IIE Midwest Region 6 Conference Lunch Keynote Presentation

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What People Think IE’s Do And a Look at What You Can Do Solutions for Supply Chain Labor Warehousing Transportation March 3, 2012
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Transcript of IIE Midwest Region 6 Conference Lunch Keynote Presentation

The Open Sky Group, LLC

What People Think IEs DoAnd a Look at What You Can DoSolutions for Supply Chain Labor Warehousing TransportationMarch 3, 2012

1What Does an IE Really Do?Lets take a look at what some people think I doMarch 3, 2012What My Friends Think I DoMarch 3, 2012

3What Other Engineers Thinks I DoMarch 3, 2012

4What My Mom Thinks I DoMarch 3, 2012

5What My Boss Thinks I DoMarch 3, 2012

6What My Daughter Thinks I DoMarch 3, 2012

7What Society Thinks I DoMarch 3, 2012

8What I Want To DoMarch 3, 2012

9What I Think I DoMarch 3, 2012

10What I Really DoMarch 3, 2012

11What does Industrial Engineering really mean?

Is there a primary role for IEs within industries?

Do IEs really have more career opportunities?So Does IE have a branding issue?March 3, 201212Okay....so whats that mean to the future graduate?Know any famous IEs? March 3, 2012Where IEs Are NowMarch 3, 2012

Timothy D. CookCEO, AppleBSIE, Auburn University 1982

Michael (Mike) T. DukeCEO, WalmartBSIE, Georgia Institute of Technology 1971The Path to a CEO roleMarch 3, 2012

From Spencer Stuart, a research firm that annually looks at the background and experience of CEOs of S&P 500 companiesThe DNA of one IEs CareerMarch 3, 2012Who We AreOpen Sky specializes in services and support for Supply Chain Execution software. We strive every day to be the best consulting partner on the planet.Founded in 2006Over 300 projects completedSteady growth averaging 20% / yearMarch 3, 2012


Open Skys experienced consultants help clients get the most from their software, people and processes through a complete cycle of services for Supply Chain Execution Systems:EngineeringImplementation & IntegrationTechnicalSupportHow We Add Value

March 3, 201218Where We Add ValueMarch 3, 2012Select Open Sky Clients

March 3, 2012

The Supply ChainMarch 3, 2012Copyright @2010 Logistics Management Lets look at just a portion of the Supply Chain where an Industrial Engineer might workMarch 3, 2012Where an IE impacts LogisticsTypical Supply Chain Projects Network Design / Inventory OptimizationFacility Design & Automation Evaluation, Selection, Design & Implementation:Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)Labor Management Systems (LMS)Transportation Management Systems (TMS)Simulation & ModelingMarch 3, 2012Supply Chain Engineering Services Our focus is on supply chain process & people

The goal is helping clients taking direct AIM at sustainable results that improve the bottom line, with a rapid return on investment

March 3, 2012Engineering Service Offerings Labor Management ImplementationDesign, Configuration, Implementation, Integration & Support for:LMS / WFM Implementations:Staffing & ForecastingSimulation & ModelingSlotting IntegrationReporting, Dashboards & AnalyticsTime & AttendancePayroll & IncentivesWorkforce & Labor ConsultingStrategic & Operational ConsultingBest Practices & MethodsSOPsWork InstructionsPreferred MethodsEngineered Labor StandardsTime StudyPre-determinedWork-sampling / StatisticalActivity-based CostingCompensation & IncentivesUnion Arbitration SupportAssessmentsSoftware/Technology Evaluation & SelectionOrganizational & Operational ReadinessSlotting & Replenishment OptimizationThrough partnerships:Network / Inv. StrategyMHE Design & InstallationStrategic & Master PlanningMarch 3, 2012What Results We Bring ClientsAgile scrum approach to engineering with a proven readiness programProject that yield:15-25% productivity increase3-10+% in safety and qualityResults that yield:Savings in as little as 3 monthsROI routinely under 12 months

March 3, 2012How We Do ItThrough a proven AIMs methodologyOur assessments will help identify the right improvements, match the solution and/or measure the future state, and support and sustain unleashing the hidden efficiency in your supply chainMarch 3, 2012

A Look at Labor ManagementMarch 3, 2012Path to Continuous ImprovementMarch 3, 2012Leadership Development / Learning ManagementProcess OptimizationTechnologyOptimizationEquipmentOptimizationLabor OptimizationOrganizational & Operational Readiness (Change Management)Organizational & Operational AssessmentCMIProgramsTypical Labor Management ProjectMarch 3, 2012ChangeTime Mgt.AwarenessBehaviorsMotivationStandardsLeadershipCoachingCareer ConsiderationsThink beyond salarySave/make your company 3 times your salaryMake the decision for today, not what-ifReplace yourself

March 3, 2012One thing is for certain, the first job you take will not be your lastA CEO position just may be in your future!

Thank you for your time!

Brian C. LindenmeyerManaging Director, Engineering [email protected] for Supply Chain Labor Warehousing TransportationMarch 3, 2012