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description Team: SuperGrannyGeek Steve O’Connor, Location Lead, IDEO Claire Qin, Quantitative Strategist , Morgan Stanley Nathan Waterhouse, OpenIDEO Co-Lead, IDEO James Turner, UX Researcher, Imagination Susan Cook, Designer, Native Design ltd Fergus Doyle, Lead Developer, onefinestay James McBennett, Founder, Fabsie

Transcript of IDEO / OpenIDEO Make-a-thon

  • 1. Simpelt

2. Tasks are difficult to do online,especially for the elderly.Our aim is to remove barriers, makingonline tasks easier. 3. 8 CLICKSto buyMILK 4. Help, Imconfused.How ManyClicks?Is this everNo Grandma, Listen, going to work?Double-Click theChrome Icon.Everythingchanges.... 5. IDEASfor super granny geek? 6. HEATMAPS consistancy A/BinstructionFollow Simple/complex manualfor internetonebig spaghettiremote techclickbuttons choice supportFAMILY 7. SIMPeltone click TASKSTAPnROLLSieve 8. ACCOUNT CAN BE SETUP bya trusted friend.Once initiated, yourinternet is rocket-fast. 9. Single click tasks 10. EMAIL JOHN 11. Call Steve 12. Weekly shopping 13. MORE SINGLE CLICK APPS 14. I think this will work asit would help you do thethings you use most often.Sainsburys shopper 15. the tapnrollprovides confidence usinga computer for those withdexterity impairments. 16. SIEVE 17.