Igniting Planetary Unity and Cooperation

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Transcript of Igniting Planetary Unity and Cooperation

1. How to ignite planetary unity and collaboration for a conscious cultural transition? 2. The Two Evolving Realms of Transition Personal Be the Change Re-connecting with Nature Mindfulness Holistic Health Authenticity Non-violent Communication Conscious Consumerism Service Local Live the Change Permaculture Transition Towns Community-building Localisation Mutual Credit Unions Raising Awareness Conscious Activism 3. Global Co-create the Change Introducing the Third Realm of Transition! Whole-systems Cultural Re-design Based on Planetary Unity & Cooperation 4. Local Live the Change Global Co-create the Change The Three Realms are complementary Personal Be the Change 5. Global Realities... 1. Our social systems do not serve the welfare of The People or The Planet. 6. 2. There is a growing disillusionment within the general public, but few are aware of any new possibilities and choices... 7. Though the world's problems are becoming increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple. Bill Mollison (co-initiator of permaculture design) 3. We already have the alternative models and holistic solutions. 8. Whole-systems Thinking & Design 9. Connecting the dots... Globally! 10. The more beautiful world we know is possible awaits our conscious collaboration to create it... Welcome to the age of co- creation! 11. How to attract mainstream attention? How to pierce the noise of the media monopoly and the distractions of the daily rat race? 12. The budding movement of unity and cooperation for whole-systems cultural transformation... Indigenous Peoples United Nations Conference of the Movements Inspiring Transition The Full Circle Project Stop Reset Go The Freeworld Charter New World Agreement The Great Unification 13. Our Common Intention To work together, support each other's initiatives and to promote further unity and collaboration among like-minded organisations, networks and movements towards our Common Aspirations. 14. Care for The Earth Care for The People Fair Share for All Mainstreaming Solutions Awareness Localisation & Community-led Actions Catalysing and Guiding a Fundamental System Change Our Common Aspirations 15. United Earth Not an organisation, but a framework for uniting, collaborating, supporting and promoting each other's initiatives. 16. The Conference of the Movements From Paris to The World 17. A manifesto draughted by all organisations wanting to participate, wherein we will declare our shared: Vision Principles Objectives Strategies & Methodologies "United Earth Manifesto" ... to inspire and support human society - as a whole- in a conscious transition towards a life-sustaining culture. 18. An Ecologically and Socially-Sensitive Human Culture of Peace, Equality, Diversity and Abundance is being born... Feel welcome to join us in this community- led, whole-systems birthing! www.thegreatunification.org