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  • 1.Camillle Claudio | Shelley Harse | Richard Hopper | Jill Whitley March 10, 2010Launching the BMW Z3Roadster

2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Target : 35-65 year old male driving enthusiasts.Communication Objectives : Increase awareness, knowledge and liking of the BMW Z3 during Phase 2.Messaging : Conveyfeeling of excitement and a bold lifestyle while reducing cognitive dissonance among early adopters.Media : Achieve high reach and frequency using a combination of Traditional and Non-Traditional Media. 3. CURRENT SITUATION ASSESSMENT

  • Sales have grown 48.6% since 1990
  • The Z3 is the only current roadster on the market
  • German engineering, American made
  • Unprecedented success of Phase 1
  • Initial product reviews and WoM are positive
  • BMWs corporate image is serious and tradition bound
  • Low numbers of models available to display at dealers
  • Porsche and Mercedes are developing a competitive model to the Z3
  • Cannot control third party endorsements of the product
  • High interest across a variety of demographics
  • Summer Olympics in Atlanta
  • Academy Awards

4. THE FOOT CONE & BELDING GRID AFFECTIVE (feeler) Jewelry, cosmetics, fashion apparel, motorcycles Feel learn do Test: Attitude Change and Emotional arousal Media: Large space and Image specials Creative: Executional and Impact INFORMATIVE (thinker)Cars, house, furnishings, new products Learn feel do Test: Recall and Diagnostics Media: Long copy format and reflective vehicles Creative: Specific information and Demonstration HABIT FORMATION (doer)Food and household itemsDo learn feel Test: Sales Media: Small space ads, Radio, POS Creative: Reminder SELF-SATISFACTION (reactor)Cigarettes, liquor and candy Do feel learn Test: Sales Media: Billboards, Newspapers and POS Creative:Attention 5. COMMUNICATIONS EFFECTS PYRAMID Knowledge / ComprehensionAwareness Liking Preference ConvictionAction 6. CLASSICAL CONDITIONING THEORY Unconditioned StimulusSophisticatedAdventurous Unconditioned Response Conditioned StimulusConditioned Response 7. STRATEGIC OPTIONS

  • All Non-Traditional Media
  • Majority Non-Traditional Media
  • Majority Traditional Media


  • Less expensive
  • Third-party credibility
  • Less media clutter
  • Can help build the brand image as unconventional
  • Possibilities of interacting with the brand or product
  • Possibility for more creativity
  • Risky
  • Less reach
  • Limited exposure time
  • No consistent metrics
  • No absolute control over message content
  • Can be perceived as intrusive


  • Mass coverage
  • Reach
  • Frequency
  • Segmented audiences
  • Controlled messaging
  • Measurement
  • Nontraditional media can compliment traditional media
  • Media vehicle can add prestige
  • Expensive
  • Clutter
  • Consumer distrust and skepticism

MAJORITY TRADITIONAL MEDIA PROS CONS 10. To male driving enthusiasts ages 35-65 who seek unique forms of expression, the BMW Z3 is the roadster sports-car that offers both performance and individuality through the marriage of German engineering and the American experience. POSITIONING STATEMENT 11. COMMUNICATIONS OBJECTIVES

  • Increase awareness of the BMW Z3 among the target audience to 85%
  • Create knowledge of the Made by BMW label as a symbol of quality among the target audience to 40%
  • Increase conviction that the BMW Z3 is the best roadster among the target audience to 25%

12. Dare to drive. 13. MEDIA OBJECTIVES

  • Reach of 85 percent
  • Frequency of 7

14. BUDGET ALLOCATION 15. Camillle Claudio | Shelley Harse | Richard Hopper | Jill Whitley March 10, 2010Thank you. We welcome your questions and comments!