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Igniting the Flame of Possibility

Igniting the Flame of PossibilityJackie Woodside, CPC, LICSWwww.JackieWoodside.com

What does it mean to ignite the flame of possibility? Ignite means to take action, to change form, to transform Flame means your passionPossibility means growing into your greatest potential and contribute the greatest good


What do you want to get out of this talk?

We will be addressing the gap between the potential you feel and know you have and the day-to-day lived experience youre having.

We will be looking at the way you define yourself and how that self definition determines what you create in your life and how you experience your work life.


Help Others Make a Difference You want to


Focus on how this feels3

But then theres

Focus on the feeling of this 4

How to close the gap and ignite your flame!

What do I mean by the gap? There are times when there is a tremendous gap between the life we imagine and the life we are living isnt there? There is often a gap between our lived values and the values we aspire to, that call us forward toward our highest expression of who we can be.


The me I want to be But then theres the lived experience of me Transcendence homework story Gandhi quote, Be the change you want to see in the world? I cant even be the change I want to see in my own life!







Today I want us to get deeply connected to this notion of the gap and see if we cant leave here having a whole new experience of its place, its purpose, and potential in our lives.




Changing your thinking about anything is THE MOST POWERFUL WAY to change your experience of that thing. Brene Brown research. Relationship with this gap between how you want to be and how you are actually showing up. You say things to yourself about it, and those things are not very kind! In order to close the gap and Ignite Your Flame you have to change what you are thinking about the gap itself. But you cant do that without understanding it more. You have to understand the power of your thinking. 9

You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.~ James Allen


Minding the gap leads us to expand our human potential. We are in amazing times. We are engaged as humanity in a time of conscious evolution and as each and every one of us expands our consciousness to become more awake, more aware, more loving, all of humanity changes. We are servant leaders, courageous in the face of cynicism and encouraging each other to pursue and fulfill our dreams. We are living our lives with the audacious notion that our lives matter. We recognize the richness, depth and unthinkable potential housed in our inner landscape where our potential is made manifest as we forge ahead in our human experience.



Cindy Purcell Story..

You are most effective at helping others where you yourself have already grown.



How does our culture tell us that we end up being the way that we are? I am this way because..? What if that is not true, or at least not the full truth of how we become who we are. In order to ignite the flame of possibility you have to be able to define who you are and who you are going to be for yourself and for others in the world. What if your self definition h


Age of the Earth

In the mid 1800s scientists believed that the earth was around 20-40 million years old. In the years between the mid 1800s and the mid 20th century it was proved that the earth is in fact about 4.55 BILLION years old.


Universe is Static

Up until the 1920s it was believed that the size of the universe was static and unchanging neither expanding nor contracting. With the advent of the Hubble telescope, it was found in the 1920s that the universe is in fact expanding and then in 1999 it was discovered that not only is the universe is expanding but it is doing so at an ever-accelerating rate.


Who you are is defined by. Freud

Chambers family: Of these 8, three of them had serious problems with drugs and alcohol, two of them died young; 2 stayed by the family homestead working at various jobs, 3 left the area and pursued very successful professional careers. What would the past of these people tell you about them? Born to a teenage, impoverished unwed mother. Moved around her entire childhood between mother, grandmother, father and other relativesBecame pregnant at age 14Raised in extreme poverty Beaten with a stick by various caretakersSexually abused by various family members for many yearsWho is this? Oprah WinfreyMe: Experienced the death of a parent early in lifeRaised by an alcoholic mother and step fatherPhysically and sexually abused throughout childhoodRaised in poor economic conditionsExperienced alcohol and drug abuse and other addictions in adulthoodVictim of domestic violence early in adulthoodMultiple psychiatric diagnoses throughout early to mid adulthoodTreated on psychiatric medications for several years



Conscious evolution can be defined as being aware of and taking full responsibility for ones inner world and for the wellbeing and direction of ones life and humanity.

Who you were in the past is not who you are now. You decide who you are in each and every moment. Your former self-definition will be as much of your present and future experience as you allow.



Conscious evolution leads to creating conscious workplaces that are geared toward growth, passion and excellence and IGNITE YOUR FLAME! Church board story for example 18


Explain and define energetic consciousness19

When you change your consciousness, your awareness of what is possible changes. You then make progress, which alters consciousness; awareness increases, presents possibilities and circles back to more progress. It is a virtuous circle. ~ Bill Clinton

Your life matters

Your Life Matters!Your Work Matters!

Walk in clinic doctor story. You can be that for someone else each and every day!

Stand up and high five someone and tell them that their work matters.

Then give a hand shake and tell them that yor work matters. Let yourself feel the truth of that statement as you connect with the person you are facing.

High five other saying Our Work Matters!


go light your world

You have everything you need to IGNITE THE FLAME OF POSSIBILITY and close the gap between the way your work is going and the way you want it to be. You have the tools, the know-how and most of all, you have the heart. You are the one you have been waiting for! You are a conscious leader, growing more toward your full potential every day Go Light Your World! 23

Take aS-T-R-E-T-C-H BREAK!!

What do you love about the work you do? What ignites your flame?

Describe the energy or consciousness at your work? What is it like to work there?

What is one thing you can do starting tomorrow to bring higher energy to your office, team or department?

Describe an experience where you demonstrated SURVIVAL or STRESS CONSCIOUSNESS at work.

How could you have handled it differently to elevate your consciousness to TRANSFORMATION? (*Bonus points if you go take that action today!)


What THREE ACTIONS will you take this week to ignite the flame of possibility at your workplace? Who can you acknowledge or appreciate?What new idea can you share with a client, colleague or supervisor? What new skill can you begin to learn? How can you bring more energy to work?