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Implement Crisis Management Best PracticesDont be another example of what not to do. Protect your organization with an effective crisis management plan.Crises are becoming more complex and more frequent, and can range from health & safety incidents to reputational damage to service interruptions. Without an effective crisis management plan, a crisis can disrupt the core activities of your business, threaten your brand, and ultimately impact your bottom line. IT has a critical role in crisis management! Leaders in a cross-industry survey suggested that data breaches, natural disasters, and power outages are the most likely and most impactful crises today. These crises directly impact IT services and require ITs direct input to assess the impact and successful resolve the crisis. Effective crisis management = higher shareholder valueShareholder values dip significantly for organizations following an ineffective crisis response. A good crisis management plan enables organizations to execute an effective crisis response and minimize the impact on shareholder value. Crisis management is too often a reactive process, and thats when costly mistakes happen. Successful crisis management requires a repeatable methodology that can protect the business against a wide range of threats.Follow Info-Techs crisis management best practices to create a plan that is more than just an insurance blanket its a strategic shield that will improve overall business resilience.