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1 This notebook is started to perform on March 1, 2001, with the support of my Osa godfather awoses bara and other Cubans who Were Their passing me secrets,Which in turn Transmitted to them they had other older awoses provided so verbal. It is for this reason this book That Should not even exists, except to remind person who collects the enormous Responsibility Involved, Whichever comes not hands of someone outside our range in religion. It is my duty to warn you if someone outside our religion were to read it, would suffer the ultimate punishment of "Orula". Compiled by: Osatrupo GENERAL IN THE WORKS When a record Babayogbe out 2 times, stops and kills a pigeon throwing eyebale in a gourd with azulete and water, knees and puts participants cleaned. All visitors Should make praying. "Ju Ju" means Paloma. All works good or bad is Orula Should match. Then you realize the power or saint, who has taken the job. Before doing any work, you must give an account to Orum. The work should always include guinea peppers that are what we give firmly to work. To cover any work, because the enemy is sorcerer, is chalking of black or puts black cloth and covered with dry leaves ears. Obatala's children must not Work with gunpowder. When we check Orula track That takes care of our enemies, we must put inside the wrapping paper hits to name 16 times and let the Arayes Orula mark the days. WITH GENERAL POWERS AND orishas. ASOJUANO. - Must be Asojuano, nanu, Echu afra and Ozuna together, close to the ground and covered with a Sackcloth. It is having 7. On Fridays go ebo cito essential ingredients, miniestas and bread. With you clean and leave it to your foot, When You Are 7 days get tossed to the jungle. Every Friday I put two candles. Every Friday Should be cleaned with AJA and nanu asojuano. Afra Elewa always eats. A nanu you put the 19 Ikines. Animals eating: Kid Cock Guinea

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Transcript of IFA SAYINGS


This notebook is started to perform on March 1, 2001, with the support of myOsa godfather awoses bara and other Cubans who Were Their passing me secrets,Which in turn Transmitted to them they had other older awoses provided so verbal.It is for this reason this book That Should not even exists, except to remind person who collects the enormous Responsibility Involved, Whichever comes not hands of someone outside our range in religion.It is my duty to warn you if someone outside our religion were to read it, would suffer the ultimate punishment of "Orula".Compiled by: OsatrupoGENERAL IN THE WORKSWhen a record Babayogbe out 2 times, stops and kills a pigeon throwingeyebale in a gourd with azulete and water, knees and puts participantscleaned.All visitors Should make praying."Ju Ju" means Paloma.All works good or bad is Orula Should match.Then you realize the power or saint, who has taken the job.Before doing any work, you must give an account to Orum.The work should always include guinea peppers that are what we give firmly to work.To cover any work, because the enemy is sorcerer, is chalking of black or puts black cloth and covered with dry leaves ears.Obatala's children must not Work with gunpowder.When we check Orula track That takes care of our enemies, we must put inside the wrapping paper hits to name 16 times and let the Arayes Orula mark the days.

WITH GENERAL POWERS AND orishas.ASOJUANO.-Must be Asojuano, nanu, Echu afra and Ozuna together, close to the ground and covered with a Sackcloth.It is having 7. On Fridays go ebo cito essential ingredients, miniestas and bread.With you clean and leave it to your foot, When You Are 7 days get tossed to the jungle.Every Friday I put two candles. Every Friday Should be cleaned with AJA and nanu asojuano.Afra Elewa always eats.A nanu you put the 19 Ikines.Animals eating:KidCockGuineaAkuaro

-Given Adimuses you are, always 7 different dishes:SesameBeansRiceBreadLentilsAmalaJudias faceChickpeas

OCHOSI - ODE.-- Always go together.- They signify justice, work And Also the bad.- The hand of Ikin will tours THROUGHOUT Ode.- You should put some handcuffs and a gun to Ochosi above.- He throws birdseed and sweet anise Ode blown up crown.- Eat all types of animals.- Adimuses all kinds of sweet and savory, sweet anise especially, fruit and birdseed.In case ofput in a glass anise Should be put next to one of water.- The dry anise is sweet for bad and for good.

Orum.-- You Will Be Invoked with a cowbell, a singer with rope or stick invocation.- To bury is put in a container and is Placed Between Two pigeons are Given,Two quails and turtle leaving one standing inside the Echu Should protrude from the head,nailed a shingle with signs and two machetes over Their signs.'ve throws dirtto cover it up.- He gets a hoe with Wori Ojuani Odum in the blade.- It Works with the underwear and possibly apart 12 at night.- All work must be bad apart at 12pm night.

Ozain.-- Always working with feet crossed his knees at the foot- Mounts to squad and hangs above the quinquillero, when moving, Is thatcommunicates.- If you hear a buzz Is that warns you call or something.- For heavy work combined with Shango, and Ozain orum.- Prayers: "kan kuele cuelese sentere".- To raise Ozain:"Ozain demu dideo fara"."Ozain demu dide fara"."Wari Wari wari Ozain""Wari Wari baye""Ozain hype""Ozain hype""Eleno chacotan""Ozain hype""Gua baby nicaye""Gua baby nicaye""Ozain nilaye""Drink ilaye guan"


For customers who enter into a business.-Ingredients: cornmeal-honey.

Put the corn flour in 4 cups halfway, then put honey untilcomplete, standing on the four corners of the business.

To sweeten and ask elegua, ochosi and Oggun.Components: A plate, adimuses, honey and brown paper.

Place the tray to eleggua, ochosi and Oggun, a dish where write the names 3 times or whatever you want to call, come together to form a triangle and put some adimuses on paper, honey is Poured into joining the 3 piece of paper and asking what you want.

Working with the warriors for lawsuits.-Components: Honey-a candle-pure.

He gets Along with ochosi eleggua and Oggun, blow water, honey and given upon request, Light a candle and blow smoke to them.

To tie someone at the foot of Oshun.-Components: Paper-name-honey stone.

Put the name on paper 5 times and Placed over a stone magnet, prays and Pour the honey over while asking.

Achelu powder scare.-Components: Yellow leaf clover-brown paper.

Roasted yellow leaf clover, is stalked and make 3 packs, put to eleggua for 3 days and then blown at 3 different each corners and one in the front door one calling That eleggua keep achelu away.

To Attract a person with eleggua.-Ingredients: 4 eggs-white cup

The cup hold the three eggs, break an egg at each corner and one in the door one where the personLives. The fourth egg is thrown into a white cup and put it under the bed, talking to the egg As If It Were the person and when the person returns, the egg is put to elegua for 3 days.

To avert an enemy.-

Components: Wonder-clover-shaved-pio pio deer.

Roasted sheets of wonder and clover, is Poured deer shaved and made threepackets.They prayed and Placed at the foot of eleggua.Then there was the final blowGives a chick to eleggua.But You Have to give it back to the person Concerned and says, "soas of this chicken back to the saint, so you back dude, forever withoutFormed tragedy, Which depart in peace.

To take money with Oya.-Components: Eggplant eating sugar-oil-3 classes.

It will take a bit of eggplant and throw in the Following ingredients, Cooking oil, three kinds of sugar and all this mixed and left with Oya for 4 days.

How to make a stone of iman.-Components: Fresh-water -basil-rosemary-marjoram-water green colony-dry wine-pepper-clove-cinnamon guinea-needles-peony-coral-gold-steel-limaya silver-candle-snuff.

They clean the stone with fresh water, basil, rue, rosemary green, marjoram and watercolone, while doing this is prayed to Oya. In a casserole put dust Echo with: dry wine, cloves, guinea pepper, cinnamon, peonies, coral, limaya steel, gold and silver limaya. In the bread gets sprinkled with stone dust and needles are added different sizes and iron or steel limaya. When this is done this snuff smoke, light a candle and prayed to Oya and Lodestone (*). Every Friday I smokes, wine is Poured with milk and prayed. Luckily for you sprinkle powdered incense.(*) Lodestone Prayer:"Oh blessed MOST Lodestone, Whom I adore and revere in This Hour, you are my happiness, myLuckily, my money.Stone, you're my Valedora and charming men.You who withYou Walked Samaritan, Gave him luck and honor, I give you to eat and drink, lucky mehas to give.Silver for my home, my treasure gold, copper and poor healthenjoy.'

Prayer to eleggua.-Components: Three fishes-Oni-Epo-guinea pepper.

Three fishes are caught and covered on one side by the ONI and other EPO.They make threePackets and puts pepper in the mouth to everyone. It begs eleggua and Another day takes you to the jungle.

To open the way to the foot of Oshun.-Components: A pumpkin-beer-bottle a bottle of honey-sweet buns 5-5 bread-fine-wine-sweet-almond essence 5 classes-oil pills.

All the ingredients Mentioned above are put into the pumpkin, which was previously emptied, you leave it there for 10 days at the head of Oshun and before you throw it into the river you ask what you want.

To return a work to a person.-Components: guinea-pepper rock salt.

Orula is asked which saint will take Responsibility for this holy work. Guinea pepper and rock salt turn to dust live at the foot of the saint who ask for 3 days and ask the saint to blame, Withdrawals or blow the person out.

To Pay What They Owe Us.-Components: Oni-cup medium-brown paper-3 lodestone needle-sailing.

You take a medium cup water, honey is Poured, a paper with the name of the person is written take 3 pins and pin it to the paper, put the glass beside a lit candle and ask what you want from That person.

Protect a vehicle.-Components: Oti-pure.

Blow Pure rum on the 4-wheel and blow some to eleggua and give him account of what youre doing.

To sweeten someone.-Components: Brown paper-Oni-3 cupcakes.

Write the persons name three times on a brown piece of paper and put the cupcakes on the plate and smear eleggua with oni and pray on eleggua passing the plate and asking.After 3 days it is thrown out.

If they refuse what we ask.-Components: Butcher paper-Oni-cupcakes.

Write the name of the person 3 times and That calls over puts a plate eleggua touching, ochosi and ogun, forming a triangle, put three cupcakes on top of the paper and Oni is poured on top of the 3 paper for ire and allowed 3 days.At the end is pulled the 4 corners.

To order and not to refuse.-Components: Palo amansaguapo cambiavoz-brandy-or cinnamon-valerian-myrrh.

You take the stick, spray with brandy for 7 days, passed through incense smoke with cinnamon, valerian and myrrh, talk to eleggua for 3 days, after this put stick in your mouth when going to ask and to talk aspirational


To push achelu IFA.-Components: Butcher paper-eku-jutia-watered-ori-epo-ache.

You take brown paper and four packets are created adding jutia, watery, ori, epo and ache.They close the packages and get tossed in the 4 corners, asking eleggua.

To push someone away with Yemaya.-Components: A whole sea fish - brown paper.

Grill a whole fish with the name of the person on brown paper 7 times, while praying to Yemaya and asking, for presents and put a candle to yemaya with request.

Tie tongue using Chango.-Components: A big cow tongue - brown paper - 6 cloves - a wood.

Write the name of the person 6 times on brown paper and place on top of the wood and nail over the tongue.All of this is buried at the foot of a palm tree and asked Chango.As this rots shut the mouth of These People."

To destroy with Chango.-Ingredients: Corn flour -okra - brown paper.Put in a pan the okra and deceleration Until boiled then add corn flour, cut the pieces of the paper with the name of the single written 6 times, while asking to Chango.When the dough is boiling and hardens Throw it into the sopera of chango.Saying, "The Same Thing That burns it to destroy the person.

To destroy with Ogun.-Components: 1 Akuko - oti - brown paper.

Take an akuko write the name of person and stick it in akuko butt, the akuko is killed by the mouth blood dripping, place the chest of the akuko on top of ogun and stab it in the back.saying: "This is my enemy ogun" blowing brandy.Then throw it on the railroad tracks.

To put bravo to elegua against someone.-Components: Oti - brown paper.

You take the name of the person is written three times and put it under him elegua andBrandy blows, for three days left.

Working with Ogun and Shango against an enemy.-Components: kraft paper - brandy - akuko mellitus.

Put the Ikin of Shango in a gourd and with Ogun Ogun.Make a circle on the floor and signs are written as follows:+IIIIIIOOOIOOIIOIIIOIOOIOPut a brown paper with name.7 times in Ogun and Shango another 3 times, forbehind the paper's name is spelled wrong egun.It Gives everyone the akukos, youbrandy and ogun ASKs blows us from the enemy.

Work for debt claim.-Components: kraft paper - 1 peso silver - one pumpkin with tail - one piece of bronzeheavy.- Colored wires.See orisha who defends this work, then the currency chalking thread colorsThat has the orisha Defend us, leaving the center free.It gets the name of theThat is CLAIMED persons below the coin above the tail thereof isPumpkin and crushing everything gets the copper piece and left so Until Wepay.

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Working with Ogun of Ogunda bara.-Components: Efun - Ogun - Oti - 1 akuko.It takes the cauldron is cleaned and bottom thereof homiero signs are writtenare detailed below with efun mixed with oti, pray and signs are Given eyebale ofakuko, cleaning Their feathers.Signs of the fund:++IIIIOIOOOIIIOOIO++IOOOIOIOIIIOIIIIWork to Attract owo.-Components: Dry wine-brandy-oti-Oni-nuts sweet-chocolate-milk-6red apples.I caught six apples and you take away the top shaped lid, filled3 of them each with a different liquor, the other three are filled with honey, chocolate and milkputting nuts over a type of candy in each, are Placed inside theshango punt 6 days, then thrown away at the foot of a palm tree.Working ofikaletrupon.-Components: Resin pine-water.Resin is Diluted in water and smeared with finger Obin's clit whilebabayogbe prays, then ofikaletrupon.To Attract Wealth with Obatala.-Components: A fresh fish-ori-efun-Oni.You take a tray and put in fresh fish smearing It With ori, efun and Oni, leavingfor 8 days at the foot of Obatala.Then boot into the jungle.To do harm to business and elegua Echu 2 sides.-Components: 1 akuko brown-paper-chamba-sulfur-gunpowder-eku-eya-watered-water-paperalbal.

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Put the Echu next to each other, and realize what Moyugba We havedo, put a piece of paper in front albal, Placing a piece of paper on top ofBrown with the name of the type of powder and sprinkle sulfur and September alight, theyou put the pieces burned Echu business in and asked.In the next ceremony is blown Echus chamba the two front and behind sevenSometimes, you take the akuko and is put into the mouth of the person's name and photo, arechoro choro ago and the head is inserted through the anus.The akuko is buried in the jungle putting eku, eya and watered over after Ichamba blowing and water, returning to place three days straight, blowing oti and water.Working with ochosi for collections.-Components: Paper brown-red and black wire-coin-Oni-oti.You take ochosi and the tip is tied brown paper with the name 7 times of Thatwe claim, the tie is made with red and black thread.She covers it with coins andOni check above for 3 days and it blows oti.Working to disrupt.-Components: duck egg-3 Precipitates cane-powder deer-scratch-Chinese pepper and guinea-gunpowder-grained salt-sulfur-mercury-oil-rompesaragueyscorpion and Guatemala-salt powder.It takes the egg is extracted by any one pitera clear That the tip opens, leftonly the yolk and you throw all the ingredients inside, covering it with wax.It gets threeelegua days to walk, after three days break in the door of the house that is.To think of one and can not forget.-Components: snuff-not forget me.They hold not forget me powder, roasted several times Until It fine dust,you take a stick and made a hole, getting dust on there.A relic to work.-Components: tortoise-shell right leg-stone for my iman-purple-fabric.You take everything and gets into a purple bag.Working for good.-Components: glass of water, an egg.They check into the cup the egg for three days, is cleaned and breaks in thethe three corners of the house and the water is Poured into the house from outside to inside.Powders for war.-

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Components: peony guinea-pepper-brandy.Peony and sprayed the pepper with brandy, then put the sun at noon,powders are made and you are ready to shoot.Powders away.-Components: 9 guinea peppers dry-dog-shit cat shit brown paper drying.Write the name of the person 9 times and burned in the mortar, add theother ingredients and mash everything to powder, then pours theperson we want to stay away.Mooring at the foot of Elewa.-Components: Oni-brown paper.It is written in the paper the name of the person 3 times and was showered with honey Elewa,ochosi, ogun and dish with plenty ire name, the name being covered,then mark up paper sign in honey praying and asking the signElewa.Then the person is located and I was branded the sign on the back closingwork well, This Will be done within 3 days after sweeten.Powders away at the foot of Orum.-Components: 9 buzzard feathers guinea-peppers 2-1 jicotea leri of brown-paper-1 itana.It says the ochebille and Given Orum accounts, you write the name gets 9 timesBetween the two buzzard feathers and burns with itana mortar above the foot of Orum,This Person asking him away, are added the other ingredients and mashall to powder.Sweeten the foot of Obatala.-Components: 1 thumb turn brown-paper-Oni.It gets a thumb to the paper under the name 8 times, add the honey little squirtwhile asking.Allow 8 days and is thrown to the mound.Ebbs for travel protection.-Components: a ebo Themselves but in smaller quantities.2 packets are made with ingredients ebo, allowed to stand for 3 days before elegualeave home is clean and With Each boot, the return journey will take the other cleansAnd Also boot again.To make them pay.-

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Ingredients: 1 cup - Oni - brown paper - three hands.You take the glass of water pours Oni, a paper with the name of the person and 3 needlesnew pinned on paper, next to the glass and at the foot of the holy light a candle andask what you want.How to catch a egun for protection.-Components: Land of the cemetery - to name egun - bouquet flowers.It is going to a cemetery and lays a bouquet of flowers in an ancient tomb, They are required toegun protect us, you will be included in our Moyugba, from the tomb of this egun is caughtland and this is saved for use.Working with Osain to sink a business.-Components: 1 jicotea - 1 lizard - 4 spider - pins - hot wax - brown paper -buzzard feather - feather owl - bat - 21 guinea pepper - black pepper 21 -21 white pepper - white peacock feather and black - pica pica - Aguado - bird featherCarpenter - Oni - epo - efun - gunpowder - sulfur - cemetery land - serious land - land beach -4 corners land - land tilled field - egun powder - mercury - a bronze nail -spider web - deer jar - coffee grounds.Jicotea Osain Given to the mouth of putting in a paper with the same nameenemy, praying and ochebille, is asked to Osain us from the enemy, I blows otiand caught the turtle's head and stands in front of silver paper putting Osainhead with the paper on top and made a wick with gunpowder and sulfur and other paper withBehalf of enemies, giving fire, When Everything is collected ends and gets acandle asking NATO to ekuele Osain.The head and the rest is Placed in the oven and it Becomes dust and peppers with threetypes, then blow the enemy.With good clean turtle carapace covers her ass with hot wax getting a roleinside.Carapace Components: powders is made; land, egun dust, feathers theWhich will put the name of the enemy in the middle and Given fire, This dust gets intothe shell, the other ingredients are: Epo, Oni, watery, peppers, coffee grounds, sulfur,bat, spider, mercury, peacock feather black and white piece of allfeathers, a nail, pica pica, jar deer, spiders and lizards.Lizard: You take it opens his mouth he is Introduced paper with the name,crosses with pins as follows, one in the mouth, one on each leg, one in thechest and the last in the tail When We echo, still alive gets into the shell.When all the ingredients are already in cover with wax.Orula is asked how many days and holy defends work (ask first byOsain).After the deadline, is buried near or in front of the premises.With the head of the other ingredients jicotea and dust is to be used forblow on the premises and the person.

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For Arayes destruction.-Ingredients: 1 can with lid - pebbles - brown paper.You take the can and put it in to sound it rocks, it is put into a role withenemies name written seven times each.For 3 days and 12 midnightOsain blows before or the saint who is responsible to a lit itana,calling for the destruction of enemies.On the third day after the sound it before osha,the resumes well on your door at 12 at night and the strip to the street toroll.To use powders egun to bad.-Components: Chinese pepper - gunpowder - pepper cooking - iyo - ocher - a igbin -egun cemetery land.It all makes dust left in the vault is prayed and asked to assist us in egunour purpose.To get something.-Components: 2 seeds canitel - a handkerchief.They take two canitel seeds, roasted and They tear, pray on the board and youcheck husk prayed to end in the middle of the board is stacked dust, thencollects and spreads at Which to request something, is thrown into the tissue and Which torequest or claim something is shaking the handkerchief.To break tie.-Components: A broom - Hay - amansaguapo.It burns with Which the broom sweep the house, take no or millet, is scraped someamansaguapo and With That bathes the Concerned person.To break tie.-Components: A table - Bejuco - 3 jio jio.It opens a big hole in the ground and Placed on a table Above This gap is

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places the person is a vine tangles Concerned That is cut to fall into the holeand you kill 3 jiojio bloody and muddy, after a bath grass Givenhole and everything is thrown into the hole and cover with soil.For a person to be quiet.-Components: Language of beef or pork - epo - paper - jutia - watery - it - holy water -Oni - oti - red thread.You take the tongue and opens in the middle (like a sandwich) was smeared buttercorojo with jutia, watery and her.It Gives him a role in the full name of theperson we want to be quiet, then sewn with red thread UntilAfter This operation completely closed, put on a brown paper todefending the holy foot work, please and sings from Elewa up orula,When you are praying awo with mouth pours the holy water and oti, then pours Onithen sewn back with a fatter wire, tied the tip so That It Ishanging and the same end, then going by the lower mooring andinterested is asking, this is done by the top begins after the closeleft before the saint who answered Until the completion candles, while doingthe work will have a candle, at the end of Carried Bush That is near torailway and is buried there When the work is complete we take a little iyefa inTheir hands and wash all hands over the work, before burial.Stone Magnet babalawo.-Components: All Saints omiero-blossom water-stack-a.bendita a.de 2lives-rum-1-egg-slug-scale fish-jutia yefa-gold-key-keycopper-silver key.He prays and sings Ozain and all the saints, These Waters washed the stone withall objects and Placed in a casserole, pray the prayer of the magnet ispasses through a Saumerio.added in the casserole Is coral, silver, shield a dollgold.Baptizing the lodestone: A bit of salt mixed with water in a gourd at the bottom of the imageChrist, lighting two candles, put a little salt on the stone ground, at the samewhile you take some water with salt and then says "I baptize imaneres iman,seras iman, for my fortune and luck, will be called "a creed is recited, is deposited in 5 daysbenzoin with cinnamon and powdered myrrh, is prayed three Our Fathers and is sprinkled with holy water.Lodestone Care: Should be washed Once a year, on the day of San Juan by theBlack nightshade morning.Every week Should be Given egg yolk with dry winepray.Every Thursday saint prays.Prayer lodestone:Piedra I see one and I remember one true god.I see and I remember two holy wood of the cross.

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I see the 3 and I include 3 cloves of Christ.I see the 4 and I have the four gospels.I see the 5 and comes to my mind the 5 virgins That God illuminate.I see and I remember the 6 in 6 days God Formed heaven, earth, trees, plants andflowers.I see 7 and I remember that Sunday is the 7th day of the week, During WhichGod forbade work and fishing.I see 8 and comes to my head, the 8 characters in the ark escaped theFlood.I see and I remember 9 at 9 religious.I see the 10 and I remember the 10 commandments.11 I see and I remember saying the 11.000 virgins sacred history.Finally look at the 12 and the 12 apostles palpably present.That recalling well, These Things That Were and others met and Most surely, IThat and I think you have this wonderful lodestone Granted all the virtues andwonders, I can do this lodestone everything I want, I will be easy to leave theprisons without anyone seeing me, get money and honors, get women to love meI want and let go of justice in the world and I will be safe from my enemiesunobtrusively, I'll get rid of the rays, and diseases of all fatal eventof life, all this as if I was watching and it will be completed byincomprehensible virtues Jesus Amen.Lodestone for luck.-Components:-white dove holy herb holy water.Immerse in white pigeon blood and washed with holy water and grassholy.Lodestone to Attract.-Components: needle-stitch pins.He steals a pin or hook to the woman and Placed in the magnet, may be a timetucked into the casserole with needles, then take that pin and is driven into the doorIt is made and a needle left in the stone house of women.Lodestone for damage.-Components: dry wine.You take dry wine of the lodestone, is thrown at the door of the hated person, Thatstep on it.Tie with Oggun.-Components: Jicara-honey-paper.Write the name of the person 3 times in brown paper put into the gourdOnce this is done put into the pot with ochosi Oggun, Oni is Poured intoof the gourd to cover the full name as she asked, while there is leftwant that person to be with us.

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Resolve to Obatala.-Components: 2 akukos.Is Given two akukos while asking what you want.To tie the tongue.-Components: cashew seed-eku-eya-watered-ingredients.Funche is Made with all the ingredients we check Orula (name ofperson, feathers, peppers, etc ...), ask the saint who defends work if you blow orpaper is Placed in a boot and where.To zoom achelu.-Components: Paper brown-watered-eya-jutia-efun-corojo-1 coin-oti ingredients.Paqueticos four ingredients are listed with Those We markOrula (ash, Oni, etc ...), each one is thrown in a corner and blow oti.To give tongue to Yemaya.-Components: 1 guinea.When the holy mount at aleyo, kills a guinea and puts the neck in the language ofaleyo to suck him while I holds, This Should not be too long.To Attract luck.-Components: 3 Jiojio-1 run-honey bee-birdseed-parsley-iman-abrecamino.It Gives a Jiojio each corner with the basic ingredients, you put a ladderElewa and birdseed, in the door of the house is Poured birdseed and honey.Clean withabrecamino parsley, add a magnet and boot in the corner missing.Tie with Ochosi-ode.-Components: Oni-brown paper.It is written in the paper three times and put the name Between the two Oni throwing Betweenthree and asking, allowed 3 days and boot.For wrong with Ochosi-ode.-Components: gunpowder, paper sulfur-silver-brown paperWrite the name of the person and Placed 7 times above the foil isadd gunpowder, sulfur and fire hits, with What Remains is funche and wonderswith coconut where it goes, before you blow dry anis.For wrong with Ochosi-ode.-Components: 2 eyeles.Write the name of the person 7 times and is inserted through the mouth or Fondillo ACCORDINGdetermine the eyeles holy living.Are Stuck in the back or determine where theochosi saint blows him dry jars and anis.

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To defeat the enemy.-Components: ash brown paper-peppers-7 guinea-salt-coffee-bone erasure egunstriped blue and yellow thread-2 pigeons.A packet Becomes 7 times the name of the person, ash, 7 peppers, salt,erasure and bone.You take the package and gets on top of ochosi, chalking it all withwires out, asking.Clean with two doves and give ochosi.For trials Ochosi-Ode.-Ingredients: 1 fish-birdseed-brown paper-tape-7 needles white, yellow and red-anisDry-1 hook.Is tied to the tail of the fish colored ribbons, gets into the mouth the name of thecharged with birdseed and was shut up with a hook, nail pins in thevulnerabilities of fish and puts it on a plate Ochosi.It Moyugba and givenochosi coconut.If NATO does not give you can add 7 guinea peppers, salt, ash,sulfur, 7 kinds of different shit, etc ...Eventually it blows dry anis.For tough judgments Ochosi-ode. -Components: 1 akuko brown-paper-7 guinea-wire peppers and yellow-blue buttercorojo.Akuko is killed by mouth with the knife horizontal to the neck and rips thelanguage.language is placed on the paper with the name 7 times with 7 guinea peppers.BEGINS chicken breast and take out the heart (still alive) and left on paperAlso, the paper makes a cartridge ebbo and chalk with blue and yellow wire towas asking.Leave the package ochosi above.The Remains of akuko is muddy with palm oil and burned in the stove,gets hot like this ochosi above, when cooling is thrown at the door ofcourt the day before.After the trial the ebbo boot.To overcome situations Ochosi-ode. -Components: stick-7 peppers guinea-animal-yellow and blue wires.Wondering ekuele to stick with picks (winner, I + you, for me, wins battleQuill, rooster spur, etc ...), is written on paper the name of the enemy 7 times, iscut in half and stick like a sandwich you put the paper in July and peppersentizandolo ago as a cigar with the threads of the saint or black.This gets into the Fondillothe animal that we mark the saint, he blows dry anis ochosi to put brave andchallenges you.The animal is killed with the arrow and pull it up or ochosi ode.Then with coconut is

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question which is holy.To the yarn is good inside.To bad the thread is outside.To zoom with Shango. -Components: 2 eyeles gourd-amala-1-1 with red cloth quimbonbo-root plant or I-1itanas white dish-2-1 obi.Write the name of the person in the gourd pencil and starts beside Shango.Within 6 times jicara gets the name of the person, are placed above the paperroots, is given at the bottom of the eyeles Shango and the gourd, the Leris Shango put it.It puts the hot amala and put the gourd above Shango, cover with a clothRed.Before you plug a strip coconut Shango, asking the NATO, and the days where boot.You take the dish is smoked with candles, put the name of the person and gets on topthe cloth face down and cover with Shango.After throwing the lid to work 6 days with alamo Shango.To zoom with Ochosi. -Components: parchment paper-birdseed-fish-1 bananaRoasted plantain and fish filled with birdseed and name, is placed at the foot ofOchosi asking coconut day, takes the mount and Moyugba to Ochosi.Afterit says: "Just as the fish disintegrates, it disintegrates friendships (people) andwell as the birds fly after eating the fish, so X and not fly againimportune ".To destroy Arayes with Orum. -Components: 1-4 itanas akuko.2 Masses are requested one in the morning and once in the afternoon araye name.Whencelebrated in the morning, while he lit two itanas to orum and given thethank for freeing the araye.When the evening celebrating at the same time givesone akuko to orum, asking him to destroy araye.When a sick or injured person. -Components: 7 types of dry bread adim without fail.Make awan to adimus asojuano with 7 different, yet there including dry bread.If thethis person is better, but is made of used clothing or muddy eyebale.For wrong with Shango. -

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Components: 1 lizard brown-paper-1 nail square head.You take a lizard, he opens his mouth and puts a piece of paper with the name 6Sometimes the mouth is sewn with black thread.Seeking a palm and left hanging from ared and white thread through the head at the other end of the string is tied to a nail thatnailed to the tree.To destroy Arayes with orum. -Components: 1 wooden gallows noose-1-1-1 doll photo-9-loaded pins.It nails the scaffold in orum, you take the doll, empty and loaded with ingredientsto mark orula, stick the photo in place of the head, neck and hangs itstick pins in nine vital points, put two candles and left there until the fallperson.To destroy Arayes with orum. -Components: 1 wooden gallows-1-9 akuko guinea peppers black thread.It writes on paper the name 9 times, 9 peppers are added, it becomes a joint andhe puts the akuko by Fondillo.It mounts the scaffold high orum, legs are tiedakuko, it rips the tongue and put up another paper with the name 9 timesplacing it under the gallows.It makes choro choro and feeds him the role and orum, is left over orum leri.It hangs upside down from the gallows akuko.It chalking paper with black tongue and thread and gets inside orum.It asksakuko road and days.For wrong with orum. -Components: 9 papers akuko-1-27-9 guinea peppers pebreras.Sept. 1 time slips with the name and make curls.He sticks the knife 9 times notingwhere, vulnerabilities, this orum above.In each section gets a loop, 3peppers and Pebrera.It holds up the machete until he dies.For lawsuits. -Components: 1 coin silver thread and black-tailed red-brown paper pumpkin.You take a coin chalk with red and black wire into the shape of cross, take thejudge's name and written on paper depending holy defend him shall thenumber of times, put the paper between the coin and the tail pumpkin and spread on topa bronze piece crushing all.When the trial ends removed.Ozain Lamp for enemies. -Components: metal container-alcohol-diesel-oil-egg sulfur burners.You take the container is filled with alcohol and other ingredients, in the shell of the egg7 times is written the name, he sings Ozain until burst, at 18h and 24h,is done several times.

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Powder for throwing a person from one place. -Ingredients: cumin, rock salt-9-peppers-ground cemetery quail-foot headquail right.They hold all the ingredients are placed in the oven, unless the salt is all dust and isput salt, you take the paper with the name written 7 times, latches and adds ashdust, asks Ozain, Elewa, ogun or Shango, is day and is blown backsaying "do not come to my house anymore."Tie with Ochosi. -Components: fish-epo-akuko-thread-pepper or honey-birdseed.You take the fish gets open and smeared the name of Epo, is put as to whatit honey or pepper, is poured birdseed inside and stitched mouth, feeds himakuko and click on the arrow in ochosi.Tie with Ochosi. -Components: Efun-casserole-sticks-mercury-dial orula foulbrood.He picks up a casserole and written within odileke-otura Ochetura-che, is closed in withefun, inside the circle above the name gets signs with different clubsabove, mercury and other ingredients and put check orula ochosi above giving theask animal.To claim Ochosi debts. -Components: A coin-thread-casserole-sticks-eku, eya, watery.You take a coin chalk with threads of various colors, type in the name 7 timescross, at the bottom of the pan, they ask the sticks that go up, you checkEKU, she watered and put the coin over, given the animal he wants.For wrong with Ochosi. -Components: Akuko-epo-guinea pepper.It kills the foot of ochosi akuko by mouth sticks out her tongue and heart alive,picks up a paper with the name of Arayes, gets inside the tongue, the heart and 7peppers, entizandolo with colored thread, is placed over ochosi.The akuko is muddyEPO and burned, when boiling begins to ochosi and left there untilcool, then boot to the house of araye.To remove the evil of the house with Ozain. -Components: Oti-efunTurns Ozain the door is blown out giving oti 3 strokes with irofa.It

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written signs on the ground: Ocana Ojuani shobi-sa-sa-Ika Ojuani meyi.They pray thesigns and fade with irofa, asking.Inche to ward Achelu. -Components: oti-pure-sticks.You take wins battles, winner Framboyn, bleo red is fuche, allowed 3 daysOzain above, you are blowing smoke oti and snuff.To cleanse us of witchcraft. -Components: Cube-iron skewerBIBU ENIJE: You take a bucket of water, at 12 day warms a skewer of ironLive and says so fun Kashe enije Baibo awaiya emi adamilekun okuta emini.Whenoff within this water is given a bath person, it makes you lose the effect ofdamages the enemy throws at us.Born in Ogbe Tumaco.To the foot of elegua owo. -Components: Honey-epo-it-jutia-amala.Mix honey, epo, her jutia and amala, making 4 tennis balls and allowed three days to walkof elegua then thrown away at the 4 corners.To turn the money. -Components: ache-board-money.Boards are made of omoluos, Meyis, Ogbe roso, otura che, ika meyi, odi fumbo.Itrezndolos erases all boards and erasing them with money in osopo.To open road. -Components: Akuko.It is at the foot of elegua sarayenye, given the chicken and botandolos part in 3 pieces in 3different locations.Obi is given to elegua wondering what places are.Work 2 have Ozain to noise. -Components:-Black fabric poppy-oil-salt-vinegar-coffee-grounds-21 pebreras peppers3 types of guinea-peppers-mercury-limaya-ash coal-pica-pica-eyebale egun-sheetcob-gunpowder-ayakua-3-obi candles.Put the black fabric with the name of the two 7 times each cross, is pouredall the ingredients, except the powder and ear leaf.It spits inside, fabric liablack, making a mezzanine with 7 knots and wrapped in sheet cob and becomes apackage with a strip of fabric are other black and 7 knots becomes firm derailin soil and has Ozain above the powder is placed in the package before the arrowfirm, given the package and Ozain Ayacu, throughout the play should be on 3candles around, gives fire to the powder and obi wonders package destination.Obara work to cure with Che. -

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Components: Akuko.They sweep the house from the inside out, dirt piles behind the door,elegua placed above and given akuko.Working to bind or restrain a person. -Components: Red Ribbon-7-7 glasses of water inside-7 red flowers candles.You take a red ribbon and make it 7 knots at each node gets a paper 7 timesbehalf.were caught 7 glasses of water are placed in a circle and put seven red flowers.Getsin the paper center with the name 7 times.The red ribbon is placed in the middle or abovevessels.Please at 7 powers, putting seven candles around, held for 7days asking.Be the obi given if you have to give something more and destiny.To not speak. -Components: wire-akuko.It gives a akuko to elegua asking, you take the role name 3 times, chalk withakuko tongue, with red and black thread and put him 3 days to elegua, wonders destinationakuko and package.Ire Works and Odudua to ask. -Components: Coin silver candle-2-16 eyeles fun fun-pan-16-epo-sulfur wicks.Odudua opens, puts up a silver coin, 16 candles are lit around,give two eyeles funfun and putting lids on top.Put the casserole, with 16wicks in epo and sulfur mud, catching and calling.Reinforcement of Ogun. -Components: 21 sticks of pure ogun-7-7-7 eyeles candles.It takes the pot is put around the sticks 21 is filled again, becomes a jorojoro in the ground and buried without cover it, turn it around and 7 candles give 7eyeles, puts on aleyo knees before going begging, are lit and pure 7stop smoking around and going one by one in ire, while still asking whenjust gets up, pulls ogun and thrown into the eyeles joro joro, cigars and candles.Then plug the hole, throwing eku, her watery IMO.Work with Ogun Tuesday, 13. -Components: White plate-glass-white sugar-white flowers bouquet.

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It puts a plate of white sugar, a glass of water, bouquet of white flowers, islight a candle and asked what they want.Damage to Shango. -Components: Lizard-thread-square head nailYou take a lizard, he opens his mouth he puts a piece of paper with the name ofaraye once sewn lizard's mouth was left hanging on a palm of a red thread,This is tied to a square head nail that digs into the palm.Work with Obatala to maturity. -Components: 2 bishops 2 eyeles-check ingredients orula-efun-tar.They hold two obis one efun painted white and the other black tar of.It opens up aobi eye to water is emptied.My name is written eight times and introduced into the blank andthe other that of the Arayes 8 times, the ingredients are added to check for bad orula,is placed at the foot of obatala eyeles to dandle two bishops and Obatala, becoming sarayenye before.To convince when we talk. -Components: stick sticks-epo-Oni.You take a stick of world turns, change voice, change direction or another we may designateorula, smeared with epo and Oni, is carried in the mouth.To leave us alone. -Components: I-2 Root eyeles-amala-ila-red-white dish cloth-obi.Write the name of the person in a gourd 6 times with pencil and begins to Shangothe floor next.You take a brown paper and write the name 6 times above thepaper you put roots, kill the 2 eyeles Shango and the foot of the gourd, the Lerisof eyeles shango put it.Amala is made ila bursts inside the gourd hirviendoyShango gets up, then capped with a red cloth.He picks up a new white plateand smoked, type the name of the person and the cloth is placed over his stomach andshango lid.Before plugging shango given obi and wonders.NATO-days-destination.After removing the cover to work with alamo Shango.For two separate people. -Ingredients: 1 cup-ingredients that holds together.You take a glass with the name of each folded 7 times, was able to question thecatch, get into the glass that holds together ingredients (car oil, vinegar, salt,oil, lemon).Cover and let the foot of power, while orula mark.For separation. -Components: Banana-fish-birdseed.They handle a banana and is stuffed with fish, bird seed is cast and the name of the person.Place the fish at the bottom of ochosi, wondering day, takes the mount and Moyugba

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to ochosi.Then he says: "Just as the fish decays to decayfriendship ...... "" Just as birds fly after eating the fish, so fly ......andre not importune "Luckily bathroom. -Components: Purslane-parsley-yellow petals.They hold all the ingredients are placed 5 days and 5 nights at the serene and after bathingthus at 17h on a Friday.Petition Oshun. -Components: Plato egg-white-5-5 oil wicks.You take the white plate was cast 5 eggs, add cinnamon, is poured enoughcooking oil and wicks are five lights for 5 days and they are required to ochun.Work for Ire in business. -Components: Eku-her-watery-efun-ori-chain-2 nails via-Ota-Ochosis.It makes a trench in the door, check eku, her watery efun, ori, and what mark epoorula (gold, silver, coins), gets a string with a nail on each end and is looking for aota, is placed in the middle and get 1,3,7 ochosis, looking out.Ota: orula asks:What saint stands?.Where is sought Ota?.If you have to add fuche of sticks?.When we know these are asked Ota following:If ocha is OTA?.If going to defend in place?.Represents ocha If we defend?.Orula are asked which animal is given.Work to placate the foot of Obatala. -Components: Balm quiet-1 pan-merengue-flag.You take a loaf is written 8 times the name of the person, are quiet balm smeared, is

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gets between bread as a bacadillo.It takes a meringue and puts up with aflag.It asks Obatala that appeases the person.For people coming to the house. -Components: 1 epo-fish-blue ribbon, red and white-1 plate-NIB-lozenges-dry wine-1snuff-open-path-breaking Saraguey siguaraya-akuko.It catches a fish is grilled, it will spread epo, tied with a white ribbon, red andblue, is placed in a dish and pours Oni, lozenges and dry wine, he lights a snuffand allowed to stand for 3 days elegua.At 3 days takes a dump and bathes 3 days withsticks, once given a akuko to elegua.For people coming to the house. -Components: amala-epo-Oni-okra-azulete holy water.Amala is mixed with epo and Oni, is watered throughout the house.He gets a bit of slimeShango cast okra.With holy water flushes out the house.At the end you put agourd with blue water behind the door.For clamping. -Components: Stein-holy water-ori-2 slugs almond-poppy-oil-amansaguapo.You take a white cup is put the name of the person, amansaguapo, holy water, 8original pieces, 2 slugs live, almond oil and poppy, puts the foot of Obatala andis put a lamp with amansaguapo, ori and slugs, turns a full day.For clamping. -Components: stone-iman-yellow precipitate mercury-sugar-cinnamon-balm-quietori-sweet-almond oil-holy water-steps of his head.It gets 5 times the name of the person in a gourd, add a lodestone and allthe above ingredients and let the foot of Oshun.For clamping. -Components: Lodestone chicks eyele-2-4 spools red, yellow, white andblue-dry wine.Wondering who takes holy work, is given 2 eyeles, take the land of their saliva orshoes of the person is written on paper the names of the two people together, youputs the lodestone of the hearts and saliva eyeles or earth and becomes a packageentizandolo with colored threads.He goes into a jar with dry wine and let thesaint who lifted the work.SECRETS OF DIFFERENT SIGNS.

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BABAYOGBE. -Work to move up a position. -Components: Cotton - Oni - ori-efun - 2 itanas-white sugar.A tower is made of cotton and put it in the names of those whohave to do with the rise, will be thrown oni, original, and efun.It embarran 2 itanas of origin andwhite sugar will turn to slime off the tower from Thursday to Thursday.Before going toplace will be smeared on the face IYE poppy eyele juju ashes and efun fun fun.EachOnce you are completed itanas renewed.To defeat the araye. -Components: black Plate - 1 gourd - 7 kinds of drinks - obi - guinea pepper - Adie funfun and dun dun - 2 itana.Put a plate which is painted black babayogbe, placed above a gourd with 7 classesdrinking, put it around 16 pieces of obi with a pepper each.Actfollowed adie given to orula, a fun fun and a dun dun: ADIE fun fun is the firstorula eyebale throwing on the obi and over the plate.They light two itanas at the plate, whichis where the work is done, and after 16 days everything is collected and thrown into the corner.Work for elegua work. -Components: 1 jicara - 16 ila - iyefa.It takes a gourd of water and throw it 16 ila minced, is poured iyefa, stirirofa tip with praying babayogbe and is poured elegua above.To claim debts. -Components: 1 akuko - iyefa - wonderful.It gives a akuko to Ogun and orugbo with this and were Malu.It makes apayeru and ligated with alittle wonder iyefa and leaves and blown 3 times (days) for the road on the right andleft of the door.To thrive. -Components: 2 Adie fun fun - 4 eyele fun fun - 1 osadie - ori - efun - basil Maroon -acacia and prodigious.Adie is given to baba meyi funfun two eyele funfun to Oshun, a osadie to elegua and two eyelehis leri with ori, efun and 6 bathrooms with basil give Maroon, acacia and prodigious.WithThis flushes the house himself.Ogbe Wori. -To remove araye. -Components: 1 gourd - brown paper - owunko keke - eko - iyefa - asho pupua.It takes a large gourd within Wori Ogbe is written, you will take a role withArayes names.On the above one Jicarita with eko and placed beside elegua,Wori Ogbe is prayed and given a owunko to elegua keke.Then everything becomes a littleof iyefa and soon going to the cemetery with asho pupua.

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Ogbe ROSO. -Working to solve problems. -Components: 1 jio jio - eku - Eya - agbado - epo - oti - IMO - candy.He goes to the corner and throws eku, Eya, agbado, epo, oti, omi, candy and gives jio jio.Letting the leri with all ingredients.Tied with a thread left leg and takes jio jio indoors and draggingleft before elegua and gives obi, omi tutu to ask what you do with that, if you gofor nigbe whole or cut into pieces.Ogu To remove the door of the house. -Components: 3 pomitos - IMO - eku - Eya - epo - agbado - eyele fun fun - Oni.3 crosses are made under the door and write Ogbe Roso.Put a glass of omiabove each cross and goes botandolos sequence each day.At 3 day gets eku, Eya, epo,agbado.AWO is cleaned with eyele funfun and turns on the signs that are roso Ogbeunder crosses and is made with the eyele eyebale, a cross behind the door,Oni pours and covered with husk and so left 3 days.After everything is clean and boot.To zoom achelu. -Components: 1 itana - 1 obi - 1 eyele.Oshosi is placed on a plate and behind the camera is placed itana on,Ogbe floor is painted roso, obi given to Oshosi omi tutu.It is given a Oshosi eyele to thewhich is then slit with a knife from the crop downwards and placed on openOshosi.Wondering where to go and how he wants.BARA Ogbe. -Work with elegua to ask. -Ingredients: palm oil.It pulls elegua smeared butter, put in the sun and when hot, is pouredcold water and says "So you've got me, so I I have you, you have to give me ........".For development. -Components: It covers elegua with mosquito net at noon, he lights aitana are cast three little water on the door and it's up to Obatala asking agogo healthpeace and development.To avoid falling into trap. -Components: Otanes Shango-alamo-ram-akukoMake a circle on the floor and write Otura che - Ogbe bara - Oche ture.PutOtanes above the Shango and he pounces alamo, the ram is about to bealamo eat and when they are doing makes choro choro, then gives a cock.

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Ogbe SA. -To resolve problems with others. -Components: paper - ori - 7 cave cockroaches.Apareyu is made with the names of Arayes written on paper that is coatedof origin, are placed in the package apareyu with cockroaches and boot on the mountain.When cockroaches start to walk and eat the apareyu with paper withArayes names, the unrest took hold of the person.Ogbe TUA. -For memory. -Components: leri Adie - ori - efun - Ewe Osain - cotton sheets.Crush all ingredients and wrapped in cotton sheets and every day isput a little on your leri.Work for the pregnant woman. -Components: 1 adie - Oni.It happens to women a muddy adie Eni in Oni by the foot of bare belly oshunsaying:"As you eat and this puts adie Eni and chickens out and this woman wants to have hisson safe and sound. "CHE Ogbe. -For ire. -Components: 1 parrot feather-ache of orula.Pray in the board structure-Ogbe oche che-che otura, breaking Odums with 1 parrot feather andtake over.Oyekun Meyi. -To conserve power. -Components: 1 her tutu - obi - 1 osaidie-epo - rosewater.Put in a casserole with one eye epo muddy tutu and placed against Osain.It makes a osaidie jabado sarayenye was dismembered and thrown alive into thecasserole.Obi is given to Osain tuto omi and taken to Mt.He puts Egun roast pork and after bathing with rose water.CHE Oyekun. -

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For ire. -Components: 1 sugarcaneIt takes a sugar cane is put to Shango 6 days and is buried at the foot of a palmleaving 1/3 off and expected to grow, as you grow will grow our ire.IWORI Yekun. -For owo. -Components: Maloja corn - 1 ear - asho fun fun.Corn cob is cut into two parts, wrapped in sheets maloja separatelycome together and asho entizan with fun fun and makes you Orunmila, saying: "Orunmilaowo umbo ire. "ODI Yekun. -Work to resolve some money. -Components: 2 white dishes - Oni.He puts two white plates with Baba Oni Opolopo for 16 days and they are required.ODI RETE. -Powder to disrupt. -Ingredients: 3 peppers - land of two hills - house Wasp - 7 grains of salt - sesame -iyefa - oyuoro - ere dun dun - pupua.They hold all the ingredients listed and make fine powder.ODI FUN. -For memory. -Components: otiYou take a spoon and gets into oti, scraped in 3 days and take.TURA IROSO. -To ward off egun obsessing. -Components: obi - efun - 2 branches of mauve.You take a pint of obi and efun.They hold two branches of mauve, with a sarayenye becomesile rolling to the obi around the house and breaks into the street.Work to overcome the difficulties. -Components: milk Eure - Oni - rompesaragey - opens way - Cotton - sandbox.

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You take the milk is poured Oni and passed for 16 days over his face.Then givesrompesaragey ewe bath, open road, cotton and sandbox.I hear a and Ashahe smokes in the 4 corners.Ojuani Meyi. -Work against Arayes. -Components: 1 mirror - EKU - it - awado - 1 osaidie - hot epo.Above the mirror is cast, eku, her awado, given a osaidie to elegua, is poured epohot mirror and elegua.OBARA Meyi. -To resolve situations. -Components: 1 dock - quimbonboCooks quimbonbo tongue and spread on top of Shango.Wondering which waycatches and days.OBARA OGUNDA. -To be considered. -Components: Itamorreal - orozus - EKU - it - agbado - rotten earth - 2 itanas.It is a ball with everything and puts it with 2 itanas shango lit and begs 6days asking people to have to consider.At 6 days is given to obi tuto omishango to see where it takes.TURA OBARA. -For economic development. -Components: ewe of mongoose with its fruits.He gets to Orunmila ewe of mongoose with its fruit and when they break are collectedseed powder is made with the ewe and blown at the door to development.OKANA Ogbe. -To avoid embarrassment. -Components: 4 bishops.

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They hold four bishops, split in half and put it Obatala asking us fromembarrassment, at 8 days left at the foot of a palm.OKANA Meyi. -To resolve situations. -Components: 1 akuko.You take a akuko and is presented to elegua and asked the opposite of what is desired,darseloy ceremony does not give anything, so he deceives.Sets Eleguanervous and gives the opposite of what was asked.OGUNDA Ogbe. -To solve problems. -Components: 1 steak - epo - iyefa.You take a steak opens like a book and smeared with epo, he misses and is presented iyefaOgun, the request is made, closes and puts up to 3 days ogun.BARA OGUNDA. -To get rid of the enemies. -Components: two roosters fight.They hold two fighting cocks and get to fight for a while, then give Shango and Osain,Arayes calling.In one of the spurs is mounted to be free inshe foralways enemies.KANA OGUNDA. -To solve money problems. -Components: 6 green bananas bunch.He put Shango and when ripe are taken to a palm tree and ceiba or there isask what you want.OGUNDA Meyi. -Working to solve problems. -Components: used motor oil.

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It is a lamp unto egun with oil, is prayed asking work and evolutionor putting a tena orun walk.TURA OGUNDA. -Powder to destroy Arayes. -Components: black dog bones - ortiguilla - 17 scent seeds - toasted sesame seeds -juju - leri of etu - 17 peppers.It takes all dust and placed at the foot of Osain for 17 days and then leaves blowinghome of the enemy.OTURA SA. -Works for sa otura destroy. -Components: ewe jumps parakeet - 1 eyele.You take the ewe is crushed and then dried, is given a eyele to Oya and then makesall dust and blows it sa otura to destroy.Work 3 cemeteries to destroy. -Components: brown-butter role remains corojo-food-guinea-3 akuko peppers.They make three EBOS with brown paper to write the name of the enemy is10 Odums bad write up, smeared with palm oil and added 9guinea peppers, food scraps are thrown.With the leftovers of food is anotherpackage, is seeking three cemeteries.Working in graveyards: abandoned egun is sought, at the foot of this is Moyugba andArayes appoints, to egun realizes what is going to do with the coconut turnsone itana his foot, he blows oti, cleaned with akuko attendees and gives the ebo andto egun, was thrown into akuko omi tuto and Oni, touch the tomb and he is asking.IRETE UNTELU. -

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To avoid this the achelu.Components: oti-salt 1 egg-white-ash-epo-efun-1 glass.It is written on 4 sides Irete untelu egg, is placed inside the glass and filled with oti,smeared edges of Epo, turns on a casserole so that through the vessel isread Ogbe tua, around the vessel bursts efun, salt and ash left behind the door ifgoes into a register as odum oti is blown out of the door 3 times, if very vinbieragiven a strong akuko or dove.IRETE Kutan. -For Arayes destruction. -Ingredients: 1 can with lid - pebbles - brown paperYou take the can and put it in to sound it rocks, it is put into a role withenemies name written seven times each.For 3 days and 12 midnightOsain blows before or the saint who is responsible to a lit itana,calling for the destruction of enemies.On the third day after the sound it before osha,the resumes well on your door at 12 at night and the strip to the street toroll.Ofun Ogbe. -To counter the enemies. -Components: 3 balls of minced raw beef - amala - epo - brown paper -Oni.3 balls are prepared with meat, amala and epo, put the name of the enemywithin 3 times.Alos take 3 days at 3 corners and get tossed in the last cornerOni and check when I get home is to check elegua Oni.SECRETS OF EwesSesame. -Owner: San Lazaro.If a child eats it ill San Lazaro.They can not even look at him.If sesame isscatters, causing an epidemic.Linked with moves away evil corojo bark, quicksilver and guinea pepper.The seed powder and made coffee drink is an aphrodisiac.Alamo. -Owner: Shango.When Shango is angry with alamo was calm, and maidenhair zaraguey breaks.Use in wash-downs to ward off evil spirits and witchcraft worse.Basil. -Fits good luck, to strip the bad influences, against the evil eye.

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Incense burned away the evil spirits.Used to spoil.Work to attract good influences:3 bathrooms are made of basil of all species, with lilies and white roses,during basils must be in place between one section without, at the same timewill be done within 5 days at the head of the bed one egg yolk with honey,then throws the bush are made from corn and balls 7 are left at the foot of Elewa 3days, then in July botandolas corners that surround the house.Essence for a couple to marry:Juice of basil, toasted hay, holy water, orange blossom water, water jar and oshundry wine.Almond. -Owner: Obatala and IFA.The leaves are used to cool the head.In offal, baths and wash-downs purifiersof the house.Amansaguapo. -Used to soothe, soften rough and dominate.Working to get what you want from someone: is chalking amansaguapo with white threadand black is put brandy, dry wine, honey and cinnamon, put the daysmark at the foot of the saint who defend us and takes over.Rice. -Owner: Obatala.The water in which rice has been washed kills witchcraft.It is used to clean the hinges ofthe door or the place where it has been launched.Azucena. -Owner: Obatala and Odda.Appease the environment, attract good and sweet influences.Bath for good luck: lilies, bells, black elderberry, rose water, waterazahar.Must be 8 bathroomsBoniato. -Owner: Orishaoko and Oshun.What eats Osain, likes all orishas except Obatala and Oya.Cape ax. -Owner: OyaUsed with Oya for us to win a war.Palo strong.Caimito. -Owner: OyaIt is a very witch stick.With the look is achieved that it is not or not reveal what it is.Labour to seeks us who we find: It buries the name of the personwe are looking at the stick, light a candle upside down, stick it up and spits itget 3 kicks.Is thrown where we check.Pumpkin. -Owner: Oshun.To harm: They hold a pumpkin leaves, ash, wraps the name of theperson and if possible some personal detail, it gets wrapped around the foot of Oshun andsays "as this ash was consumed is consumed .......".

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To rout: With 7 well dried pumpkin leaves and 21 grains of pepper, echofuche everything was disrupts any home.Canela. -Owner: Oshun Yeye Kari andWith cinnamon prepare all kinds of filters and loving talismans.It has great powerattraction and is essential for love affairs.It gets in your mouth toany request you want to do.To seduce and tame: scratch cinnamon stick, amansaguapo, for me and liana Congo,sun-dried 3 days, mix and sprinkle over before seeing the personU.S. Interests.To seduce: is a bathroom with essence, cinnamon powder and flowers sprinkled on exitcinnamon by the body and put a twig in his mouth before seeing the person of ourinterest.Sugarcane. -Owner: Shango.To sweeten: in a glass of water with 2 tablespoons sugar gets a candleon with the name of the person you want to sweeten up melt.Cedro. -Owner: Shango.It is one of the most sacred trees in the world.For evil does not come into a house with a cross of cedar behind the doortied with a red ribbon.Cipres. -Used to demonic invocations, is very dangerous, like any plant thatgrow into a cemetery.To bad: it started a branch of cypress or otherwise of any tree or bush ile-iku, you explain to Osain to want that tree or branch and take it home theremoored to the branch clothes, hair, nails, his portrait or just his name and made 7moorings with black thread.Tightening each knot is recited a creed