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Day Trading and Word of Mouth Marketing with iMarketsLive

Transcript of IML Compensation Plan PowerPoint Size 16x9

  • 1. Feel The Excitement? TURN YOUR DREAMS INTO REALITY

2. Christopher Terry CEO The idea of IML came from 14+ years of retailing my educational services and mentorship in partnership with other expert traders. This produced some of todays most successful and recognized Traders/Analysts worldwide. "IML is a powerful system of products which now allows virtually everyone to become a successful trader. I am living proof that there is a better way than what you are doing now to create real wealth! I feel blessed to be able to bring you these products and the opportunity to meaningfully change your life for good by The merging of two powerful industries. 3. ABOUT CHRISTOPHER TERRY 4. MORE ABOUT CHRISTOPHER TERRY 5. ARTICLE BY CHRISTOPHER TERRY 6. Ask Yourself? What if you could learn a new profession and earn while doing it? 1 What if your income stopped today; how long can you live in the lifestyle you are living now? 2 What if you could get connected to an education platform where you could work at your own pace, yet mentored by the BEST in the industry? 3 7. Earn While You Learn FOREX Signal Service Futures Signal Service Live Trading & Educational Service Daily Opening Play Video's 8. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY "To Succeed in life, you have to grow bigger than the problems you must overcome.. become a leader, become a warrior...share your dreams of success with other people and uplift others, you will then rise to greatness" 9. FOREX The foreign exchange market (FOREX, FX, or currency market) is a global decentralized market for the trading of currencies. Financial centers around the world function as anchorstrading between a wide range of different types of buyers and sellers. Traded Daily LONDON STOCKMARKET NEWYORK STOCKMARKET FOREX $7 BILLION $18 BILLION $22 BILLION $5 Trillion TOKYO STOCKMARKET 10. FOREX ( FOREIGN EXCHANGE) 11. WHAT ARE FUTURES ? CORN IN YOUR MORNING CEREAL LUMBER THAT MAKES THE CHAIR YOU ARE SITTING ON GOLD ON YOUR AND JEWATCH WELRY COTTON THAT MAKES YOUR CLOTHES BEEF AND POTATOES YOU EAT FOR LUNCH STEEL WHICH MAKES YOUR MOTOR CAR STOCK MARKET S&P 500 500 OF THE LEADING STOCKS S&P 500 CASH INDEX BASKET OF THE S&P 500 STOCKS S&P 500 FUTURES Futures trading is a form of speculating on the price of a commodity going up or down in the future FUTURES 12. S&P 500 E-Mini Futures 13. This is not Robotic Software; Link to IMLs REAL expert traders trading in REAL TIME. Step by Step Video Tutorials Buy/Sell signal to YOUR trading account within .0008 seconds, with built-in protective stops. Easy-to-Install Desk Top App; works with your choice of brokerage companies using the MT4 ( Meta Trader 4) platform and Ninja Trader platform Retain complete control, only YOU can access your account. Up to $50,000-$100,000 risk-free practice accounts TRADE SIGNAL SERVICES 14. SIGNALS 15. TRADE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WITH CHOOSE YOUR LIFESTYLE AND 16. IML...a Global market leader with over a decade of experience serving thousands of clients in over 50 countries now offers a customized trader education platform. Live Trading Educational Service - Look over the shoulders of expert traders as they explain their strategies, chart patterns, and trade setups. Our experts broadcast both an Audio & Video of the same charts they use to identify these patterns & setups. LIVE EDUCATIONAL SERVICES Live daily webinars Daily Opening Play Video's Online trading guides and informational articles 17. LIVE TRADING EDUCATIONAL ROOM 18. OPENING PLAY VIDEO OPENING PLAY VIDEOS " The Opening Play Video is produced every day and placed in your back office. It is a recap of the previous day and discusses the patterns and trends to look for during the coming days trading 19. Opening Play Video's Swing Trade Alerts IML will provide you with the pattern, zone, risk point, and potential targets. This helps those who want to trade on their own, but would like some guidance and ideas when viewing the markets. Please note, this is separate from the Signal Service. You will get a separate email with potential trades being looked out by our trade team. It is your sole decision to act or disregard any Swing Trade Alerts you receive. 20. Earn While You Learn $195 LIMITED TIME OFFER $95 Monthly Subscription of $65 (1st month included) Opening Play Video's Video Library Swing Trade Alerts Live Support 21. $595 LIMITED TIME OFFER $295 Monthly Subscription of $95 (1st month included) FOREX SIGNAL VIDEO LIBRARY OPENING PLAY VIDEOS Swing Trade Alerts 22. $995 LIMITED TIME OFFER $595 Monthly Subscription of $195 (1st month included) Futures SIGNAL VIDEO LIBRARY OPENING PLAY VIDEOS Swing Trade Alerts 23. $995 LIMITED TIME OFFER $595 Monthly Subscription of $195 (1st month included) Live Education Room VIDEO LIBRARY OPENING PLAY VIDEOS Swing Trade Alerts 24. Monthly Subscription of $245 (1st month included) Earn While You Learn $1495 LIMITED TIME OFFER $995 FOREX Signal Futures Signal Live Trading Educational Room Swing Trade Alerts 25. RETAIL PACKAGES BRONZE SILVER GOLD 26. MILITARY VETERANS DAILY OPENING PLAY VIDEO AND MORE! LIVE TRADE ROOM FOREX AND FUTURES SIGNAL SERVICE Retail price of a Gold Package is $995.00 onetime fee, with a $245.00 monthly subscription. With the Bronze Veteran Package you only pay $95.00 onetime fee and a $65.00 a month subscription for an IML Gold Package! That is a savings of $900.00 in your first month! IML will also set you up with your own Virtual Private Server (VPS), for the first 30 days and download your Signals Service Platforms, Demo Trade Accounts, and provide Swing Trade Alerts. **Please note that taking advantage of our Bronze Veteran Package, will only provide Gold Access to IML Products and Services. It will not change any commissions earnings as if the account was a Gold status. You must provide proof of military service to IML Support in order to be eligible. Without proper verification your account will remain as a Bronze member until documentation of military service is provided. ** Since iMarketsLive is helping people around the world earn their financial freedom, we wanted to show our appreciation for those who protect and protected their countries freedom. If you are in the military or are a military veteran, send in your military ID or proof of service into IML Support and have your Bronze account upgraded to Gold. 27. OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM 28. Use the Products Sell the Products Help Others Do The Same purchase a Bronze Silver Gold Package Opt in as an Affiliate Become an Independent Affiliate Be your own best customer Cost per month is $10.00, Marketing Suite included We have combined two of the most powerful industries; Trading and Network Marketing. Our products are sold through our Network of Independent Affiliates who refer customers and in doing so they have the ability to earn a commission. The products include the Live Trading Educational Service, the FOREX and Futures Trade Signal Services, and a library of Wealth Education. Cost per month is $10 per month. If you did not purchase a Bronze or Silver or Gold Package, you still can become an Affiliate for the nominal fee of $5 per month, and can receive a 2% over ride on all personal sales. Please contact [email protected] if interested in this offer. INDEPENDENT AFFILIATE 29. EARN WHILE YOU LEARN 30. Refund Policy for IML is 14 days We accept We pay with PAYMENT METHOD 31. MARKETING SYSTEM Choose from over 10 pre-built (optimized) squeeze pages. These pages are designed by top notch graphic designers and written by expert copywriters. You have the ability to choose which squeeze page to reach your target audience. Video introductions to IML. 12 Free banners to place on websites and use for your marketing efforts. Printable material Video explanation of IML products You will receive access to our Marketing Suite. Our Marketing Suite is designed to help you market iMarketsLive and includes: 32. SMS MARKETING SYSTEM Total Hands Free System for Affiliates 33. Live Personal Staff Assisting with Growth of Your Team, our Mentor Program Live Training Webinar Marketing SMS to the Field CUSTOMER AND PERSONAL SUPPORT 34. Use the products Sell the products Become an Independent Affiliate Help others do the same THE COMPENSATION PLAN 35. WHAT IS A MATRIX ? 36. The Compensation Plan 3 x 8 Matrix Matrix is filled Top to Bottom Left to Right 7% 8 Levels PV Requirements * PV = Personal Volume * PSV =Personal Sales Volume * GV = Group Volume Please note the 1st month on all 3 packages there is no PV, PV and PSV will start the 2nd month. 37. When you personally refer a retail customer, the monthly volume becomes part of your total PSV. PV, PSV, GV is part of the matrix. Please note this will start month 2. R R R AFFILIATE RETAIL CUSTOMER MATRIX BONUS 38. Complete The Success Steps and your title is EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATE. This unlocks Levels 1-2 (APPLIES ONLY IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED THE GOLD PACKAGE) Achieve $ 3,675 PSV and $65 PV your title is INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR . This unlocks Levels 1-9 Level 9 is 1% Achieve $2,940 PSV and $65 PV your title is NATIONAL DIRECTOR. This unlocks Levels 1-8 Achieve $2,205 PSV and $65 PV your title is REGIONAL DIRECTOR. This unlocks Levels 1-7 Achieve $1,470 PSV and $65 PV your title is TEAM DIRECTOR This unlocks Levels 1-6 Achieve $490 PSV and $65PV your title is MANAGER. This unlocks Levels 1-4 PV is Personal Volume PSV is Personal Sales Volume GSV is Group Sales Volume Achieve $ 7,350 PSV and $65 PV your title is PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTOR. This unlocks Levels 1- 8. Opens Levels 9-10 -11 at 1% 39. $795 LIMITED TIME OFFER $595$195 LIMITED TIME OFFER $95 $1495 LIMITED TIME OFFER $995 Weekly Sharing Bonus will activate 14 days after joining Silver FOREX cost $295.00. All packages have a monthly subscription. Earning a Sharing Bonus requires a member to