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  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


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    IELTS Speaking Test Japan

    Here is a sample of some speaking questions from an IELTSin Japan recently.

    IELTS | Part 1What is your full name?My name is Asami Takashi

    Can I see your ID?Yes, here's my identification.

    Do you work or study?I am a student.

    What city are you from?

    I'm from Osaka

    Where is it located exactly?Osaka is in the Kansai region of Honshu, Japan's main island. It is located on the Yodo River on OsakaBay, it's the third largest city in Japan.

    Do you like living there?Yes, I do, I think it's a lovely place.

    Tell me some interesting facts about it.Okay, well, Osaka is considered to be one of the economic centers of Japan and in the past it was famous

    as a trading center, especially for rice, and was where the first modern futures market developed.

    Are there many large cities in your country?Not all of them are large, I think there are ten cities which have more than 1 million people living in themThe three largest ones are Tokyo, then Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya. These are the largest cities and havmore than 2 million people living in them. The other cities are smaller.

    IELTS | Part 2Describe the thing that you cannot live without (except phone and internet). Please say:

    - What is it?- Why cant you manage without it?- How long have you had it for?- How did you feel when you were without it?

    Sample answer:I would have to say my car. Public transport in Japan is not so conevenient and sometimes

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    infrequent so havng a car is the preferred choice for getting around, especially if you have to traveto various places. I use my car mainly to go from my home to university and back. But at themoment I'm also workig as a part-time intern in a local business so I have to go there threeafternoons a week as well. Trying to do all that by using public trasport would be almost impossiband would take a lot more time.

    I've had my car for about two years now, it's a Toyota Prius and I love it. It's very comfortable and

    well equipped and it's also easy to park and economical to run. I can't imagine having to do all thethings I do normally without having my car.

    But a few months ago there was a problem with it. I noticed a strange noise coming from the frontof the car one day. At first I ignored it, but then it gradually became worse and worse. I told mybrother about it and he arranged for the car to be inspected by the mechanic. I'm not a very technicperson , but apparently there was a problem with the suspension and they had to replace a part. This the only problem I've ever had with it. The bad news was that they had to order the part specialland I was without my car for about ten days in total. It made my daily activities very difficult, anddidn't really like using the public transport at all. It wasted so much time.

    I was surprised how quickly I had gotten used to having my car and just how convenient it is. Ihope that in the future I don't have any more problems with it. It really is an essential part of my liand I don't want to be without it again.

    IELTS | Part 3Why do you think teenagers always want to have the latest devices such as the iPhone 5?I think it's quite natural. We live in a world that functions and centers around technology nowadays andhaving the latest device allows you to make the most of the advances and developments in the market. It'sthe same as older people like to have the latest model of car or a new apartment. People like to have thebest or the latest version of things. It's not just teenagers.

    Why do they often buy a new one even though they already have one? One reason could be that each new verison normally has more functions or features than the older one andallows the user to do more or access more things. Some people also believe that the newest version ofsomething is always better.

    What do they do with the old one after buying a new one?Many of my friends give their old devices to their younger brothers or sisters or to another family membeI have one friend who is a real technology freak and he always finds a way to use the old device forsomething else, another project or purpose.

    How hard is it for parents to convince their children not to buy an expensive phone?I think it's very hard. Many parents grew up without the internet and such digital devices being a normalpart of life. They are still relatively new, so parents might not really appreciate just how important andinteresting they are for young people.

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    IELTS Speaking Test Australia

    IELTS speaking test Australia | Part 1 Questions

    What is your full name?

    My full name is ...

    Can I see your ID?yes, here's my passport.

    Where are you from?I'm from Vietnam originally, and I've been in Australia for 3 months.

    Do you work or study?I'm studying here and working part-time.

    What subject are you studying?I've been studying English to improve my IELTS score.

    Why do you think people choose such a subject in your country?In my country English is very popular, especially among young people because they think that it is a wayto improve their opportunities for the future. If you can speak English well, there are better job prospectsand you can maybe study at a university in a foreign country.

    Do you like reading books?Yes, I love reading.

    What type of books do you like reading?I like reading fiction, mainly thrillers.

    Are you reading a book presently?Yes, at the moment I'm reading a book by Daniel Silva, in English, it's called The English Assassin

    In the future, Would you like to write a book?Maybe, I really love reading, but I'm not sure if I would be any good at writing, but I like the idea of maybwriting a book when I'm older.

    IELTS speaking test Australia | Part 2 questions

    Describe a city that you have visited. You should say:

    - where the city is (and its name)- when you went there- what you liked most about the city and explain why this city left an impression on you.

  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


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    I'll talk about Sydney, which I visited last month. I went with some friends I met here and we spent theweekend there. It's the capital, but not of Australia, of New South Wales but it is the most populated city the country. It's located on the south-east coast of the country next to the Tasman Sea. I think thepopulation is something like four and a half million people. It's such a famous city and everyonerecommended that we go and visit it.

    We arived early on Saturday morning and started by taking a stroll around the harbor area. It's veryinteresting and there are lots of ships to see and along the side of the harbor there are lots of restaurants ancafes you can go to.

    Then we went on an open-topbus tour that took us around the city. We saw all the maiin Sydneyattractions such as Darling Harbour, Circular Quay, The Rocks, the Opera House, Hyde Park, Kings Crosand the Royal Botanic Gardens, and there was another place but I can't remember it's name. We did anothbus tour on Sunday, but that one took us more out of the city to Bondi Beach and some other places.

    I particularly like the variety of things to see and do in and around the city, and the days we were there th

    weather was just perfect, so we could rally enjoy everthing. I think what impressed me ost was how cleanand well kept all the different areas were, and like I said, the variety of activities and attractions. You canfind sport, adventure, culture and lots more, and oh yes, the people we met that weekend were very friendto us.

    IELTS speaking test Australia | Part 3 questions

    Why do you think many people prefer to live in the city instead of in a rural area?Well,in my country it's because there is more work. In the countryside it is mainly agriculture and manyyounger people prefer to work in other types of job and there are better opportunities in the cities. Ingeneral, there are more facilities and more things to do in a city. I think they are more interesting as a plac

    to live. There are many more things to do and people to meet.

    Would you agree that people living in rural areas have fewer problems than people living in cities? There is certainly less crime and living in a rural area is more peaceful and safe, but it depends on the typof problems you are talking about. People can get sick in a city or in the country, it's the same. People canbecome depressed or unhappy in both places. Life in the country is maybe simpler than city life and lessstressful, but it doesn't mean you won't have problems if you live in a small village in the country - maybejust a different kind of problem. I know of some farmers, friends of one of my uncles, that have someserious problems with their farms.

    Do you think it's just as good to live in the suburbs of a city as it is to live in the middle of the city?

    I think both places have some advantages and disadvantages. Living in the city center is very convenient,everything is very close and you can find anything you want within walking distance. Living in the suburbis maybe better for families because it's a little quieter and safer for children but still close to all thefacilities of the city.
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    How do you think a town changes and grows to eventually become a city?Historically most places grew because of trade and business. Maybe because the town was near the sea orhad a railway or something important to make people want to go there. Many of the industrial townsoffered jobs for many people so that's why their populations grew and they eventually developed intocities. Now, it's a little different, as more people are working through technology and are able to work froanywhere and still communicate with people for work and business. Maybe in the future there won't besuch massive growth of towns like in the past.

  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


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    IELTS Speaking Test Brazil

    IELTS Speaking Test in Brazil, October 2013

    Part 1 IELTS speaking test Brazil

    What is your full name?

    My name is Amanda Barbosa

    Can I see your ID, please?

    Of course, here's my ID card

    Where do you live?

    I live here in Sao Paolo

    Is it an apartment or a house?

    I live in a house, with my parents. It's in a residential area of the city.

    What is your favorite room in the house? [Why?]

    My favorite room is the kitchen, it's where we all meet and talk about things. It's also where my motherspends a lot of her time and I still have happy memories of spending days with her in the kitchen when I

    was a child.

    What is your favorite color? [Why?]

    Black, that's a color, isn't it? I know it's a bit strange ... but I love black. Not everything in black, but I thinit's such a strong color.

    Do your friends like the same color?

    No, most of them don't ... they used to laugh whenever we saw anything black and they would joke aboutit. Now, not so much ... they just accept it. Anyway, I like other colors too, it's just that black is my favori


    Part 2 IELTS speaking test BrazilTalk about a funny show you saw or a funny incident that happened to you. Please say:

    - What was it?- Why was it funny?- Who was there with you? and what you remember most about it.

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    Okay, so a couple of months ago I was attending a job interview in a building downtown. Theoffice was on the sixth floor so I took the elevator up there, I had never been there before so it wasall strange to me. I was looking around for the name of the company where I had to go but couldnsee where I should go. I was still standing near the elevators when suddenly the doors of one ofthem opened ... and then that's when suddently something very funny happened, a woman wascoming out of the elevator and caught the heel of her shoe in one of the spaces between the elevato

    and the floor, I think her heel broke and she awkwardly fell forward towards me ... it was like it whappening in slow motion ... and without thinking I put out my arms to catch her so she wouldn'tfall on the floor. But when I caught her, I lost my balance too and we both fell onto the floor.

    We weren't hurt and after a few moments we looked at each other and started laughing about it.Some other people helped us up onto our feet again, and the woman thanked me and shook myhand and asked me if I was sure I was alright and not hurt, and then she turned around and walkedaway.

    Anyway, I finally arrived at the office, went to the reception desk and told the receptionist that I harrived. She asked me to sit and wait for the person who would be doing the interview.

    I sat in reception for about ten minutes and read a magazine. I was very nervous because it was myfirst real interview for a job in my career after university, so I wanted to make a good impressionon everyone. I had spent a lot of time choosing what I thought were the perfect clothes for theinterview and I thought I was very well prepared, but I was still very nervous and I felt a littlemessy after the incident with the woman.

    Then a door opened, and a woman came out of the room and came towards me, she looked veryelegant and important. She looked at the receptionist, who nodded, and then came towards me. Shwas smiling but I was still feeling nervous ... it was the same woman who I had caught as she fellout of the elevator just 20 minutes ago. She smiled at me and thanked me again for catching her an

    we began chatting. Then, I didn't feel so nervous because at least she understood why I looked alittle messy.

    The best thing about the whole incident was ... I got the job. I think I must have made a goodimpression on her!

    Part 3 IELTS speaking test Brazil

    Is laughter important in our life?

    Yes, I think it is. Life can be very serious sometimes and having a good laugh makes you feel bettabout everything, for a while anyway. Even experts and doctors say that laughing is good for youbecause it can reduce stress levels. I think life would be very boring if we didn't laugh at anything

    What difference is there between mens and womens humor?

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    The difference? Well, I think that women laugh at things which are funny for them and men do thsame ... I mean laugh at things which are funny for men. The problem is that many women don'tunderstand why men find something funny and likewise men don't understand why something isfunny for women, but that's ok, we're completely different after all. We're not meant to be the samI think humor for men is more childish than women's humor, but that's just my impression, I couldbe wrong.

    Does laughter help one to learn a language?

    I'm not sure, I've never thought about it. Maybe, I know I used to watch some American TVcomedy shows when I was learning English, but there was a lot of things they said that weresupposed to be funny that I didn't understand at first. There's a lot of cultural references and thingslike that involved in humor, so unless you understand how the people think, their history andnormal behaviors and everything, it can be hard to decide what is really funny. Now, I understandmore, because I have more experience, so yes, I suppose laughter could help you learn a languageif it doesn't confuse you.

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    IELTS USA speaking test

    Part 1 | IELTS USA speaking test

    What is your full name?It's Elizabetta Canalis

    Can I see your ID please?Yes, of course, here's my passport.

    Where are you from?I'm from Rome in Italy.

    Are you working or studying at the moment?I'm doing both. I'm studying English here because I want to go to university here and I'm also doing some

    work as a model.

    Are you fond of receiving gifts?Yes, I love getting gifts, and giving them to people too.

    What kinds of gifts do you like to receive most?Gifts from my friends mostly because they know me well and are good at choosing gifts that I like. It's nito get surprise gifts too sometimes though.

    What was the last gift you received?It was a surprise from my father. He organized my tickets to come to the USA. I was planning to pay for

    them myself, but he surprise me by announcing that he had already bought them and taken care of all thearrangements. It was really nice of him.

    Part 2 | IELTS USA speaking test

    Describe an outdoor activity that you did for the first time. Please say:

    - What did you do?- Where and when did you do it?- How did you feel later?

    and say if you would recommend this activity to your friends

    Sample answer:I'll tell you about something I did last month, for the first time. I was invited by a friend to go rockclimbing, well, to be honest it was rock climbing but indoors (at the beginning), not on a mountainHe's been doing it for about six months and I had asked him about it once as I was curious how yocould climb inside. He tried to explain to me about the 'rock wall' that they use to practice and it asounded very interesting. Anyway, I joked with him that I would like to try it someday, but I didn

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    think he took what I said seriously at the time.

    So one weekend last month he just called me, on a Friday evening, and asked me what my planswere for the next day. I told him that I hadn't planned anything special, but maybe I would goshoppng or meet a girlfriend for lunch or something like that, just to relax. That's when he told methat he was going to take me to a rock climbing center here in the city and show me what it was alabout. I'd forgotten all about our conversation until he invited me to go with him.

    It was great fun, although I was a little scared at first, apprehensive really more than scared, as theinstructor was very good and I started practising on the ground and very low on the wall to gain mconfidence so there was very little risk. After training with the instructor for a few hours andlearning all about the safety aspects and the basic techniques used in climbing I thought that thatwas the end of the activity. But my friend had arranged for us to visit a place just outside of townwhere we could actually climb on real rocks for practice.

    It was a beautiful day and after practising on the indoor wall I really wanted to try and do it onsome real rocks, so off we went. When we arrived, there were quite a few people climbing alreadyMy friend helped me to get started and accompanied me all the time, he was really very patient, an

    when I thought I was stuck at one point he showed me how I could overcome the problem andcontinue.

    I have to admit that it was a great day, something new and exciting that I'd never done before. Ireally liked it and I think I want to try it again soon. I'll probably have to try and improve my leveof fitness because it seems to be quite demanding physically, but hey, that's a good reason to gettoned and fit which is a good thing. I have another friend who loves doing physical exer cise so I'lprobably recommend it to her also.

    Part 3 | IELTS USA speaking test

    Was it an expensive activity?No, on that occasion it wasn't because my friend arranged everything - it didn't cost me anything. think if you buy some of the special equipment then it could be quite expensive, but then you'llprobably use it for a long time so it's good value for money. I suppose if you were really seriousabout it you could spend more money on travelling to climb in different places, that might be morexpensive than any equipment you buy.

    Do you generally like trying new things?Yes, but I'm really not the adventure type - I don't go for all the adrenalin or extreme sports. Theonly reason I tried rock climbing was because my friend invited me to go with him. If he hadn't, Iprobably would've never gotten round to doing it on my own.

    Would you do the same activity again in the future?Yes, I probably will - I really enjoyed myself and it seems like a great way to stay fit and enjoy thgood weather outdoors at the same time. It's quite relaxing too because you have to concentrate onwhat you're doing so you forget about everything else that might be bothering you in life, it's a bitlike therapy, and when you finish you feel a little tired but very satisfied.

    Do people in your country usually do this type of activity?

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    In my country it's not as popular as it is here. We have many mountains and there have always beeclimbers but here it seems to be a really popular activity, especially with young people.

    How do you think people should be encouraged to do more outdoor activities?I don't know if they should be encouraged on purpose. It's a matter of personal choice. Some peopjust don't like being outside in the country or doing this kind of activity so there's little point in tryto encourage them to do something they aren't interested in. It's nice if they are aware of the

    opportunity to try it - but if they don't want to then ok.

    What do you consider to be the main disadvantage of such activities?Personally, I don't think there are any disadvantages, except it might cost you some money. Mostoutdoor activities are healthy and many such as cycling or even just walking do not require you tobe super athletic or anythig like that, you can just enjoy being outside in the fresh air if you like thkind of thing. I think there are many more advantages than disadvantagse associated with outdooractivites.

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    IELTS China speaking test

    Part 1 | IELTS China speaking test

    What is your full name?

    My name is Zhang Ziyi

    Can I see your ID?Yes, here's my ID card.

    Where are you from?I'm from Beijing

    Are you working or studying?I'm a student, I'm studying Economics at university, here in Beijing.

    Do you live in a house or an apartment?I live with my parents in our family house.

    Which room is your favorite at home?I have two favorite rooms. The first one is my room, because I have all the things I love there and I canrelax and be peaceful there .. and study. I also love our dining room because it has a great big windowwhich allows a lot of natural light to enter thre room ... so it's always very airy and bright, it's a lovely rooto sit in and see the garden outside.

    Do you use any mobile devices except a mobile phone? [Why/Why not?]Yes, I use a tablet. My father bought it fro me a couple of years ago. I use it for checking my email,

    chatting on social media and also for doing research for university.

    When did you first start using mobile devices?Apart from my mobile phone, I suppose it was when I got my tablet ... I hadn't really had a mobile devicebefore that.

    Would you like to swap your mobile device for the latest one? [Why/Why not?] Yes, I was talking to my father just the other day about replacing it, it's getting a bit old and worn now aftabout two years of using it continuously, so I think it would be a good idea to replace it with a newerversion, one that's more powerful and has more memory.

    Part 2 | IELTS China speaking test

    Describe your first day at work or the place where you study. Please say:- What kind of building was it located in?- Why was it important for you to work/study there?- How did you feel at the end of the first day?and explain if you were pleased or disappointed with the experience.

  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


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    Okay, so I'd lke to talk about my first day at university, which was two years ago. It's the University ofInternational Business and Economics in Beijing. It was founded back in 1951 so the building is not new.It's quite big though, and has many different parts to it.

    The campus has a nickname "Hui Garden" () and there is a main building whjich is called Boxue

    () at the northwest of the campus. There is another teaching building on the southeast side called

    Ningyuan (). In the middle of the campus there is also an structure we call Chengxin (). Th

    newest part of the campus is the library which opened in 2008. There is also an area for sports and a lot othe grounds are landscaped. Some people here call it the "Switzerland of Universities in China" because itis quite small but very high quality.

    I wanted to study there because it has a very good reputation and there are a lot of foreign students whocome to study there also. It has a very good academic reputation and many of the students who graduatefrom the university obtain positions in the ministry of commerce and work for the government.

    I had never been to university before, so when I arrived on the first day everythig was strange and new fome. I didn't know anyone there as most of my friends from school chose to study at different places. I canremember feeling confused and a little apprehensive on the first day, but that soon passed when I met

    another girl who lives quite close to me and we have become good friends. I can remember that when Iarrived home after the first day at university I had a headache and felt very tired, but it was still a good da

    Part 3 | IELTS China speaking test

    What do you conside to be the most important factors relating to the place where you work/study? Well, as I said, this university has an excellent academic reputation, an international student body, the staare very good, and many people who work in the ministry of commerce studied here in the past. As I amstudying Economics and would like to work in the ministry in the future, these were some of the reasonswhy I chose to study here. It seemed the most logical choice.

    Should work-at-home jobs be well paid or not? [Why/Why not?]I think it depends on the job. Nowadays many executives and professionals do some or all of thir workfrom home, thanks to technology allowing them to communicate from wherever they are. But there are alpeople who do manual work at home, making things to sell at markets. There is a big difference betweenthe type of work people might be able to do at home, so it's sensible that what they earn depends on whatthey do - not where they do it.

    What is the situation with work-at-home jobs in your country currently? Honestly, I'm not sure, I know that soome artisans work from home and my father, who is a corpoartelawyer, spends maybe half of his time working at home and the rest of the time in meeting s with clientsand in the offices of his company. Apart from that I know that there are many jobs where people work fro

    home using the internet in some countries but here I'm not sure... I've never really thought about it orlooked into it.

    What do you think will be the situation regarding work-at-home jobs 10 years from now? I think that more people will work from home, especially professional people. There are many advantagesit can save time and travel, allow more people to do more work and there are many new careers whichbased on technology nowadays and these are perfect for people working from home because they reallydon't need to go to an office or factory every day to do their work.

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    IELTS USA Speaking Test

    Part 1 IELTS USA speaking testWhat is your full name?My name is ...

    Can I see your ID?Yes, here's my passport

    Where do you come from?I'm from the Ukraine originally, but I've been in the US for the last 5 months, here in Arizona.

    Are you a student or are you working?At the moment I'm studying, but working part-time as well.

    Where do you work?

    I have a part-time position as a research assistant at the university of Arizona here in Tucson.

    What are the main responsibilities of your job?I work in the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory which is used to teach about how the planetary system wasformed and evolved. I have to organize various research tasks and also academic material for participatingstudents as well as assist one of the profesors in her research for the university.

    Do you have any hobbies?Yes, I like to keep fit. I like running and going to the gym or doing Pilates.

    Do you like dancing?

    No, not really. Maybe sometimes if I go to a club with some friends or at a party I'll dance a little, but notvery often.

    Is dancing a good hobby?[Why? / Why not?]I think it could be if you like doing it. There are many types of dance and it's supposed to make you feelgood and relaxed afterwards, so it could be a good therapy for stress. It's certainly popular with a lot ofpeople.

    Do you prefer watching movies at home or at the cinema?[Why?]Can I say both ...because sometimes it depends on the movie. Sometimes I like to go to the cinema with afriend to see the latest movie releases or if the movie is in 3D it's normally better to watch it at the movies

    But there are times when I like to watch a movie when I'm at home just to relax for a while, so I guess Ilike both of the options.

    Do you like watching movies alone or do you prefer to watch them with someone else?[Why?]As I said ... I like both, although I probably prefer to go out with my friends to see a movie at the weekendat the cinema maybe, but during the week I'll maybe watch a movie online by myself.

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    Part 2 IELTS USA speaking test

    Talk about a new law you would implement where you live to make it a better place, please say:- What law would it be?- Will it be easy to introduce such a new law?- Will it be popular?and what the benefits of such a new law would be.

    Sample AnswerI will talk about my own country because I'm not sure about the laws here in the US. But in the Ukraine whave seen several attempts to implement recycling programs, but unfortunately after the initial internationfunding has beed used up they always seem to go bankrupt. Most of them were curb-side recyclingprograms which meant that trucks had to go and collect recycling material from the various areas of thecity and then transport it to a central recycling plant.

    One of the problems with this is the amount of trucks required to make it efficient and also the fact that thtrucks use diesel as fuel which produces even more environmental pollution. There was also a greatemphasis placed on recycling paper, cardboard and plastic rather than more useful materials such as

    aluminum. This is in great demand for construction and production purposes from house building toconstructing airplanes and cars not to mention cans for drinks.

    Aluminum is one of the most useful materials to recycle and it is also a very efficient process. A large parof the cost of producing new aluminum is in the electricity used in the smelting process - recycling it cutsout much of that cost.

    I would pass a law which requires more and more businesses to recycle their products and materials used their production and manufacturing plants and possibly to be responsible for the recycling of their producat the end of their useful lifecycle. This woulod have a greater impact than concentrating on the usualdomestic garbage side of recycling programs which are often more popular for social reasons.

    It may not be easy to introduce such a law and any additional costs for companies may result in slightlyhigher prices to the end consumer but it would probably be more effective. The government could imposefinancial penalties or reward depending on how successful each company is in their recycling efforts.

    I think it would be popular if people understood why it was being done ... and that would mean somepromotion of the idea and concept and a clear explanation of the benefits for the future of the economy anplanet as a whole. Simply recycling more aluminum would reduce the amount of electricity required toproduce new aluminum and that would be an immediate saving, even with the costs of recycling it.

    Part 3 IELTS USA speaking testAre lawyers respected in your country?[Why? / Why not?]Yes, it's a good profession and they are resonably well paid if they work for a good comapny. I think theyare respected because they have to study and prepare a lot, similar to doctors.

    In your opinion is it fair that lawyers are paid very well?Firstly, not all lawyers are paid very well. Like in most countries, lawyers who work in public service forthe government don't earn very big salaries, well, not as much as a lawyer working for an international

  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


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    company or a tax lawyer for example. Is it fair? I think that if the labor market decides that a lawyer shouearn a lot becasue of the type of work they do or because they have a lot of responsibility then that is ok. Imean it's like a soccer player or film star - why do they earn so much money - because the soccer club orthe film company decide that they are worth it or maybe they have skills or knowledge that only a fewpeople possess - which make them rare.

    Do you think that being a policeman is a good career choice? What are some of the advantages or

    disadvantages of this profession?It's a good choice if you want to develop a career in the long term. There is a lot of structure andopportunities within the police. You cal also learn skills that are transferrable to civilian jobs in the futurehave a cousin who is in the police and he loves it. He says the pay is good and the benefits and pensionafter many years of service are better than in many ordinary jobs.

    Do you agree that all policemen should have guns?I'm not sure. I think it depends on where they are and what their responsibilities are. For the police here itnormal, but there are some countries where they don't have all police officers armed. They have specialarmed squads for when it's necessary. But some countries have less armed attacks or violence than othersso I think whether or not the police are armed is based on the local circumstances. I think they should be

    armed if it's likely they will need to deal with armed criminals or violent situations.

  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


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    IELTS Vietnam Speaking Test

    Part 1 IELTS Vietnam speaking test

    What is your full name?

    My name is Vo Hoang Yen

    Can I see your ID?Sure, here's my ID card

    Where are you from?I'm from Ho Chi Minh City

    What is your hometown famous for?I guess that most people would know it as the capital of South Vietnam in the past when we were twoseparate republics. Most people agree that it is the economic heart of the country and makes possibly the

    largest contribution, as a business center, to the overall economy of the country. And of course most peophave heard of the famous musical "Miss Saigon" which was based on some of the historic events that tookplace here in the past.

    Do you still live in your hometown?Yes, I do, I still live with my family there.

    What do you like about living there?It's a large international city, it's busy and exciting and yet you can find quiet places to spend time too. Igrew up there so that's one reason I like it. There are many people from other countries who live and workin the city and there is a lot of international influence which makes it more interesting than some other

    places in Vietnam.

    Are you working or studying at the moment?I'm working and studying. I'm studying theater and working as a model and actress sometimes.

    Do you enjoy your job?Yes, very much. It's interesting and I get to meet lots of different people and sometimes go to differentplaces. I'm a very creative person so the theater and working in drama are two things that I love.

    Is it difficult to get a such a job in your country?It can be. I spent a lot of time doing part-time work and learning about acting before I got some good jobs

    One of the resons I'm studying theater, which covers many more aspects than just acting, is that it will givme more opportunities in the future for different projects.

  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


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    Part 2 IELTS Vietnam speaking test

    Talk about a skill you have learned to do very well (eg. cooking or driving), please say:- What skill did you acquire?- How did you acquire that skill?- How is it important for you?and if you want to learn more about this skill.

    Sample Answer:When I was a little girl I used to love dancing to music so my mother took me to dance classes. I lovedthem and learned lots of different styles of dancing. I started when I was about 7 or 8 years old andpracticed all through the time I attended school. I even entered some competitions but I never won them,there were always girls better than me.

    Competing wasn't really important for me though, I just loved dancing and the rhythm and the movementand stretching helped me keep fit. I didn't really appreciate it when I was younger but I think I lerned a loof self-discipline from my dance classes when I was a little girl. I also learned that if you keep practicingthen even something which seemed impossible can become easy or at least easier, so I guess I learned

    perseverance also.

    My teacher was an ex-ballet dancer trained in classical dance in France, but she also taught us moremodern dancing too so I grew up appreciating many different types of dancing. Even now I still love todance and find it very comforting ... almost therapeutic you might say ... it helps me relax.

    I'm not sure if I would learn or study more about dancing now, I'm more interested in drama and acting, bI will always be very grateful to my mother for giving me the chance to learn and take dance classes and tmy dance teacher for giving me such a special gift that I can still enjoy now.

    Part 3 IELTS Vietnam speaking testWhat are some practical skills that children acquire at school? Well, they learn to read and write, and they learn analytical and thinking skills, and they also learn socialskills as well. I think those are the main ones. Obviously as they get older they learn about specific subjecin more detail.

    How important do you think these skills are?Very important. Especially reading and writing. If a child can read then it is possibly the most importantskill they can learn because then they can learn about anything else by reading about it. The otherskills arimportant too but I think reading is by far the most important one - it can make a person into an

    independent learner and then self-education is possible.

    Do children learn certain skills faster or easier than most adults? In some cases yes. Most people agree that children learn foreign languages easier and faster than mostadults. Maybe adults might learn some skills faster that depend on previous experience, an advantage theywould have over children. But in general I think children have more open minds and can acceptinformation more easily rather than questioning everything or comparing it to what they already know.

  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


    Page 19of

    Do you think that team building is important in the work place?[Why? / Why not?]Generally, yes, because in most work environments you need to collaborate with other people to getanything done. It is easier if everybody works together instead of against each other, so knowing how towork in a team or how to manage a team is a good skill to have.

    Do you like learning new skills or learning about new things related to work? Yes I do, I'm constantly learning new things on the course I'm studying at the moment and I think it's goo

    The more you know the more you can do or the easier things become - and you can also help other peoplemore if that is something you like doing.

    Is it important employers provide opportunities and pay for skill development courses for their

    employees?[Why? / Why not?]In an ideal world that would happen, yes. However, not all employers have the resources to provide suchopportunities for all their employees. I think it is something that large multi-national comapnies do for theemployees, or some of their employees, because they can see the benefits in the long term future, but mansmaller companies simply can't afford to pay for constant training or provide the resources for employeesto always be developing their skills. It is important, but not always practical, depending on thecircumstances.

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    Vietnam IELTS Speaking Test

    IELTS speaking test Vietnam July 2013

    Part 1 IELTS Vietnam speaking testWhat is your full name?My name is ...

    Can I see your ID?Yes, of course, here's my ID

    Where are you from?I'm from Hanoi

    Do you work or study?I'm studying a masters Degree in Business Administration at the moment at the university of graduatestudies here in Hanoi.

    Is cooking popular in your country?Yes, I think it's popular. Most young girls learn from their mother or grandmother how to cook the mostpopular dishes.

    Who normally does the cooking in your house?My mother does most of it - although I often help here when I have time, or if we are having a large mealtogether as a family.

    Would you like to learn how to cook?I would like to learn to cook food from other countries, maybe French cuisine, which is quite popular hereamong some people.

    Why do you want to learn cooking?I think cooking can be a creative activity, when it's not just for feeding the family every day. I find itrelaxing when I do it for fun and like to experiment with diferent ingredients.

    Do you think cooking programs on TV are useful?I think they are interesting and can give you some insiration or motivation to try different things. Myproblem is I can never remember all the details of what I see, only the idea, and so when I try to makesomething it never turns out the same as it did when the chef on TV did it.

    What is the advantage of a TV cooking program?I think they can give you lots of ideas about different cuisine to try and you can also learn some goodcooking tips - but I also like to have a cook book with ecipes or download recipes from the internet - it iseasier to follow them like that.

    Part 2 IELTS Vietnam speaking test

  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


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    Describe how you would organize a surprise party for your friend. Please say

    - Where would you do it?- How would you do it?- What arrangements would need to be done for the party?

    Sample Answer:

    That's easy, I did it for a friend a couple of months ago. It was for my best friend, we have been friendsever since we were little girls. I organized it at her home so she wouldn't expect it. Obviously I had to tellher parents and family and explain that it would be a surprise so they couldn't say anything to her.

    I arranged for her friends from university to come to her house, and I helped prepare the food with some oher aunts, but we did it in the home of one of them so that my friend would have no idea about thepreparations. I wanted to have some special music for her party so I arranged for one of her friends whoplays in a musical group to bring the group and perform for her at her home. They are an acoustic groupand play modern music but with traditional influences and I knew that my friend would love it.

    All the arrangement were done in about a week, after telling her parents about it I had a lot of help from hfamily and also her friends and on the day of the party we did a lot of cooking and prepared all the food athen took it round to my friends house.

    The whole experience was amazing - and my friend loved it alll - it was a very special day for us.

    Part 3 IELTS Vietnam speaking test

    Do you have festivals in your country?Yes, we do, we have many in our culture and as there are various ethnic groups within Vietnam there aresome celebrations which are universal and others which only certain groups of people celebrate.

    Tell me about a local celebration in your town.OK, there are a few, but apart from the big ones like Tet which is celebrated throughout the country, I cantell you about the Co Loa Festival which is a special parade which passes through several differentlocations throughout Hanoi and as part of the parade there are some interesting things to see such aswrestling and cockfighting. The parade normally happens in February each year. It is based on the legendabout An Duong King who came from Au Lac and he had a magic crossbow. The legend says that aGolden Tortoise, presented An Duong Vuong with a very powerful magic crossbow that could kill manyenemy soldiers with only one shot. But the kings daughter told the secret of the magic crossbow to herhusband - he was the rebel leader's son - the legend says that when her father realized he had been betrayeby his own daughter, he killed her and then killed himself.

    What is the relevance of international festivals or celebrations to the worlds community? When it's international I think it's very important because it allows us to learn more and understand moreabout different countries and their cultures. It's always interesting to read about these things but to actuallsee examples at festivals or international events is much better - and sometimes you can meet and talk tothe participants. It is a good thing for international relations and that is imortant as many people arebecoming more mobile and ned to be aware of different aspects of life in various parts of the world.

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    IELTS Speaking Test Canada

    IELTS speaking test Canada July 2013

    Part 1 IELTS Canada speaking test

    What is your full name?My name is ...

    Can I see your ID?Sure, here's my passport.

    Where are you from?I'm from Colombia, but I've been here in Canada for a couple of months now.

    Do you work or study?I'm studying at the moment. I'm doing an English course related to Business.

    Do you live in an apartment or a house? For the time being I'm staying with some friends here in their apartment.

    Do you like living in a big house? [Why?/Why not?]Well, my family house in Medellin, in Colombia is a lot bigger than the aprtment here, and I miss the spasometimes and the garden, but I think living in an apartment is good for lots of reasons, especially if you'rbusy working and don't have time to look after the house.

    Do you prefer to use public transport or a car?I prefer to have a car, I used to have one back home, but here I'm learning to use the public transport - it'sdifferent from back home and it's also more expensive too.

    In your country, do people use public transport a lot?Yes, they do, most people use it, either the buses or taxis which are quite cheap. Cars are quite expensiveand many people can't afford them so public transport is the most common method people use.

    How can people be encouraged to use public transport?I think that's easy - for example back home most people use it because it's cheap, the buses go everywhereand you don't have to wait long to get one. Here it's different, it's more expensive, they are less frequentand buses don't go past many places. If it's convenient then people will use public transport, so it has to be

    cheap, frequent and cover the entire city or area.

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    Part 2 IELTS Canada speaking test

    Describe a room where you stayed for a long period of time. Please say

    - What was the room?- What did you do there?- Why did you spend so much time in there?

    OK, so I'll tell you about my study at home in my parent's house. I spent a lot of time there last year whenwas studying for my Masters Degree. It was originally a bedroom but we converted it some years ago to ba study and installed a desk and chair, a computer and some other things so that my sister and I could eithstudy or work there, my father too sometimes.

    It was a nice room - vith a view out over the garden at the rear of the house and there was a lot of naturallight which came in through a a pair of glass doors. It used to be really nice to spend time in there becasueit was almost like sitting outside but much more comfortable.

    As I said, I used to spend a lot of time there reading and preparing assignments for my course. It was awa

    from the main area of the house so it was always nice and quiet and easy to concentrate when I was inthere. We used to have a sofa in there too so when I felt a little tired I used to have a little siesta on the sofor maybe an hour and then continue studying.

    It really was a very comfortable room to be in and I miss it sometimes.

    Part 3 IELTS Canada speaking test

    Do buildings differ from place to place?Clearly, yes, the styles and the way they are constructed also. There's a big difference between the

    architecture here in Ontario and back home.

    What are the differences between old and modern buildings? I think maybe older building have what most people refer to as 'character' but newer buildings are maybebetter designed in terms of cost, efficiency and nowadays in terms of energy and the environment.

    Do modern buildings offer any advantages? What are they?Yes, many of them are built using better materials and better constrution methods. Also, now there aremore and more buildings, residentialand commercial which are designed taking into account their longterm environmental impact which is important for the future. One of the biggest advantages is that morepeople can now live in the same space as before which is much more efficient use of space and resources

    What do you think buildings will look like in the future?They will probably look very different from what they look like now. One of the problems sometimes isthat people don't like the new buildings that architects design becasue they don't look like traditionalbuidings - but the important thing is that these are buildings of the future not of the past and personally Ithink that buildings will look even 'stranger' in the future as we adapt to new ideas and different concepts how we live and occupy space.

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    IELTS speaking test Bangladesh

    IELTS speaking test in Bangladesh in June 2013

    IELTS speaking test Bangladesh | part 1What is your full name?My name is ....

    Can I see your ID please?of course, yes, here it is.

    Do you work or study?I'm a student at the Asian Unoversity for Women in Dhaka.

    What is considered typical food in your country?In general, the most common ingredients consist of flat bread and rice, but there are many regional foodswhich are also popular. We like to eat chicken, beef and mutton, and vegetables, dal and many dishes areprepared in the form of a curry. I think chatpati, mutton rezala and kheer are the favorites in my family.

    Do parents usually have dinner with their children in your country? Traditionally, yes, and in my house we always eat together unless my father is away travelling on businesMaybe things are changing slowly as more young people seek employment in the large cities and develptheir own livies independently of their families, but in general mealtimes are very important and sharingfood together has a very strong tradition and is seen as important for families to share this time with eachother.

    In your opinion, is it important that parents and children eat together? Personally, yes, I think it's very important. As I was growing up as a young girl I can still remember my

    father telling us about things while we ate together, I also remember when maybe some other familymembers, like one of my uncles, would visit, eating together was always very interesting and anopportunity to share and learn more. I still like having meals with my family.

    IELTS speaking test Bangladesh | part 2Describe an unusual or interesting thing you did recently. You should say:

    - Where did you do it?- When did you do it?- Who did you do it with?

    - Why was it interesting?

  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


    Page 25of

    I can tell you about a trip I made a few months ago. I went to London in the UK with one of my professorfrom university. We were part of a research team that went from Bangladesh to meet with some otherteams from around the world in London and discuss an international project that we have been working ofor the last few years.

    I had never been to london before, so it was amazing for me. I had often seen pictures from my father, wh

    used to spend a lot of time there on business, years ago, but I never dreamed that I would be visiting itmyself this year. My professor and I spent about a week in London, three of the days were basically forwork and then we had one free day and the weekend to see some of the local sights and experience a littleof the culture of London. It wasn't a lot of time but it was still nice to be able to see some of the famousplaces and see all the people from around the world. It's such a cosmopolitan place.

    We spent hours looking at famous buildings and every now and then we would stop and sit in a cafe anddrink something, to rest a little before continuing. On the second last day we actually got lost on 'the tubethat's what they call the London underground train system, it's massive and we got our directionscompletely wrong. Luckily for us some local people helped us get to where we wanted to visit. I think themust be used to seeing lost 'tourists' all the time.

    It was a really wonderful and interesting experience for me, as I had always dreamed of visiting England,just didn't thik it would be this year - the trip was a surprise.

    IELTS speaking test Bangladesh | part 3In your country, is travelling a typical activity people do during the weekend or in their free time? Yes, I think it is. Obviously people don't always travel abroad at the weekend, but now that many familiehave members living in different parts of the country, I think that travelling to visit family and maybefriends is a very common activity that most people do. I've made two trips this month so far to visit familyhere in different parts of the country.

    Do people have less free time now than in the past? [Why?]Honestly, I know that everyone says they have less time, but I'm not sure that it's true for everybody. Ithink it maybe applies to certain people, but there are still a lot of people that live and do the same thingsthat they have always done - I don't think that they feel they have any less time than before. It's different iyou compare, for example, teeenagers and their grandparents, then of course, young people are involved imuch more than their grandparents were. But they still have free time, it's just that their free time is oftenoccupied with activities, while in the past people spent more time doing nothing, simply talking, and notalways 'doing something'.

    What do children do in their free time in your country?I think the normal things that children do - play soccer - play cricket - computer games and things like tha

    Homework for school and chores at home if they have to.

    Do you think children should be doing these kind of things in their free time? [why?/Why not?] I think that children need to have a balance between things they have to do and things they enjoy doing. Itimportant that they study and learn even when they're not in school - but it's also important that they spentime with their frineds and particiapte in sports or some kind of physical activity to keep them healthy.

  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


    Page 26of

    Should there be the same amount of free time for women and men? [Why?/Why not?]I think maybe women are still occupied more than men sometimes, although when I see my motherpreparing a meal and sometimes it takes her hours, she's talking to her sister or the children at the sametime. So sometimes I think she's occupied, but it's different from being at work and being occupied becuaat work you can't chat with your family and do things like that. I think men are generally more occupiedwith work and so have less real free time.

    In your opinion are computers important?In the world we live in today - essential! We could not live without them now. I don't think there is onearea of our daily lives that has not been affected by the increasing use of computers. Business, banking,shopping, study, computers are everywhere nowadays and even in some aspects of life that we maybe doneven think about.

    Do you use a computer often?Yes, every day. For work and pleasure. I use it as part of my studies and work at the university and I alsouse it for fun, socializing and surfing on the internet, and now I'm using it to chat with some of the otherdelgates we met in London on my recent trip. They come from different universities in countries all overthe world, so it's great that we can chat online and share ideas..

    What kind of things do you use your computer for?

    As I said, work, study, social. I've bought things on the internet, I reserved tickets for the theater once acouple of months ago. I use it to find information, send emails, watch videos and many other things. Oh,and of course, banking, although that is just more recently, but I think it's good.

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    IELTS Speaking Test Nepal

    IELTS speaking test Nepal | part 1What is your name?

    My full name is Sunita langhome

    Where are you from?I'm from Biratnagar

    Do you work or study?I work, I'm a security guard in a department store.

    Is it easy or difficult to find jobs like that in your country? I found it quite easy, but my parents supported me. Some families don't like their daughters working in jolike this.

    Do you like your job?Yes, there's a lot of variety and I get to see and meet a lot of different people every day. It's moreinteresting than working on my family farm or in an office. But one day I would like to have my own smabusiness.

    When did you first use the Internet?When I was at elementary school. A few years later my parents had an internet connection installed in theoffice, where they run their agricultural business from, and I could access it almost every day.

    Do you buy things on the internet?

    I've only done it once or twice. It's still a novel way of shopping for many people here.

    How often do you normally buy things on the internet?Not very often, but maybe in the future I'll use the internet more for making purchases.

    IELTS speaking test Nepal | part 2Talk about a family photograph you like. Please say:

    - Who took the photograph?- Who is in the photograph?- Why do you like this photograph?

  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


    Page 28of

    Sample AnswerI'll tell you about my favorite photograph, which is a photo of my family, my parents, my brother and thresisters. It was taken by my uncle when I was still a small girl. We went on a family excursion to variousplaces in Nepal. The photograph was in a place called Butterfly Valley and it a group photo and in thebackground you can see a spectacular waterfall. We were all much younger then but I can remember it waa very happy time for my family and a really special trip that we took together.

    Whenever I feel sad I like to look at this photo because it always reminds me of my beautiful family, howhappy we all were, and how lucky we are to have the many blessing we have in our lives. I would like toreturn there some day in the future and visit that special place again.

    I have a copy of the photo whcih I keep in my room, but we also have a larger version of it which is framand hangs on the wall in the main social room of our house.

    IELTS speaking test Nepal | part 3

    In your opinion, what elements make a good photograph?I think it's important that the content of the photo is interesting, or if it's of people, then they are all happy

    and well positioned. The color and lighting can also affect how good a photo is. The best photos I haveseen seem to manage to capture the 'feeling' of the moment or the spirit of the place where it was taken. Scomposition, lighting, focus and location can be very important.

    Do you think photography is a form of art?Yes, there are some famous photographers in the world, and some photographs are certainly very beautifuto look at. Like painting and sculpting, photography can be a very interesting way of expressing things, orcapturing a special moment or place forever.

    Do people in your country attend photography classes?I'm not sure. I don't have any friends who go to photography classes or do a photography course, but there

    are schools or colleges for art and fashion here in Nepal so I suppose that quite a lot of people must beinterested in photography and maybe study it or learn more about it than just taking snapshots of theirfamily.

    Do you like to hang photographs on the walls of your home?Yes, but it's my mother who organizes them all. She loves to choose the photographs and where exactly tohang them. You could call it her hobby. We are quite a large family and most of the photographs are offamily members, cousins, nieces and nephews and so she always has a new photo which she wants to shoeveryone.

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    IELTS Speaking Test Philippines

    IELTS Speaking Test Philippines | Part 1

    What is your full name?

    Vilma Nicole Santos

    Can I see your ID?Yes, of course, here is my card.

    Where are you from?I'm from here, Manila.

    Do you work or study?I just started working, I graduated last summer.

    Do you live in an apartment or a house? I live with my parents in our family home - it's a large house in the suburbs of Manila.

    Do you like your home?Of course, I love it, I've lived there all my life and it is a very special place for me.

    What kind of house would you like to have in the future?I would really like to have a house like my parents I think. Maybe when I get married, but if I move toanother country maybe I will change my mind and decide on something different.

    IELTS Speaking Test Philippines | Part 2

    Describe an important plant in your country. Please say:

    - What is this plant?- How did you first learn about it?- Why is it so important?

    I can tell you about the Golden Shower Tree which is a well known plant here in thePhilippines,well it'sreally a small tree, but it's very popular here. It can grow quite tall, sometimes up to 20m high, it has greeleaves, they're between 6 inches and 24 inches long typically and have smaller leaves, I think they're calle'leaflets' which are about 8 inches long. It produces lots of yellow flowers, I think that's how it got to be

    known as the Golden Shower Tree, because of the many golden or yellow colored flowers it produces. Ithas fruit which has a very strong odor and inside it there are seeds, these seeds are poisonous. The trunk othe main part of the tree and its branches are very hard wood. Here, these plants, or trees, are very populawith butterflies and bees which seem to find them very attractive - most probably because of the brightflowers on them. I first remember seeing one at my grandparent's home. They had several in their gardenand I can remember my grandfather telling me all about them. Later I noticed them in many differentplaces and I seem to recall we learned about them in school as well.
  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


    Page 30of

    I think this is one of the most popular ornamental planrts we have, and it is used in medicine as well. Whethe flowers blossom there are lots of them and they cover the tree so you can hardly see the green leavesanymore. It seems to grow well even in dry weather and with lots of sun.

    It also has another name, which is "disease killer" and the pulp from the fruit is sometimes used by peoplelike a laxative and for other ailments such as fever, arthritis and stomach problmems. I'm sure it has moreuses, but those are the ones that I can remember at the moment. Some people have said the root of the tree

    can also be used for medicinal purposes but other people say it is very dangerous if you are not an expert,because it is very strong.

    IELTS Speaking Test Philippines | Part 3Do you like this plant?Yes, I do, I think it's very pretty, especially all the golden flowers. It also reminds me of my grandfatherwhenever I see one - so yes, it's one of my favorites.

    Is farming important for your country?Very! It's one of the biggest industries in my country. Many people still live in the country and earn theirliving from working the land - even though that may be changing now - we have a long history of

    agriculture. The main crops that are grown here include rice and corn, sugarcane, bananas, pineapple,mangoes and coffee and then there are some farmers who also produce other crops such as abaca which islike a banana plant and peanuts as well ... and also some eggplant, onions, garlic ... and I'm sure there aremany more as well ... oh and of course we also grow rubber and cotton too. So yes, farming has alwaysbeen very important here in my country.

    What measures should we take to protect our nature?One of the problems in this country is that there has not been enough funding and investment in irrigatedland and protecting the soil which has been damaged over many years by using various pesticides andfertilizers which have now resulted in land which produces less than it did in the past. There is also a trenhappening at the moment where many rural farmers are actually selling their land to developers and they

    are constructing residences orgolf courses on the land. The farmers need the money and this is happeningrapidly at the moment, so the government really should have some kind of plan to make sure that thecountryside is protected and will not be overdeveloped. I'm not sure what measures exactly could be put iplace, but there needs to be some kind of environmental policy which protects or limits the rate ofdevelopment of such land or we could be making more problems for ourselves in the future.

    Do you think future generations will be interested in farming? Probably not, it has been difficult for many people to maintain their farms, paying for seeds and theworkers to plant and harvest the crops, as I said, many small rural farmers sell their land if they are giventhe opportunity. I think the younger generation are more interested in commerce and other areas rather thafarming as a way of earning a living. They've seen older people struggling in recent years and technology

    has also changed things a lot here - so it's likely that young people will not be interested in farming andwant to do something else for work.
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    IELTS Speaking Test Vietnam

    IELTS speaking test questions from an IELTS test in Vietnam

    IELTS Speaking Test Vietnam | Part 1What is your full name?

    Elizabeth Thy Tin

    Can I see your ID?Here is my passport

    Where are you from?I'm Vietnamese, from here in Hanoi.

    Do you work or study?I'm studying at the moment, myMasters Degree in Business,specializing in Strategic Planning.

    Do you live in a house or an apartment?I still live with my parents in their house, our family house.

    Do you like your home?Yes, I love it. I have so many happy memories growing up there with my brothers and sister.

    What will your future house look like?I really don't know. If I stay here in Vietnam then I suppose I would like to have a traditional family homlike my parents. But at the moment I'm planning to emigrate to Australia, so I don't really know what typeof house there I would like to get eventually.

    What public transport do you normally use?I use the buses almost every day. It's the best option for me at the moment. Maybe next year, if I don't go Australia I will get a car.

    Why do you use them?The buses? because they're cheap and frequent and I can catch one close to my home and it takes me all thway to the university. I only have to walk maybe one block. Like I said, buses are convenient. Maybe if Ilived out of town or had to go someplece different to work - then maybe I wouldn't find them so good - bufor me at the moment, they are the most convenient transport.

    Do you think people should use public transport more?

    Here, lots of people use public transport. Many people don't have much choice. I remember when I spent year studying abroad in South America, the buses and taxis were very similar to here. They were cheap anfrequent and most people used them. I think it's in western countries where people use private cars moremaybe - and use buses less in the city.
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    What would you do to improve Hanoi's public transport?I really don't know. There are a lot of people here in Hanoi, more than six and a half million people, so ofcourse there is going to be a lot of traffic also. Maybe, more bus lanes and restrictions would help reducethe volume of traffic. Or more control of the mototaxis; there are more of them than any other form oftransport, but it's really a case of planning and only the local authorities know what the plans are for thefuture.

    Do you think public transportation is expensive in your city? No, it's really cheap - well buses are - it's only about 14 cents. Taxis can be expensive if you use them a loor go long distances. But in general, transport is cheap.

    What time of the day do you like the most? Why?I like the evening the best, when I'm at home with my family and relaxing. The air is fresh and everythingis quiet and peaceful. I love to sit in out garden and look at the sky at night and see the stars sometimes -it's almost hypnotic I think.

    How is the structure of your day now different compared to the past?I suppose a few years ago when I first started studying I was more relaxed and more social than now. Now

    becasue I'm doing my Masters Degree there is a lot of reading I need to do and I seem to have much lesstime for other activities. So I don't go out as often as I used to. But really, my life hasn't changed much inthe last few years, it just feels a little more busy at the moment than usual. I still live in the same place - sthe same poeple - do the same things. Maybe if I do go to Australia, I will be able to tell you about manychanges in the future!

    IELTS Speaking Test Vietnam | Part 2Talk about an advertisement which made you want to buy a certain product. Please say:- What was the product?- What was shown in the advertisement?- What did you like about the advertisement/product? Why?

    - Why was the product important to you?

    Sample AnswerLet me tell you about an ad I saw a few weeks ago. It was on the internet and it was advertising a service buy and sell gold online. It's something one of my frineds told me about a some time ago, but I never realthough about it seriously after he had told me about it. The image used in the ad was what caught myattention first. It was an imga of a gold bar, gold bullion, and it juts looked so beautiful.

    I clicked on the ad and it linked me to a website which sold gold. I didn't really know much about this so read all the information on the page and they were selling gold bullion, gold coins and other gold productI had no idea that you could buy all these different gold products online and some of them weren't

    expensive - well the price varies - but you could buy gold for less than $100 and they shipped it directly tyou.

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    I thought it seemed like a good idea - everybody loves gold - and I thought it woud be a good investmentfor the future. Anyway, I didn't do anything about it at the time, but I did decide to do some more researchabout the subject. Over a week I visited some other websites and read a lot more about buying, selling, anivesting in gold. I learned so much and began to get really interested in the topic.

    Eventually I decided to buy some gold rounds and coins, simply because I liked the design, and I learnedthat the price of gold is relatively low at the moment so it seemed like a good time to buy. This was last

    week, and they delivered my order a couple of days ago. I think I must have spent about 20 minutes justlooking at these gold items when I first opened them. they were so beautiful and I had never boughtanything gold before in my life so it was like a special moment.

    Now, I have a plan to try and buy some more gold every month, little by little. there are some coins that areally interesting but I also want to buy gold because I think it's a good idea for the future.

    IELTS Speaking Test Vietnam | Part 3Do you think advertising influences peoples choice of products?Absolutely, a lot of people are very easily manupulated by advertising, everone knows that. Companiesknow it and take advantage of it to make moeny. We all buy things we don't really need sometimes, just

    because of the marketing or the advertising which makes us think we need to have or buy a certain producThere are many products for sale which quite similar, but those companies who tend to spend more onmarketing and advertising sell more of their product than the others, even though the actual product may bquite similar.

    Who shows advertisements in your country?They're everywhere, on TV, on the internet, on the streets, magazines, I mean - any company selling aproduct or service is advertising - maybe they choose to advertise in different places, but they're allshowing ads all over the place.I guess if you stopped to count them all, you would be counting hundreds oads every day that you see just walking around or on TV.

    Apart from food and clothing, what products are advertised?Almost everything that you can buy has an ad ... you see ads for cars, ads for property, for travel andvacation. And then there are ads trying to sell services to people. Mobile phone ads are very popular at thmoment, well ads for the mobile network providers really.

    What are your views on showing or mentioning children in advertising? Well, if it's an ad selling things for children then it makes sense. You wouldn't want to see an adultadvertising something for children - it wouldn't seem real - and personally I don't see anything wrong withchildren appearing in ads or marketing campaigns. In fact in some cases the child has gone on to becomelike a celebrity, which isn't a bad thing because then they have more opportunitie in life, maybe they canbecome an actor or something like that or maybe a TV presenter.

    What are some other methods of advertising in your country?I think we have all the normal methods of advertising here, TV, radio, newspaper and magazines, thenthere's the paper leaflets some people hand out in the street, we have internet advertising, billboards on thstreet and other advertising activities. Some of the large car companies here sponsor events, like sports ormaybe something similar. I think the type of company, or product, might have something to do with theway they advertise it or where they advertise it.

  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


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    In your view, What is the most effective advertising media? I'm not sure. Doesn't it depend on the product or service that a company is trying to sell? That is whymarketing companies get paid a lot of money - to design the best plan - to reach the right people. Maybethere are some products that can be advertised anywhere and be effective, but most have a preferred medior style of advertising depending on who they are aimed at. For example, you wouldn't try and sell cheapproducts in a high quality magazine or advertise expensive cars in a poor neighborhood. So each companyhas to decide what kind of product it is they are selling and choose the most effective channel for their


    Do you think any advertising could be harmful?No, not really, after all, ads only inform or suggest that something is good and we should buy it. It's thepeople who make the decision to buy - or not. I can't imagine how an ad could harm someone, it doesn't danything - it's passive.

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    IELTS Speaking Test United Kingdom

    IELTS Speaking Test United Kingdom | Part 1

    What is your full name?

    My full name is Sneha Ullal

    Can I see your ID?Yes, here's my passport.

    Where are you from?I'm form Muscat, in Oman

    Do you work or study?I'm a student at the moment. I'm studying drama, here in Edinburgh.

    Have you ever been to a museum?Yes, lots of them. I love going to museums - you can learn so much about history and so understand moreabout the present.

    Did you go to museums as a student?I used to go with my grandfather when I was a little girl, and then by myself when I was a student, yes.

    Do students in your country always go to museums?No, I don't think it's a particular 'student activity', it's something you do if you're interested in history ormaybe a special topic. The last time I went to a museum there were all kinds of people wandering aroundthere - not just students.

    Do you think students should go to museums?Really, I think everyone should spend more time inmuseums - not just students- it's such a great educatioand it makes you think about things in a different way when you see and understand what people have dobefore now. I think it gives you a deeper perspective on your own life and the world you live in. I willalways be grateful to my grandfather for taking me with him when I was a little girl.

    IELTS Speaking Test United Kingdom | Part 2Describe a garden you like to visit often. Please say:

    - Where is it?

    - What kind of garden is it?- What do you like most about the garden, and why?
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    Sure, there's a garden here in Edinburgh that I really love. Well, actually it's more than a garden, it's like apark, It's called Princes Street Gardens and it's very large. Apparently it was created from an old loch, likelake, which dried up. It's been there for hundres of years now and has a lot of trees, plants, flowers andother interesting things like statues, monuments and fountains and stuff like that.

    It's a public garden and every day you can see hundreds of people there - some of them are touristsvisitinEdinburgh - and others are just walking through the gardens on their way to someplece, or you can often

    see people sitting having something to eat or drink at one of the cafes. Just last week I saw several peoplesitting on some of the benches reading, now that the weather has turned nice again.

    I used to go to the gardens a lot when I first arrived here from abroad. I found it very relaxing - so muchgreenery - in the middle of the capital city. Now I try to go every couple of weeks to explore a little andlearn a bit more about the gardens. I have some favourite places in the gardens, for example, the RossFountain, and there are many other monuments and commerative sites whhich honor explorers, reformersand volunteers and poeple who died in various wars and for various causes throughout history. It's almostlike walking through a history book sometimes. I would love to have enough time to learn about all ofthem.

    But one of the 'things' I like most is that you can always find a quiet place to be by yourself if you go - oryou can go to different parts where there are a lot of people all around - there's a lot of variety and you casee, and sometimes even meet, people from all over the world.

    I suppose if you were really interested in flowers and trees and things like that it would be a great place tospend some time too. I'm not really, but it's easy to see that there are a a lot of different plants and shrubsthroughout the gardens.

    I just like going there because there is always something to do and different people to see, and to see howdifferent the gardens look as the seasons change.

    IELTS Speaking Test United Kingdom | Part 3Do your friends visit this garden too?Do you think gardens are important for people?What are the benefits of gardens for different age groups?Should governments encourage more gardens in cities?
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    IELTS Turkey

    IELTS speaking test Turkey July 2013

    Part 1 IELTS Turkey speaking test

    What is your full name?My name is ...

    Can I see your ID?Yes, of course, here's my ID card

    Where are you from?I'm from here, Ankara

    Do you work or study?I work, I'm a technical support manager.

    Why is patience important?I think it's important because it can help in many situations. Being impatient doesn't really help resolve anproblems and in fact it can sometimes cause more problems.

    Are you a patient person?Generally, yes I am, although I sometimes feel imatient in certain situations, I try not to show it, as I said,doesn't really help in most situations so there's no pit in making other people feel uncomfortable.

    What do you do when you get impatient?I count to 10. My grandfather taught me this - it's very simple, whenever I feel impatient and maybe angryabout something - I just count to 10 and it seems to make me more calm.

    Is it important to have good relationship with colleagues at your workplace? [Why?] Yes, it's important. It can be difficult to achieve it sometimes depending on the personalities involved butit's certainly a better situation than having to deal with a lot of conflict every day. If everyone is gettingalong well then normally everything else goes well also.

    What type of clothes do you prefer to wear? [Why?]Well, when I'm at work I wear a shirt and tie and formal pants or trousers, but when I'm away from work like to wear casual clothes, and when I have time off from work I usuallu just wear a T-shirt and jeans mo

    of the time.

    What factors do you consider before buying any clothes?If it's casual clothes then whatever I like, as long as it isn;t too expensive. When I buy clothes for work I'mnot very fussy either, I usually just buy plain colored shirts and some simple ties and dark colored pants otrousers. I'm not very fashion conscious and I don't like spending a lot of time shopping for clothes.

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    Do you like shopping?No, not really, I like buying gadgets and tech stuff but shopping for clothes and stuff like that - not reallytry to avoid it until I really need something. It can be a problem sometimes because my girlfriend lovesshopping - she's the complete opposite from me.

    How often do you go shopping?On my own, not very often, but my girlfriend takes me with her quite often to go shopping and maybe eat

    and drink something together.

    Part 2 IELTS Turkey speaking test

    Describe an outdoor meal or picnic that you had. Please say:

    - Where did it take place?- What was the occasion?- What did you eat and drink there?

    and explain why you enjoyed / didn't enjoy that meal/picnic?

    Last summer I remember we went to the west coast to a town called Dalyan. It's a well-known reserve forthe loggerhead turtles and many people go there to see them in the nesting season. Anyway, we travelledthere in a friend's car - there were four of us - and we spent the day there. It was beautiful and quitedifferent from life in the city.

    We didn't really have a picnic but we bought some kfte and dner from one of the local stores and took ito eat near the beach with some drinks. We found a quiet spot and enjoyed simply eating, talking andlooking out over the mediterranean sea. I love going to the beach, and I wish I could do it more often.

    It wasn't really a special occassion other than spending some time together outside of the city at a beautifuplace, but it wasn't like it was someone's birthday or anything like that. But it was a very nice day we spenthere and I would like to go back again and explore that particular area some more.

    It was a great day because the drive there was good too, the scenery on the road was amazing. I had beenthere many years ago as a kid but I had forgotten just how spectacular some of the landscape is along theroad to Dalyan. We all enjoyed the day and although it was quite simple, and the food was bought locallyit was still a day that made all of us happy.

    Part 3 IELTS Turkey speaking test

    When do people eat outdoors in your country?We eat outside a lot, maybe at restaurants in the street and things like that. It's common here especially inthe evenings. If you go to the tourist areas there are lots of people eating outside because it's much coolerand they like it because it's maybe not so normal for them.

  • 5/24/2018 Ielts Speaking Test Sample Collection


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    Do people often eat outdoors in your country?Yes, I think it's quite a common thing to do. There are lots of vendors who sell all kinds of food in thestreet and many restaurants who have open areas next to the street or maybe a terrace outside where youcan eat. We have good weather for much of the year so it's nice to sit outside and enjoy the evening.

    What do you think about eating in fast-food chains?You know I used to eat in them a lot when they first arrived here in Turkey, but not so much now - the

    novelty has worn off. They can be more expensive than our own Turkish food and people say it's not thathealthy for you either. They're more popular with a lot of young people and visitors. Nowadyas I go maybonce or twice a year, no more.

    Do you think people are more health-conscious now than in the past?Yes, I would agree with that, there's a lot more information about health and fitness available now andmore people are trying to lead healthy lives. My best frined and I joined a gym last year and we are veryinterested in health and fitness now.

    Why do people try to eat healthier foods?I think many people have differnt reasons. I know that I feel better than I used to and have more energy an

    I think there's a big emphasis on being young now - and being healthy and fit keeps you young - maybethat's one of the reasons why it's so popular. It's a generation thing I think because a lot of older peopledon't really pay much attention to it.

    Why do many countries have food/cuisine exhibitions at international events?It could be to help promote their culture or even help encourage tourism to their