Immutable laws of marketing

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22 Immutable Laws of Marketing out of which I have described 2

Transcript of Immutable laws of marketing

  • 1. Law Of Duality &Law of Sacrifice Presented By: Abdul Ahad Siddque Azhar Hussain

2. The Law of Duality

  • In the long run, every market becomes a two horse race.
  • E.g., Coke v Pepsi, Kodak v Fuji, McDonalds and Burger King.
  • Dell v HP/Compaq,Nike and Reebok, Canon and Nikon

3. The Law of Duality

  • In basic words duality is explain as two different sides which cannot exists one without other.
  • Also both sides are always in a perfect equilibrium.
  • Never both sides will happen in the same time and its will be in contrast, will alternate.

4. The Law of Duality

  • It often takes a long time for things to settle down.
  • markets usually give people what they want, which istwo strong choices .
  • Pragmatists buy something only after they see the Early Adopters buying it.

5. The Law of Duality

  • Conservatives buy it only after the Pragmatists are buying it.
  • Laggards buy it only when the peer pressure and ridicule is so severe that they look like absurd for not buying it.
  • Even as the market gets very mature, it will continue to tolerate the presence of more than two players.

6. The Law of Duality

  • The top two will have the lion's share of the market.
  • Once a market reaches this state, it will generally not allow #1 and #2 to move around.
  • We should think at law of duality like a sister law of law of attraction

7. NATIONAL VS SHAN 8. FFBL VS ENGRO 9. AHMED VS MITCHELLS 10. Hamdard Vs Qarshi 11. The Law of Sacrifice

  • The Law of Sacrifice says that "you have to give up something in order to get something".
  • You cannot get away with anything without paying a pricethe Law will not permit you.

12. The Law of Sacrifice

  • People seem to forget that the word "focus" implies a decision about what you arenotgoing to do. With the word "sacrifice", that particular implication is much clearer.
  • There is power in focus, but to get there, we have to make tough decisions about what things we willnotdo.

13. The Law of Sacrifice

  • The Law of Sacrifice is all about saying "no" to opportunities. This skill is incredibly difficult to learn.
  • It is suspected that the only way to learn to say "no" is to experience the pain of saying "yes" too often.

14. The Law of Sacrifice

  • Whether you pay for something you buy, or give up your time to become a fabulous singer, you are paying for everything you get. Nothing escapes this Law, and it must be obeyed.
  • Law requires that in order to find the richness in life, we must give up something else.

15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Thank You For Your Patience! *The End* Conclusion