Illumis intelli led fixture - 10 year warranted carpark fixture

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The Illumis Intelli-LED IP65 LED fixture is the market leader in terms of light output and efficiency. Here we describe how the fixture can be used for funded car park and commercial retrofit projects to guarantee a full 10 years warranty for funded or cap-ex solutions.

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  • 1.An innovative 10 Year LED lighting solution for funded car-park & commercial retrofit projects

2. Intelli-LED Fixture Performance The standard Intelli-LED fixture emits 7,420 lumens at 70 watts yielding 106 lumens per watt. The optional Intelli-LED dimming function further reduces energy consumption only 15 watts. This can be combined with ambient light and presence detection. 40% energy savings with no sacrifice on light output! PLUS built in sensors with intelligent dimming for even greater savings * Data from Thorn UK or United States Department of Energy A high output twin T5 fluorescent fixture emits 7400 lumens at 116 watts* yielding 64 lumens per watt. A standard output twin T8 fluorescent fixture will consume significantly more (c. 134W*) for less light output. Meaning savings of at least 40-50% can be achieved with equal or better light output 3. Intelli-LED Fixture Reliability Our fixture was designed for exceptional reliability with a failure rate of less than 0.3% over 5 years. This is based on 24/7 operation at full power for five years (43,800 hours) Failure rate is less than 30 fixtures in 10,000! Our system is optimized to deliver the ideal combination of price, performance and reliability We are here! * Based on Quote #XXXX 4. Estimated Payback for full fixture Assumptions 24 hours per day (can be adjusted) 365 days per year 0.09 per kWh 46 watt power reduction Cost of electricity has consistently increased at 8.2% per year and is projected to continue at this rate. 36 energy savings per year Payback time in