida 1
  • Gujarat 26
  • Kerala 2
  • Karnataka 3
  • Maharashtra 4
  • Madurai 1
  • Madhya Pradesh 1
  • NC 1
  • Orissa 1
  • Punjab 1
  • Rajasthan 1
  • Tamil Nadu 1
  • West Bengal 1
  • Others 2

4. Respondent profile

  • 80% of the male participants were in the age group of 21-50
  • 48% of the female participants were in the age group of 21 30

5. Incidences of Hair problems in population

  • 51.4% male have problems of Hair Fall, followed by 35.1% for Premature Graying and 29% have problems of Dandruff
  • 73.7% female have problem of Hair Fall, 34.2% female have problem of Dandruff and 26.3% females have problem of Split End
  • 70% children have problem of Dandruff and 33.3% have problem of Hair Fall

6. People perception about Hair problems

  • 54% people think Hair Fall affects >30% people.
  • 33% respondent thinks Dandruff affects >30% people
  • 36% respondent think Premature Graying incidences are >30%

7. Product appropriateness to indication

  • 83% respondent thinks Shampoo is right product for Dandruff and only 23% respondent think Hair Oil is the right product for Dandruff.
  • 98% respondent thinks Hair Oilis right product for Hair Fall and only 8.5% respondents thinks Shampoo is the right product for Hair Fall.
  • 40% respondent also trust Tablet & Capsule for Hair fall

8. Product appropriateness to indication

  • 15% trust Hair Pack to control Hair Fall
  • 64% respondent think Hair Oil is ideal product for Split-end followed by 23% think of Tablet & Capsules for Split-end
  • 68% respondent trust Hair Oil for premature graying and 53.7% trust for Tablet & Capsule.
  • 71% respondent trust Hair Oil for Dull & Damaged Hair

9. Product appropriateness to indication

  • For Scalp problems 42% trust Hair Oil& 40% trust Tablet & Capsule
  • 18% respondent trust Serum for Split End and 10% respondent trust for Dull & Damaged Hair
  • 54% respondent trust Tablet & Capsule for Premature Graying.40% respondent trust for Hair Fall & 40% trust for Scalp problem
  • 32% respondent trust Hair Pack for Premature Graying and 29% trust for Dull and Damaged Hair

10. Satisfaction Level

  • 42.2% respondent were only occasionally happy with their Hair Fall Therapy and mostly they were not happy
  • 45% respondents were not at all happy with their Premature Graying treatment.Nobody wasCertainly Satisfiedwith their treatment of any of their Hair Problem

11. Conditioner

  • Dove Conditioner is most popular in female children segment, whereas Sunsilk is more popular in male segment.Livon Serum is most popular in male, female, children segment following by Dove Serum in female category and children category.

12. Summary

  • Primary indication for males isHair Falland secondary isPremature Graying .For female, primary indication isHair FallandDandruffis secondary indication
  • In children Dandruff is primary problem and Hair Fall is secondary
  • Hair oil is more popular remedy as perceived by people
  • Satisfaction level is low and hence people experiment newer products