Igniting Opportunities: Measuring and Monetizing Social Media

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Transcript of Igniting Opportunities: Measuring and Monetizing Social Media

  • 1. Igniting Opportunities:Measuring and Monetizing Social Media April 25, 2012
  • 2. Social MediaMonetization & MeasurementAdam Lavelle, Chief Strategy Officer, iCrossingApril 6, 2011
  • 3. What is a moment?moment (physics): a tendency to produce motion, esp rotation about a point or axis 3
  • 4. Which moments are worth owning? Exploring Point of Sale Use of Product Advocacy/WOM Fs irt S cn eo d T ir hdA vr in d et is M mn o et M mn o et Mmn o et g o Tuh f rt o Tuh f rt o Tuh f rt The online The 3-7 When you What you say to decision-making seconds when experience others about the moment(s) you are staring the product product at the products on the shelf Jim Lecinski,, A.G. Lafley, A.G. Lafley, Pete Blackshaw, Google P&G P&G Nestle 4
  • 5. Source: Forrester 5
  • 6. Source: Forrester 6
  • 7. 7
  • 8. Making the moments matter 8
  • 9. Buying attention alone is not sustainable W e b u h m d g e d r tee n h n o g t e ia o s ak h r is o c nestnb ten h ba da dte u ie c o vr io e e te rn n h a d n e a w At tn t nio e ie ce O e dn nb u wa la Lu c anh Ed n Lu c anh Ed n T e im 9
  • 10. Bought, earned, owned build value * T sced ere a do n dh v t b a aso o u ce , an d n we ae o e l y- n w ce ien ud bea l na Ow B uh ogt At tn t nio Ed n e B uh ogt Lu c anh Ed n B uh ogt Ed n Lu c anh E re & we an d O n d * Lu c an h T e im 10
  • 11. 11
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  • 14. 14
  • 15. 15
  • 16. CTR for social email (% of total) January 2012 Source: GetResponse 16
  • 17. Time Spent on Site by Log-in Type (Minutes) January 2012 Source: Gigya 17
  • 18. Time Spent on Site by Plug-in Interaction (Minutes, after clicking a plug-in) January 2012 Source: Gigya 18
  • 19. Human beings know they are influentials Millenials Xers Boomers Seniors I am an influential information source 73% 53% 51% 44% I regularly influence friends and family to buy or not to buy a 69% 49% 41% 27% particular product or service Using social network sites has made it easier for me to decide 61% 46% 36% 29% on what to buy Using social network sites to share my shopping and product 51% 33% 19% 9% experiences make me feel empowered Womens marketplace influence self-assessment 73% of young adult women describe themselves as influential information sources Ipsos Mendelsohn /Fleishman Hillard /Hearst, Jan 2012 19
  • 20. Purchasing inside social not so much Product Purchase Intent, via Facebook Retailer Page (% of respondents) December 2011 Source: Oracle 20
  • 21. Average revenue per order Revenue Per Order $300.0 $250.0 $200.0 $150.0 $100.0 $50.0 $0.00 All Digital Display Paid Search Natural Affiliates Comparison Email Social Media Channels Average Average Search Average Shopping Average Average Average Average Average Source: February 2012 by ClearSaleing 21
  • 22. Is this true? 22
  • 23. Thank you McKinsey, for having a chart Social media enables targeted marketing responses at individual touch points along the consumer decision journey. 1. Monitor 2. Respond 3. Amplify 4. Lead Social channels to consumers current positive changes in sentiment for trends, insights comments activity/tone