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1. IDEA OF APPS 2. My blog posts will be based on these 4 ideas 1)Mobile and web apps ideas 2)Software ideas 3)Website ideas 4)add-on or extension ideas 3. Mobile apps ideas web apps ideas 4. Softwares ideas 5. Websites ideas 6. Add-ons ideas 7. Runtastic Running IDEA OF MOBLIE APP:--Calculating running distances Daily and monthly. The best running, fitness & tracking app on Android. 8. Internet Download Manager IDEA OF SOFTWARE:--Internet Download Manager is to increasing download speeds up to 5x from the interner ernet_download_manager 9. Facebook IDEA OF WEBSITE:Facebook is an online social networking service 10. Thumbnail Zoom Plus IDEA OF ADD-ON:--Shows full image when you hover over a thumbnail. US/firefox/addon/thumbnail-zoom- plus/?src=discovery-learnmore 11. ideas of apps this is one section in my blog.In the above fashion you can get different app ideas ,the guys who are interested in knowing the ideas of different types of apps you can get by my blog .So please follow my blog to frequent updates.