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Inter-disciplinary Workshop

Transcript of IDW Report

  • Interdisciplinary Workshop- Response to the Tetley Brewery Site, South Central Leeds.

    Lauren Di Pietro 33308831

  • Introduction to the Interdisciplinary Workshop and Brief

    Response to the Site

    Group Contributions

    Our Vision and How we went about achieving our vision

    Personal Contribution

    The Final Presentation

    Response to the group work

    Critique from Review


    Site and Location


    Personal Reponse to the Interdisciplinary Workshop











  • 3Introduction to the Interdisciplinary Workshop and Brief

    The inter-professional workshop aims to create a collaberation between different disciplines within the school or Arts, Environment and Technology.

    It incorporates Year 3 students from; Architecture Landscape Architecture Urban Planners Project Managers

    My Group consisted of;Chase Hanyilu - Project ManagerMel Backhouse - ArchitectAdam Hegab - ArchitectBenjamin Courtney - ArchitectSamuel Spence - ArchitectLauren Di Pietro - ArchitectSam Maindonald - Landscape ArchitectNaomi Rosser - Landscape ArchitectJenna Counsell - Landscape Architect

    Working in Innter Professional Groups of Year 3 students consisting of architects, landscape architects, project managers and urban planners, you must produce a proposal for the redevelopment of the Tetley/Carlsberg Brewery site in South Central Leeds. Each Inter Professional Group will have two days to work on their creative vision for the site. This will include a site visit, studio based tutorials and short end presentations. Each Groups proposals will be presented back to tutors and fellow students at 14:30 on Wednesday afternoon.

  • 4Schedule

    Tues 15th January 2013

    1000: Broadcasting Place 5th Floor StudioWorkshopIntroductionandBriefingGroup Formation

    1200: Group Site Visits

    1400 +onwards: Broadcasting Place 5th & 6th Floor StudiosGroup Working and Tutorials

    Wednesday 16th January 2013

    0930 +onwards: Broadcasting Place 5th & 6th Floor StudiosGroup Working and Tutorials

    1400: Group Presentations 5th Floor Studio

    1630: Workshop Ends.

  • 5Site and Location

    Tetleys Brewery

    Tetleys Brewery (Joshua Tetley & Son Ltd) was a regional brewery founded in 1822 by Joshua Tetley in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. The beer was originally produced at the Leeds Tetley Brewery site in Hunslet, South Central Leeds.

    The brewery was situated on the south banks of the River Aire near Crown Point, Hunslet and Clarence Dock.

    The Leeds Brewery was closed in 2011, and demolished in 2012, with production contracted out by Carlsberg to rival breweries in Wolverhampton, Tadcaster and Hartlepool, however Tetley retains its links to Leeds through sponsorship of its two main rugby teams, Leeds Rhinos and Leeds Carnegie.

    TheTetleysiteissettohosta900-spacecarparkforatleastthenextfiveyears,developedanddesigned by Carlsberg.Plans for the future of the historic Tetley headquarters building in Hunslet will see Project Space Leeds (PSL) turn it into a contemporary art gallery, cafe, restaurant, educational rooms and workspace.

    The land and the site are worth around 100 million, and Carlsbergs 900-space car park is only a temporary development, possibly until they can sell the site over to a major developer.

  • 6Response to the Site

    When we visited the site, half of the 900-space planned car park has already begun to be built, however it is obvious that this is a temporary development as the ground has been cleared but not leveled. This did however give an inspiring insight into the different levels of the ground and the interesting topography that could begin to inform a design proposal.

    The walk to the site did not feel like a friendly one, and for this reason it was important that the transport and route links to the site will need to be incorporated as part of the group vision.

    The site is such a large space, with new residences surrounding it, that our vision could focus on more than one concept or function.


  • 7Our Vision and How we went about achieving our vision

    Our vision is to create a cultural heart to the city of Leeds, and expand on the exisitng cultural quarter - an area alive with art, heritage, entertainment and dramatic architecture, a setting to which artists are inpired and drawn to, and a place for the public to visit and enjoy.

    The cultural quarter will form part of wider plans for the regeneration and economic development of the city.

    We devised a scheme that would reconnect the South Central Leeds area with the rest of the city centre. The main driver behind our scheme was the idea of linking routes and how these routes relate and connect to the Tetley Brewery site. Once these routes were drawn, it was possible to create boundaries then to design around and within.

    The scheme began to take shape through precedents of cultural quarters, in particular the Northern Quarter of Manchester, playing on the Southern aspect of the Tetley Brewery site.

  • 8Group Contributions

    The project manager, Chase, was a great leader. He also helped with some of the initial conceptual work, which was a suprise to me after speaking with him about what his course entails, and I didnt see the project management course as a particularly creative one. He had a constant input into all of the design discussion, always reminding the architects and landscape architects of the realismof theproject,includingfinanceandfeasibility.Theprojectmanagerputtogetherthebusinesscasefortheproject,anddefinedtherealisticprospects of the design.

    The landscape architects had an initial vision of one forest on the entire site, with the architects designing pavilions within the forest. However, due to the value and potential of this site, it wa not feasible to design something of this nature, this was reiterated to the group again by the project manager doing his job. This was an interesting aspect to the group project however, because this allowed a comprimise between both the architects and the landscape architects, with input from the project manager, in order to create this type of natural vision, whilst designing a functional and creative response.The landscape architects drew up concept images for the natural forest part of our scheme.

    The architects expanded on the landscape architects vision of pavilions within a garden, and createdtheconceptbehindtheentirescheme,aswellasdefiningthefunctionalityof thepavilions.The location of each pavilion was also carefully planned by the architects by creating a separation of space through routes and links to the city centre.The architects drew up a master plan showing the routes and links that separated the site in order to locate the buildings. They also drew up a series of concept images for the routes, as well as some for the pavilions, and the entire scheme as a whole.

  • 9Personal Contribution

    I felt that my contribution to the project was important, as I devised the vision statement and theconceptbehindthescheme.Ialsodefinedthefunctionalityof someof theareaswithinourcultural quarter.

    I also put together the concept image for a cultural quarter on our site.

    Iputthefinalpresentationtogetherandhelpedtodelegaterolesandjobsforeachmemberof thegroup, and assisted the project manager looking at the business case for the project, in particular creatingafinanciallyviableandincomegeneratingscheme,andIorganisedtheinitialgroupideasinto a consise and strong scheme.

  • 10

    The Final Presentation


  • 11

    The Southern Quarter- South Central Leeds new Cultural Quarter incorporating the Tetley Brewery Site

    Chase Hanyilu - Project ManagerMel Backhouse - Architect

    Adam Hegab - ArchitectBenjamin Courtney - Architect

    Samuel Spence - ArchitectLauren Di Pietro - Architect

    Sam Maindonald - Landscape ArchitectNaomi Rosser - Landscape Architect

    Jenna Counsell - Landscape Architect

  • 12

    Our vision is to create a cultural heart to the city of Leeds, and expand on the exisitng cultural quarter - an area alive with art, heritage, entertainment and dramatic architecture, a setting to which artists are inpired and drawn to, and a place for the public to visit and enjoy.

    The cultural quarter will form part of wider plans for the regeneration and economic development of the city.

  • 13

    The main issues on site that we wanted to tackle were;

    the separation of the site in relation to the rest of the city; regnerate the neglected area of the site, as this could lead to further

    problems of crime; improve transport links to the site; expand the current cultural quarter of Leeds City Centre.

  • 14

    We are aiming to create a sensitive response to the cultural and historical aspect to the Tetley Brewery site by unlocking accessibility to and from the important cultural landmarks of Leeds City Centre, and achieving this through exploiting the connectivity of the site, and expanding the current cultural quarter to South Central Leeds, incorporating the site of Tetley Brewery and Holbecks new Urban Village.

  • 15

    Precedents of Cultural Quarters

    Sittingbournes new cultural quarter and new public realm around the culturalquarter.Thenewculturalquarterexhibitsacinema,aflexibleperformance space and a multi purpose public realm.

    For some time Southampton City Council has had an ambition to create a cultural heart to the city. This will include; A new Arts Complex; Public Squares BBC South Broadcasting House A City Library and Archives Historic city centre pa