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1. Dedicated to Technical Textiles 2. IFAI Expo Asia 2011 A dynamic trade exhibition and conference A prominent showcase for all globally-competitive companies currently conducting business in the Asia Pacific region and for those seeking to develop international expansion. Network and finalize deals face to face! Be a part of the promotion of technical textile exports to qualified international buyers. Start planning now to participate in this unique trade eventthe only conference and exhibition bringing together the complete technical textiles industryfrom fiber to end product manufacturer. 3. Australia Bangladesh China India Indonesia Japan Malaysia New Zealand Pakistan Philippines Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Vietnam Malaysia Indonesia Singapore area enlarged Why Singapore? Singapores strategic location the crossroads of the Middle East, Asia and Australia is a neutral position between China and India, the two largest consumers of specialty fabrics in the Asia Pacific region. Singapore is readily accessible to visitors from all 16 countries targeted for the event, with little barrier to entry. Targeted Audience IFAI Expo Asia 2011 is targeting 16 Asia Pacific countries to bring together buyers and industry suppliers: 4. The State of the World Market In 2010, the projected world market for specialty fabrics is expected to be $123 billion, up 2.5% over 2009. Key drivers are expected to come from the Asia region, especially China and India, whose specialty fabrics markets are growing at an annual rate of 10% in 2010. Overall growth in Asia in 2010 is expected to be 7% compared to -3% in the United States. Key markets for specialty fabrics in the Asia region include: Automotive, infrastructure (road and bridge construction- geosynthetics), medical textiles, and safety and protective. IFAI estimates some 5,000 legitimate end product manufacturers operate in this region. 5. China Over the past 20 years, Chinas consumption of specialty fabrics has grown 10% per year. Total consumption of specialty fabrics is expected to reach 500 million tons in 2010. Consumption of nonwoven fabric is also growing rapidly at an annual growth rate of 30%. By the end of 2010, consumption of nonwoven fabric is estimated to be 200 million tons. Chinas GDP for 2010 is projected to be 10.5%. 6. India Indias specialty fabric and nonwoven industry is highly fragmented and still in the infancy stage. There is relatively little state-of-the-art technology in place compared to the U.S., Europe, and China. Yet there are opportunities for growth as the Indian government formulated Vision 2010 for textiles. The purpose of Vision 2010 is to enhance Indias share in the world textile market from 4% to 8% by the end of 2010. The focus of the government, relative to specialty fabrics, is on upgrading infrastructure (geosynthetics) and increasing the use of automotive textiles for large auto industry participants such as OEMs, suppliers, etc. Other product areas leading growth in Indias specialty fabrics market include safety and protective (defense), medical textiles, agriculture (nets, shading, mulch), and filtration fabrics. Indias share of the global specialty fabric market was about 9% in 2009, and is expected to reach 10% in 2010. In 2008, total nonwoven production in India was approximately 90,000 tons and is expected to reach 200,000 tons in 2010. 7. Thailand Thailands government approved U.S.$5.9 billion for investments in infrastructure in 2010 as part of their Stronger Thai program. In 2009, the Asian government committed more than $300 billion for green industrial projects as part of fiscal stimulus plans. Indonesia Indonesias GDP grew by 4.5% in 2009 while much of the world was contracting and has in 2010 committed U.S.$7 billion in a stimulus plan, much of it for infrastructure projects. Vietnam Gross domestic product in Vietnam expanded 6.4% in the second quarter 2010, after advancing 5.8 percent in the first three months of the year. In addition, U.S. exports to Vietnam jumped 39% in the last year. Malaysia MalaysiaisallocatingU.S.$2.75billionin2010tofinanceinfrastructure projects, including road and bridge construction, rail facilities, ports and sea services and airports. The future outlook is positive. Green initiatives, lifestyle changes and infrastructure projects in Asia Pacific will benefit the specialty fabrics industry. Thailand Vietnam Indonesia Malaysia 8. What is the anticipated attendance? Approximately 1,500 participants from Asia and the Pacific are expected to visit the exhibition and conference. Those who are involved in the supply chain seeking networking and partnership opportunities Those who have design, application and market influence such as government purchasing agencies, civil engineers and architects Fabricators of finished products in applications such as: Like IFAI Expo Americas, this trade exhibition will attract attendees from all cross sections of the industry. The symposiums have been specially selected and developed to attract major buyers in emerging growth markets. Construction E-textiles Medical Safety Military Graphics and signage Shade systems Fabric structures Recreation Automotive 9. Buyers Delegations and Hand-Selected Hosted Buyers Organized Delegations Supporting organizations and delegation organizers will be given special incentives to organize buyer delegations. In addition to helping IFAI market IFAI Expo Asia 2011, the U.S. Department of Commerce offices throughout the region will promote and assist in the development of buyers delegations. Hosted Buyer Programs IFAI will be offering airfare, hotel nights or other incentives to specific buyers who will be specially selected because of their buying or specifying influence. Exhibitors will be able to identify specific individuals or request buyer types for IFAI to target. 10. IFAI Expo Asia 2011 focus: Conference delegates will learn about the latest technologies, market trends, engineering trends, geosynthetic uses, product designs, strategies for improving sales, market share and business profitability through programs structured to provide a wide range of precise information. 11. Technical sessions: Medical and Healthcare Applications Sustainability in the Textile Value Chain Geosynthetic Applications for Infrastructure E-textiles and Smart Fabrics Geosynthetic Materials for Environmental Applications Technical Nonwoven Applications Protective Clothing Architectural Shade and Structures Automotive Materials 12. The marketing campaign IFAI has developed an extensive promotional campaign in print, in person and online, including an online and print regional newsletter, Asia Pacific Textile News, published to introduce IFAI Expo Asia 2011 to targeted visitor audiences. 13. Specific efforts to date: Participation in the regions significant trade shows Advertising extensively in Asia Pacific print and electronic publications Operating a constantly-updated website (English and Chinese) Printing and distributing show brochures in English, Japanese and Chinese Personally visiting major end product users Hosting a buyers program by paying travel expenses for key potential buyers Conducting export information and promotion webinars following IFAI Expo Americas 2010 Developing an export opportunity training webinar through the ITA for the ifaiexpoasia.com website Inviting media and government officials, trade commissions and senior association representatives Marketing the show through IFAI global sales staff 14. Asia Nonwoven Fabrics Association (ANFA) Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA) Association for Spatial Structures, China Steel Construction Society (CSCS) Australian Canvas and Synthetic Products Association (ACASPA) Business Coordination House (BCH) China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Sub-Council of Textile Industry (CCPIT TEX) China Flame Retardant Society China Knitting Industrial Association Warp Knitting Branch (CKIA-WKA) China Nonwovens and Industrial Textiles Association (CNITA) Chinese Technical Association on Geosynthetics (CTAG) European Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDANA) International Trade Administration (ITA) - U.S. Department of Commerce Japan Awning Association (JAA) Japan Chemical Fibers Association (JCFA) Japan Tent Sheet Manufacturers Association (JTSMA) JEC Composites The Management Committee of Zhejiang Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Zone Membrane Structures Association of Japan (MSAJ) National Textile Association (NTA) The Nonwovens Institute (TNI) Outdoor Fabric Products Association of New Zealand (OFPANZ) Shanghai Textile Association Technical Textile Sub-Association Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau Taiwan Technical Textiles Association (TTTA) Textile & Fashion Federation Supporting Organizations (as of October 2010) 15. Supporting Media China Nonwovens and Industrial Textiles China Textile News Connections Fabric Architecture Fiber2Fashion Geosynthetics Innovations in Textiles - Technical Textiles Online Pakistan Textile Journal Specialty Fabrics Review TechTex India Textil Dunyasi Textile and Apparel Weekly Textile World Textile World Asia 16. Extend your product reach Your company name and information will be highlighted through hundreds of thousands of media impressions including: Specialty Fabrics Review, the leading industry trade magazine The official IFAI Expo Asia 2011 website, ifaiexpoasia.com IFAI Expo Asia Show Guide, distributed onsite to attendees Listings in the full registration brochure and other promotions to prospective attendees The event dedicated to Technical Textiles Organized by: Co-Managed by: ExpoAsia2011_FullBr oLTR.indd 1 10/14/10 9:19:37 AM 17. Results exhibitors can expect Find new customers Reach buyers directly Gain visibility as a supplier who is ready to export Explore joint partnerships Develop distributor relationships 18. Exhibiting at IFAI Expo Asia 2011 is cost effective and easy! Ship your booth materials and arrive in Singapore with your booth already constructed and your materials waiting there for you. Your freight is delivered directly to your booth no extra drayage costs. IFAI Expo Asia 2011 is located in the new Marina Bay Sands no extra transportation costs or worries. actual booths may vary 19. Special Opportunity for U.S. Exhibitors The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) has been awarded funding for projects that increase U.S. exports. This endowment will be used to lower costs for U.S. companies seeking to exhibit at IFAI Expo Asia 2011, and to bring qualified, targeted buyers to the event. All eligible U.S. companies* will receive: $500 discount on each 3x3 meter booth spaceno maximum size limit 3 complimentary room nights at Marina Bay Sands an approximate USD $1,050 value Up to $500 credit for shipping costs * Companies must meet the DoCs U.S. company definition, and product must meet the DoCs American-made criteria. International Trade Administration (ITA) - U.S. Department of Commerce 20. About the organizers: IFAI Expo Asia 2011 is organized by the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), the largest textile trade organization in the world. IFAI publishes seven market-specific magazines in print and online, and supports 1,910 member companies located in 54 countries. For more information about IFAI visit ifai.com. Established in 1987, Singapore-based MP International is a world-class exhibition and conference organizer. Its subsidiary, MP Asia, is the co-manager of IFAI Expo Asia 2011. MP is also the organizer of ITMA Asia 2012 in Shanghai and ITMA 2011 in Barcelona, the worlds largest textile machinery trade fairs. The MP group has an in-depth understanding of the cultures and local business practices in the region. MP has developed and established cordial relationships with many Singapore government agencies. For more information on MP Asia, visit mpinetwork.com. 21. For more information about exhibiting at IFAI Expo Asia 2011, contact: Todd Lindemann, Vice President Conference Management Industrial Fabrics Association International Tel: +1 651 225 6918 Fax: +1 651 631 9334 Email: [email protected] Jason Ng, Director MP Asia Pte Ltd. Tel: +65 6393 0227 Fax: +65 6296 2670 Email: [email protected] 22. Produced in the United States of America. 2011 by Industrial Fabrics Association International. Logos and trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.