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Multitasking:Build your Start-Up while earning your Degree

How to support and recognize student-entrepreneurs in higher education. The GHENT model

Steve Stevenssteve.stevens@ugent.be @SteveStevensUGManager & Business coachStudent Entrepreneurship CentreGhent University

Student-entrepreneurship @ Ghent University

11 faculties

41K students100+ research groups230+ degrees9K staffSince 181771st ShangaiARWU rankingTraditionalUniversity

+29 student clubs+4150 foreign students+3650 PhD students12% foreign employeesKorea Campus


TraditionalCity Centre


TraditionalCulture & City live

Next to that, Ghent is a very dynamic city, with lots of cultural activities for any ages10

Ghent is changing

Its gettingNewentrepreneurialinnovative

Ghent startup contract5000 euro / new fulltime entrepreneur250 startup contractsSince December 2008


As catalyst

For change, innovation &entrepreneurship in the city

Biggest student city of Belgium72 000 students250 000 inhabitants156,18 km

Ghent is one of the most cosy cities in Belgium, close to Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp.Counts 55000 students and so is the biggest city of Belgium18

CooperationOn city level

The strength of Ghent!

Extracurricular activitieswww.studentghentrepreneur.be

MissionStimulate entrepreneurial awareness and -behavior among students and staff members

Promote and facilitate student entrepreneurship

Search, find and help student entrepreneurs in becoming more professional

Link (alumni) student entrepreneurs with each other and academics/researchers

Create an entrepreneurial ecosytem within the region of Flanders, starting in Ghent, with an open international orientation

Special status forStudent-entrepreneurs

The key to success!

Our team

Steve StevensJolien CoenraetsProf. dr. ir.Koen De Bosschere

Approach Ghent University

Become an entrepreneurThink about being an entrepreneurStart the entrepreneurial fireTechnopreneurial coursesElective coursesStatus student-entrepreneurIntensive coachingBusiness Management CertificateCoachingDissertation subjectExtracurricular activitiesBusiness plan courses


# student-entrepreneursGhent University

StarterswalletBitcoinsto buyAdvize, services and productsof regional expertsat market prizes


Small actionsBig Results

Duco Sickinghe (Fortino) invests 4,5 million euros in Teamleader

Internal impactElective courses offered in many faculties and degrees1000+ students in one of the elective courses Collaboration to create new coursesEntrepreneurship included in the competence modelUniversity buying from student-entrepreneurs

Societal impact

Role models in pressPromoting student entrepreneurship in generalInfluence in politicsLaw changes

Further impact

On Flemish and BelgianPolicy&regulations

Entrepreneurial students supported by politics

Business management certificate

Fiscal status forstudent- entrepreneurs

New plans

PhD - entrepreneur

Doctoral-studentSelfemploymentStart-upSecundaryoccupationSpinoffStudent-entrepreneurEntrepreneurial studentEntrepreneurshipidea