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Agile Lifecycle Manager Version 2.0 Release Notes 21 June 2019 IBM

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Transcript of IBM Agile Lifecycle Manager: Release Notes · 8 IBM Agile Lifecycle Manager: Release Notes. Notices...

  • Agile Lifecycle ManagerVersion 2.0

    Release Notes21 June 2019


  • Agile Lifecycle ManagerVersion 2.0

    Release Notes21 June 2019


  • NoteBefore using this information and the product it supports, read the information in “Notices” on page 9.

    This edition applies to Version 2.0 of IBM® Agile Lifecycle Manager (product number 5737-E91) and to allsubsequent releases and modifications until otherwise indicated in new editions.

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  • Contents

    Chapter 1. Version 2.0 release notes . . 1

    Chapter 2. Installing the product . . . . 3

    Chapter 3. Fixes . . . . . . . . . . . 5

    Chapter 4. Limitations. . . . . . . . . 7

    Notices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9Trademarks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

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  • Chapter 1. Version 2.0 release notes

    Agile Lifecycle Manager Version 2.0 is available on IBM Cloud Private (ICP)Version 3.1.2. Late breaking information and known limitations are described here.

    The IBM Agile Lifecycle Manager software has been refreshed, and thedocumentation has been updated.Related information:

    Agile Lifecycle Manager Version 2.0 Knowledge Center

    Agile Lifecycle Manager Version 2.0 Installation, Administration and UserGuide (PDF)

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  • Chapter 2. Installing the product

    To install the ICP version of Agile Lifecycle Manager 2.0, follow the instructions inthe IBM Agile Lifecycle Manager Installation, Administration and User Guideinstallation section.

    © Copyright IBM Corp. 2019 3

  • 4 IBM Agile Lifecycle Manager: Release Notes

  • Chapter 3. Fixes

    The following fixes have been applied to the current version.v IBM - 3 cassandra nodes are not HA enabledv IBM Ticket - Valid Resource Manager url is initially flagged as invalidv ALM UI : The Discard (changes) button should only need to be hit oncev ALM UI : The UI Properties values display needs to have a tooltip for values

    not fully visiblev ALM UI : Long assembly descriptor name overwrites action iconsv Assembly Instance on Main GUI screen displays the next-to-last process rather

    than last process when the latest process is DeleteAssembly (i.e. deletein-progress or failed)

    v GUI Take Action window contents overflow onto main screenv UI: Info popup displaying Resource Manager locations disappears too quicklyv UI: Differentiate between active and inactive assembly instances in the main list

    viewv UI: Part of error message is missingv UI: Wrong message displayed when assembly instance is deletedv UI: Error displayed in UI needs to be more than just the logfile outputv UI : Inconsistency with 'Take Action' icon for assembliesv UI : Relationships graphic needs updating or removalv UI : The assemblies search bar should cover partial assembly name searchv UI : Main banner needs restructuringv Incorrect RM URL leads to customer confusionv Wrong message given if Descriptor omitted when creating Assembly

    Configurationv Part of error messages get obscured by the OK buttonv Blank error popup if resource manager port is changedv Blank error if 'readonly' user attempts to create or deletev INVALID_REQUEST ALM Driver error if 'secadmin' user logs in to ALM UI.v Two relationships with same source/target leave inconsistent systemv Execution Graph not refreshed during complex healv Deleting an Assembly cease relationship not performed on second relationshipv Process Execution View not updating when a Process is re-calculated

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  • Chapter 4. Limitations

    The following limitations apply to the General Availability version of AgileLifecycle Manager Version 2.0.

    General limitations

    The following limitations apply to this release:v When you change the value of an assembly instance property by upgrading the

    assembly instance via the GUI, you are asked to review the modified propertyvalues before you confirm the upgrade. This review step incorrectly indicatesthat the values of a number of other properties will revert to their default valuesif you proceed. Ignore this, as only the values of the properties you havespecified will be changed.

    v ERROR is recorded in Elasticsearch (ES) logs at startup: These errors resolvethemselves once the cluster forms, and can therefore be ignored.

    v Relationships to referenced assemblies will not be deleted or amended if thereferenced assembly is uninstalled or upgraded, and the referencing assemblywill then become unusable once cycled through inactive and active states.

    v Read only properties in an operation are not supported.v Multiple concurrent intent requests on an assembly instance are not supported.v If the record of a resource manager is deleted using the Lifecycle Manager API,

    all instances created by that resource manager will no longer be managed.v Requesting operations through the Lifecycle manager API is not supported.v The upgrade intent does not support rolling upgrades of clusters.v The mapping of cluster property values is not allowed from the cluster.

    Properties can be mapped into a cluster property.v Changing cluster property values to 'initial-quantity', 'minimum-nodes',

    'maximum-nodes' or 'scaling-increment' is not currently supported by theAssembly Upgrade pattern.

    Known issues

    Table 1. Known issues listed by ID and subject description


    TGL-628-82249 Large number of tombstone logs in Cassandra debuglogs

    VKH-305-96746 ALM : issue when using property values from oneresource in another resource when the resources areclusters.

    JGN-480-87329 ALM : Dependency link broken during upgrade thatmigrates a dependency resource

    VJX-325-39174 Upgrade : Migrating a cluster node to a new RMcauses broken dependency, scalout and duplication ofnodes

    HXN-344-60735 ALM to be globalization enabled and translated

    INJ-263-78966 Recover Assemblies in case when an operationcaused stuck/unmanaged resources

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  • Table 1. Known issues listed by ID and subject description (continued)


    XGR-288-66409 Assembly upgrade does not update a component'sproperty value which is mapped from a property ofanother component.

    QUL-719-10212 Descriptor Validation : There should be somevalidation on policy definition in descriptors

    MON-237-81164 State change not occurring for assembly'scomponents, only for the component (Ansible RM)

    BMB-898-47076 Metrics Id defined as instance id of first componentrather then Component instance id

    FCI-230-33684 Unable to delete or update the test-rm

    SOD-453-18897 Upgrade that should remove a cluster node'sreference does not do so

    SCG-372-91121 Create Assembly creates relationship for clusterwithout instance id number

    UIY-365-11743 Create Assembly stuck In Progress when propertyreferences self

    MIF-447-10376 Two Clustered resources in a relationship causingextra relationships to be Created

    ETG-623-75704 h_bta_load descriptor has inconsistent naming ofcluster transitions

    HCI-289-70450 Create Assembly Instance is stuck in-progress whenthere is property mapping in both directions betweenassembly components.

    NPW-537-71110 E2E : ALM needs to be able to recover an assemblyinstance if one of the instance resources is remotelydeleted.

    WGD-736-24663 UI: Assembly instances not appearing in the UI afterstop/start of nimrod pod

    KAX-948-27005 error seen Readtimed out

    HML-184-14010 Kafka issues OutOfMemory error when topics createdwith 1000 partitions

    TUI-611-43977 ALM1.4 - Some services fail to recover after docker isrestarted

    FNL-136-98174 Should not be possible to delete an assemblydescriptor when instances of it exist

    ERC-995-48742 Create assembly fails to complete

    ECR-275-46922 Tombstone threshold exceeded in Cassandra causingqueries to fail

    KQJ-567-42407 Upgrade : A scale policy introduced in an upgrade isnot picked up

    8 IBM Agile Lifecycle Manager: Release Notes

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