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  • 1. International Consumer ManagementProf. ROY LARKE Alcohol for youth Japanese Team 140 08BN006AAWAYA RIKA 08BN034KKAZIRO HISASHI 08BN100ZHATSUSHIBAAI

2. Outline 1. The changing of Nomikai 2. The decline of consumption of Alcohols 3. The changing ofcommunication4. The movementof drinking style 5. Conclusion 3. From the lecture of ICM The lecture Consumer and CultureCulture is defined the sum total learned beliefs, values and customs Japanese culture would be definedTatemae, Gaman, NenkoJoretsu. -> We think those appear Nomikai,and Nomikaiwould be one of the Japanese cultures. 4. What is Nomikai? Company eventsOn the premise that all member take part in.The purpose is to promote a friendship with boss or subordinate eating and drinking. Nominication or First orders are Beerswere occuredNomikai.But it is said that Nomikai is changing and the consumption of Alcoholis declining. 5. Restraint for drinker Changing of drinkers of conscious is one of the causes.Alcohol is bad for body. People who care their health recreas. Some drink-drivers occurred miserable car accidents. From those, restraints for drinkers become strong and the images of Nomikai become worth. Inaddition, half of people dont like Nomikai. Those are reasons that young people do not join Nomikai actively. 6. What youths like? Saving money for the future. They are anxiety future of Japan because they hear depression news everyday. Sweet tastes alcohols. There are many alcohols and they can choose tastes. Low alcohol contents. Youths like alcohols content of about 3%(Older like about 6%) Drinking time changeYouths :PM10:00 or PM11:00 Older : PM8:00 7. Percentage of young people consumption The consumption as a whole is decreasing. Young people tend to be saving persons. In fact,22.9% of young people who do not drinkalcohol want to save money.automobile-related Communication charge bicycle beer total 8. Consumption of alcohol The consumption of all alcoholic beverage is decreasing since 2000s. Beer is declining greatly, but shouchu is a little increasing.->because of the popularity of chu-high 9. New Style ofNomikai Recently, Web Nomi is popular between youthJapanese. This is a sales promotion of SUNTORY. Web Nomi means drinking with chatting. Why Web Nomi become popular? SavingChanging consumers tastes 10. The Effect of communication means Japanese people, especially young people, are shifting from a vocal communication to new communication tools. It is not important for the younger to communicate thorough drinking. 11. How will goes youth drinking culture in the future? Today, young peoples are given choices about drinking freely.They do not have to drink forcibly. How will goes the young drinking culture in the next 10 years? Additional intensifications ofBipolarization Diversification 12. Bipolarization Young people can choose to drink or not to drink more freely without any compulsion. They do not have to mind anything even if they are with their senior or boss in Nomikai. Choices of drinking or no-drinking will be intensifying more and more. In a situation of Nomikai 13. Diversification The changes of tastes among young people and social custom bring various choices about drinking to young people. Young consumers tastes are diversifying increasingly. Many companies started to release new tasty alcoholic beverages for young consumers. 14. Todays popular products & new menu Highball Flavor Beer & Sweets Beer New menu Zyoshikai 15. Conclusion 16. References http://www.nta.go.jp/shiraberu/senmonjoho/sake/sake.htm http://www.myvoice.co.jp/ http://www.tokyo-np.co.jp/ http://www.suntory.co.jp/whisky/beginner/drink/highball.html http://www.doma-doma.com/ http://royzemi.rikkyo.ac.jp/files_xyz/ICM2010/ICM06_Culture.pdf http://blog.livedoor.jp/nnnhhhkkk/archives/65469571.html http://www.nikkeibp.co.jp/article/column/20100608/230446/ http://www.nikkeibp.co.jp/article/nba/20080910/170139/?P=2 http://www.nikkeibp.co.jp/article/nba/20080910/170139/?P=2 http://dailynews.yahoo.co.jp/fc/domestic/drunk_driving/ http://www.nikkeibp.co.jp/archives/205/205054.html http://nr.nikkeibp.co.jp/topics/20090821/ http://news.walkerplus.com/2009/0407/11/ http://www.kokudokeikaku.go.jp/share/doc_pdf/373.pdf http://bizmakoto.jp/makoto/articles/0803/05/news050.html