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  • 1. IMCI University of Liverpool LSTM MSc Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine Dr. Wail Bajhmoum
  • 3. Outline Background and Brief History. Definition. Objectives and Goals.
  • 4. Outline Strategy. THE CASE MANAGEMENT PROCESS. Examples.
  • 5. Background * Each year more than 10 million children in low- and middle-income countries die before they reach their fifth birthday. * Seven in ten of these deaths are due to just five conditions: * pneumonia (19%) * diarrhea (19%) * malaria (5%) * measles (7%) * malnutrition (54%)
  • 6. Background IMCI was first developed in 1992 by UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • 7. Definition * IMCI is an integrated approach to child health that focuses on the well-being of the whole child. * IMCI includes both preventive and curative elements.
  • 8. * IMCI is designed for use in outpatient clinical settings with limited diagnostic tools and medications. ie. rural areas- specifically in developing countries
  • 9. Objectives and Goals 1. Reducing mortality. 2. Reducing the incidence and seriousness of illnesses and health problems . 3. Improving growth and development during the first five years of a childs life.
  • 10. Strategy. *Improving case management skills of health-care staff. *Improving overall health systems. *Improving family and community health practices.
  • 11. THE CASE MANAGEMENT PROCESS 1 assessment 2 - classification and identification of treatment. 3 - referral, treatment or counseling of the childs caretaker. 4 - follow-up care.
  • 12. Fever With Rashes
  • 13. For A L L sick children ask the mother about the childs problem, check for general danger signs, ask about cough or difficult breathing, diarrhoea and then A S K : D O E S T H E C H IL D H A V E F E V E R ? If If NO YE S D o e s t h e c h ild h a v e f e v e r ? ( by history or feels hot or temperature 37.5 C** or above) IF YES: Decide the Malaria Risk: high or low THEN ASK: LOOK AND FEEL: For how long? Look or feel for stiff neck. If more than 7 days, has Look for runny nose. fever been present every day? Look for signs of MEASLES Has the child had measles within the last 3 months? Generalized rash and One of these: cough, runny nose, or red eyes. If the child has me as le s now or Look for mouth ulcers. w ithin the las t 3 months : Are they deep and extensive? Look for pus draining from the eye. Look for clouding of the cornea. C L A S S IF Y the childs illness using the colour-coded classification tables for fever. Then A S K about the next main symptom: ear problem, and CHECK for malnutrition and anaemia, immunization status and for other problems.
  • 14. Is it effective ?!
  • 15. The Multi-Countries Evaluation of (IMCI) includes studies of the effectiveness, cost, and impact of the IMCI strategy in Bangladesh, Brazil, Peru, Tanzania, and Uganda.
  • 16. *MCE conclude : more detailed descriptions of methodological and analytic approaches developed to address specific issues need to be provided. *The MCE will continue these and other methodological challenges in future articles
  • 17. Thank you